The Informers (1963) Underworld Gangsters, Snitches And Inspector Nigel Patrick

The Informers (1963) incredible drwn artwork poster one sheet Nigel Patrick

Yes I may be of a rotund nature but I’m sure the ladies liked my cuddly frame. Happy go lucky was my motto. Besides, I was a self employed man happy to wander around the good old bars of London supping on whatever booze flowed it’s way into my mouth. A beer always followed a whiskey very nicely. And quite frankly when the whiskey dried up there was always brandy, gin or even a sherry. To be honest I wasn’t fussy. If I was in the pub I could go to work. Me, Irish Jimmy Ruskin (John Cowley) liked to gather information. Observe everything that was happening around me. This knowledge had a price and that price paid for this here nice lifestyle of mine. I wasn’t made for lifting, grafting or labouring. My specialty was collecting crime intelligence and passing it on to my good friend, John. It just so happened that John was otherwise known as Chief Inspector John Edward Johnnoe (Nigel Patrick).

The Informers (1963) Jimmy Ruskin (John Cowley) Inspector John Johnnoe (Nigel Patrick)The Informers (1963) Jimmy Ruskin (John Cowley) snitch nark on phone drunk

Now most people would call me a snitch, a snout, a nark or an informer. I on the other hand believed I had a special relationship with John and that I was doing a good service. Plus best of all I got to hang around in bars and do what I loved best in all the world, boozing and observing. My brother, Charlie (Colin Blakely), oh he had a temper, nah he wasn’t impressed with me line of work at all. How he expected me, Jimmy, to be lugging stuff around at his scrap metal business I’d never know! Oh just the thought of it gives me the chills! So when Charlie runs into me and John, well let’s be honest here, he wasn’t best pleased. He starts ripping into John telling him he’s only friends with me because of my information. Even accuses him of not caring if anything, god forgive, should happen to me. That this dirty copper was only friends with me because I was one of his best police informers

The Informers (1963) Charlie (Colin Blakely) scrap metal dealerThe Informers (1963) Inspector John Johnnoe (Nigel Patrick) smoking cool

Well nothing was going to happen to me? Nah I was too likable. Anyhow I had some top information which was going to earn me some proper bread and honey. I could almost taste the lovely liquer it was going to buy me. Well, that was if I could actually stop falling over, ha I was totally rat arsed. Of course I’d had a few sherberts but I couldn’t go losing this tail I was following. A bank had been robbed and local con’s Shorty (Roy Kinnear) and Fred Hill (George Sewell) were looking very suspicious. I’d better follow them, hic! Oh excuse me madam, do accept my humble apologies, hic.

The Informers (1963) Jimmy Ruskin (John Cowley) observing drunk snitch

Up and coming big time gangster Bertie Hoyle (Derren Nesbitt) and his loyal number two, Leon Sale (Frank Finlay) had organised some big hit but Inspector John had no idea what it was. His boss Superintendent Alec Bestwick (Harry Andrews) was harassing him to get some leads but not with the use of informers. No, Scotland Yard was done with the use of paid snitches. Now new technology was coming into the station. With new techniques that would make the use of the police snitch redundant. Inspector John knew there was only one way to bring down Bertie Hoyle and find the bank notes before it was too late, the old fashion way. Ears and feet on the ground. Inspector John was unleashed on the case.

The Informers (1963) gangster Bertie Hoyle (Derren Nesbitt) Leon Sale (Frank Finlay)

A few things I’ve learnt.

The Informers (1963) Death of a Snout Douglas Warner book corgi novel film british crime drama

  • Margaret Whiting plays Maisie Barton and gets to strut in her suspenders for a scene. She is probably best known for playing Zenobia next to John Wayne’s son Patrick Wayne in 1977s Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger. I read that she married Colin Blakely, wonder if they met on the film?

The Informers (1963) Margaret Whiting plays Maisie Barton

  • Derren Nesbitt makes for a thrilling baddie with his off kilter smile that goes from charming to psycho in seconds. He was great in 1962s Strongroom that I highly recommend.
  • I’m absolutely loving Nigel Patrick’s work after being completely bowled over by 1959 Sapphire and 1960’s The League Of Gentlemen. Looking forward to discovering more of his work. He just has such a lovely manner to him.

The Informers is just magnificent from start to finish. I had such a brilliant time with this movie. It throws a lot in as you travel the streets of London with Nigel Patrick chasing down crime. All the characters get their moment to shine. It’s tough, exciting and an all round superb thriller. Well worth looking out for. If you’ve seen it, let me know your thoughts.

PS If you like this one you should like Never Let Go and Hell Is A city

18 thoughts on “The Informers (1963) Underworld Gangsters, Snitches And Inspector Nigel Patrick

  1. I really love this one. I didn’t expect it to be anything really special when I saw it, but I was in for pleasant surprise. It’s a cracking little gem. I’d watch the glorious Nigel Patrick in anything, that dude was so good! Love the way you’ve written this review as Jimmy. 🙂

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    • Hi Maddy. Sorry for the late reply. He’s amazing isn’t he. I love the fact that he always has the same look and cigarette ready to pop in his mouth. It was you that put me on to wonderful The League Of Gentlemen. I’ve got my eye on The Silk Noose, The Sound Barrier and Operation Disaster. Plus I see a whole series with him! Zero One. Have you see any of that? Was hoping to find a box set but can’t find anything 😦
      hehe thanks for noticing the review was from Jimmy POV and not a rotund wolf lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      • So glad you are getting to like good old Nigel. He was so smooth, and I love it LOL. Never seen Zero One, but seen Morning Departure(Operation Disaster) and The Sound Barrier. Really want to see The Silk Noose.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Before you mentioned loving Nigel Patrick’s work, I saw those two photos of him and thought, this guy looks like a cool actor to watch on-screen. He reminded me of the actor John Williams; you see the guy walk into a room, and instantly you’re hooked. I’ll have to track down some of his work and see if my thoughts pan out.

    And checking IMDb, it appears I’ve seen two of his films (The Battle of Britain and The Browning Version), but I don’t remember him in either of them! If I had to watch any, I think I’d go for The League of Gentlemen…that one sounds like a lot of fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    • He’s superb in The Browning Version. I too can’t quite recall him in The Battle Of Britain, might be a good excuse to watch that again.
      The League Of Gentlemen is fantastic Todd. It’s very fun and I’m sure you will love it. Same goes for The Informers, I absolutely loved that too.

      Oh yes John Williams! I know exactly what you mean. He was the star of the show in Dial M For Murder and great in Witness for the Prosecution.


  3. Great write-up. I like this one a lot too. Nigel Patrick is great in the anthologies Trio and Encore as well, and as Mr Jingle in The Pickwick Papers.

    Have you ever noticed how much Derren Nesbitt looks a bit like a Thunderbirds puppet?! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nice one Jay. I don’t know those anthologies. Just had a look on YT and trio is there so I will watch the “Mr Know-all” but the “Ant and the Grasshopper” one from Encore isn’t boo. Will do more digging.

      HAHA mate that is so hysterical. “Have you ever noticed how much Derren Nesbitt looks a bit like a Thunderbirds puppet?” LOL hehe his look does freak me out and you’ve just hit the nail on the head. I’m never gonna to forget that LOL Too funny.

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