What’s Been Watched This Month – June 2019

Whats Been Watched 33

Here’s what the ole Wolfensteiner has watched in June 2019.

The TV.

Dark. The wonderful Dark came back to Netflix with it’s second season. Oh how much do I enjoy this series. So pleased it stayed just as insane as the first. Get 45% Twin Peaks 40% Chernobyl and 15% Strangers Things. Mix up the contents in a turkey baster and proceed to impregnate Doc Brown with the contents. Actually you could add some Nordic Noir styles in there too, like there’s a touch of the Danish The Killing vibe to it. It’s just incredible script writing and editing. The way it unravels itself is a pure joy. The human drama cements the whole thing together as the time traveling science fiction mesmerises, transfixes.  All leading to an end game, come the final part next year. Just perfection.

Danger UXB (1979). After revisiting fever dreams from my youth, as you do, A Matter Of Life And Death. I just had to buy the box-set of this tense and extremely well written drama series. Following a group of bomb disposal Royal Engineers saddled with the daunting job of clearing unexploded bombs dropped during the Blitz on London during WW2.  With the group’s chief officer blown to smithereens in the opening scenes, Anthony Andrews is a rookie recruit drafted in to learn the ropes.  And Maurice Roëves plays his forever loyal Sergeant. The amazing achievement of the series is the historical facts, from the bombs, fuses and all the ingenious ways they had to deal with each new upgraded Nazi killing machine. Everything from the gang, to the human drama is expertly played out. It’s emotional, thrilling and truly superb. I watched an episode a day and I’m sad it has finished.  A real band of brothers. There is a bonus documentary on the disc called Cast Iron Killers. Tonight viewing.

The Films

Wolfman’s Rating System Explained – We All Have A System Don’t We?

17 films this month and a total of 126 this year
618 since the start of the blog in January 2017.

Harry and Tonto (1974) – Wolfman Rating 8.5 – IMDB Rating 7.4
I really enjoyed this Art Carney road trip. You can see what I thought on my Wolfman Review.

The 39 Steps (1935) – Wolfman Rating 9 – IMDB Rating 7.8
Finally got around to this Alfred Hitchcock gem. I can see why it’s a classic. So enjoyable. Really ahead of the game for 1935! Robert Donat was so wonderfully British and reminded me of the Harry Enfield sketch Mr Cholmondley-Warner and Grayson.

Ride The Pink Horse (1947) – Wolfman Rating 7.5 – IMDB Rating 7.3
This was a wonderful recommendation directed and starring Robert Montgomery. No point me doing a review as Lindsey over at The Motion Pictures has done such a great job, check it out.

A Matter of Life and Death (1946) – Wolfman Rating 10 – IMDB Rating 8.1
A perfect film. So good to see it when I wasn’t tripping within a fever dream! What am I going on about? Check my Wolfman Write Up Here.

Man Hunt (1941) – Wolfman Rating 7 – IMDB Rating 7.3
This pre WW2 thriller by Fritz Lang and starring Walter Pidgeon and George Sanders started incredibly. It was so good. But then I thought it started falling apart. Still an excellent film.

Cold Pursuit (2019) – Wolfman Rating 6 – IMDB Rating 6.2
Seriously WTF was this. Starts off a bleak dark thriller and then it’s like another director stepped in and thought fuck it, let’s make it a comedy but let’s not tell Liam Neeson! It is so bonkers and I can’t work out it was intentional or not! I gave it an extra point for being an hour long conversation with a friend over how ridiculous it was. Hehe. It’s a remake of Norwegian film called In Order of Disappearance.

I Am Mother (2019) – Wolfman Rating 7.5 – IMDB Rating 6.8
One of the better Netflix made films. I really enjoyed this. The science fiction story is great, with some nice twists. The robot design is very cool. An all round good watch.

Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985) – Wolfman Rating 6.5 – IMDB Rating 6.5
It was time to introduce my son Kofi to part 2. I think he enjoyed it! Haha it was Father’s day so he smiled and let me watch it. I was a year younger than him now when I first saw it and it was surprising how much I remembered. Was very nostalgic. Actually held up pretty well.

Dark Angel (1990) – Wolfman Rating 6.5 – IMDB Rating 6.1
A very enjoyable cult action sci-fi film that I’d never heard of. Wolfie Write Up Here

Stand by Me (1986) – Wolfman Rating 9 – IMDB Rating 8.1
On a mission to introduced my daughter Nyah to the better Stephen King book adaptations. First up this amazing adventure, friendship and road (train track) movie. Still as good as it always was. A real pleasure to watch again.

Carrie (1976) – Wolfman Rating 7 – IMDB Rating 7.4
Next King movie we went for was Sissy Spacek and the school prom/crazy mom horror/thriller. I’d completely forgotten the beginning shower scene! I wonder if the TV version I’d seen had been edited! It’s safe to say De Palma was a perv LOL. There’s some really odd camera angles!! Sissy was as brilliant as I remembered but it has dated somewhat. Still both me and Nyah laughed all the way through it. There’s definitely a drinking game to be had, knock back a shot at every slapped face and you will be totally sloshed 20 mins in!

Mid90s (2018) – Wolfman Rating 8.5 – IMDB Rating 7.4
Nice recommendation from my daughter here. It’s the directing debut of Jonah Hill and it’s really an exceptional little indie film. Centered with the backdrop of the 90s skateboarding scene. Emotional and funny. The older skaters conversations are hysterical. Great soundtrack too. Worth a look.

The Spy in Black (1939) – Wolfman Rating 8.5 – IMDB Rating 7.7
After revisiting A Matter of Life and Death I realised that I hadn’t seen any of the films by double act Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. So off I went and managed to watch 3. This one I thought was the best out the 3. A German U-Boat captain goes on a spy mission in Scotland to find a fleet of battleships to destroy during WW1. It’s really clever and extremely well played out. Top film.

One of Our Aircraft Is Missing (1942) – Wolfman Rating 7 – IMDB Rating 8.8
The beginning of this film is exceptional. Following the crew onboard their bomber as they make their way to Germany is incredibly realised. You’re there with them. Dare I say it lost some of that power when they have to bail out seeking help from the Dutch underground. A few silly moments, though I did laugh at the drag bit. Still a good film.

49th Parallel (1941) – Wolfman Rating 7 – IMDB Rating 7.4
This one clocked in at 2 hours and I believe would of benefited of losing 20 odd minutes. I hadn’t expected a kind of selection of vignettes as the Nazi bad guys goose step across Canada being naughty. So I sat there waiting for top billed Leslie Howard to turn up! Only to find he has a 10 minute part right at the end. Laurence Olivier has a bizarre part as French Canadian trapper who’s comedy over the top accent goes all over the place. A great propaganda film, especially for the time.

Which Way Is Up? (1977) – Wolfman Rating 5.5 – IMDB Rating 6.4
Finally caught up with a Richard Pryor film I hadn’t seen before. Pop on over to see what I thought on Wolfman Write Up Here.

Warning Sign (1985) – Wolfman Rating 6.5 – IMDB Rating 6.1
Good fun 80s action with an early appearance of the rage virus. Check out my write up if you fancy reading more. Wolfman Write Up Here.


Well two whole series did take up some time though I did Dark in two sittings! Somehow I still managed to get in a fair few films in.

Any goodies in there you have seen and liked? Thoughts, recommends etc always welcome if you fancy too.

Keep watching the screens. Thanks for having a look to see what’s been watched. All the best……… The howling one, Mikey

23 thoughts on “What’s Been Watched This Month – June 2019

  1. One of my favorite early Hitchcock films, ‘The 39 Steps’…but give ‘Young and Innocent’ a try if you’ve never seen it (I think it was called ‘The Woman Was Young’ in the UK). It’s been a while since I’ve seen ‘Carrie’, but isn’t it fun to show someone either young or straight-laced a movie you like, then you forget there’s nudity or sex scenes in it?

    I totally agree with your description of ‘Cold Pursuit’…what’s with the comedy, for chrissake? I was hoping for something with the tone of Neeson’s kick-ass actioners, but got this WTF story instead. I was NOT impressed.

    And I’m sorry, but anything involving Christopher Lloyd getting impregnated by something is not my cup of tea. Unless it includes a Lea Thompson shower scene.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha yes it can be a bit awkward sitting there recommending a film and Carrie decides the best place to explore her a body in a naughty way but happy way is the girl shower rooms as all the other girls runaround with big bushes, in soft focus, flicking each other with towels! Lol. Lucky we are not too easily shocked and laugh it off but I did feel my toes curling!!

      I don’t know Young and Innocent. Incidentally I bought 14 Hitchcock films on two DVD box-sets today but you guess it, it’s not on there. But I have found it on YT remastered. Just cracked open a bottle shiraz and the steak is ready to go on. Gonna watch it now. Cheers for the recom Todd. Good to tick another one off and one I’ve never even heard of.

      I’m sure if we travel back in time enough and change things in the right way we can get you that Lea Thompson shower scene. It might mean changing the fabric of time itself in some paradox or another but hey it be worth it just to see the smile on your face.
      Will catch up on your other comments soon bro.


    • Todd dude! Thanks ever so much for the nudge to Young and Innocent. I absolutely loved it. Both the two stars Nova Pilbeam and Derrick De Marney were excellent. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of them before. What a superb clever movie. Brilliant.


      • Cool man, glad you liked it! I’m sure the steak and libation made it that much more enjoyable, too. Lots of neat Hitchcockian moments in that one…I think I’d have to rate it as one of my top five Hitchcock favorites. So what Hitchcock sets did you get? That’s awesome that there’s 14 of ’em, and I’m guessing they’re Blu-ray…I’ve been slowly replacing my Hitchcock DVDs with Blu-rays, one at a time.

        And no need to change the fabric of time as far as Miss Thompson is concerned; I just have to pop in ‘All the Right Moves’, and I’m all set, albeit without the presence of a shower.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I kind of made a rookie mistake. Was out browsing and the lure of cheapish Hitchcock flashed before my eyes and before I realised what I had done I’d open the packs up. I’d picked up the DVD box sets and did a doh moment when it dawned on me they’ve all been Blurayed now.
          Great selection but I might see how they look then stick them on ebay cheap.
          Vol 1 Saboteur, Shadow of a Doubt, Rope, Rear Window, The Trouble with Harry, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Psycho.
          Vol 2 Vertigo, The Birds, Marnie, Torn Curtain, Topaz, Frenzy, Family Plot.
          Half I’ve seen before.
          Off to investigate “All the Right Moves” 🙂


          • I had most every Hitchcock on DVD, then traded out ten of them for Blu-rays when I picked up a player…but I haven’t watched any of them yet, so I can’t tell you if there’s that big a difference or not.

            But I guess it all depends on how much (or little) you paid for that DVD set; maybe it was worth it in the long run!

            Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for linking my review! 🙂 I enjoyed Man Hunt, watched it in the earlier days of my blog… not perfect, but you can’t go too wrong with Fritz Lang, and I’m always fascinated by films released in 1939/the very early ’40s that deal with the war. We are also in full agreement that A Matter of Life and Death is perfect!

    Liked by 1 person

    • A pleasure. ….. Yes I know what you mean on those early war films. Seconded guessing what was to come. Plus the different attitudes and themes that come across are always fascinating. There’s lots of them too. Like the Spy In Black is set during WW1 but being 1939 it’s really foreboding what was to come that year. Especially with u-boats etc. Great film.


  3. I like Fritz Lang movies so do enjoy Man Hunt. Did you know it was remade with Peter O’Toole?https://mikestakeonthemovies.com/2016/12/29/rogue-male-1977/
    And another comment grabbed me about Olivier as a French Canadian trapper. Did you know Ollie Reed played one in the excellent movie The Trap? It’s on youtube last I looked. https://mikestakeonthemovies.com/2016/02/03/the-trap-1966/
    I do need to see Spy In Black, looking to revisit Rambo series (just binge watched all five Die Hards) and figured I’d tune in on the latest Liam Neeson plowing match.
    Great selection as always.


    • Thanks dude. You’ll gonna love revisiting the Rambo’s. I might have to hit number 3 soon. Get ready for the cluster fuck (hopefully not but the trailer doesn’t look good) or Rambo Last Blood. I assume he will go out in a blaze of glory.
      If you can, defo get on Spy In Black. So good.
      PS will check links


  4. Danger UXB is so good. I’m feeling the need to watch that one again soon.

    I really like 49th Parallel, but for Powell & Pressburger those early propaganda films are a bit atypical. For the full P+P experience you need to go with Black Narcissus, Colonel Blimp, A Canterbury Tale and The Red Shoes. All top films.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Danger UXB was incredible from start to finish. It had such a story arch to it. From a rookie to a moody veteran. I can’t stop thinking about it. Really a perfect little series.
      Oh I never realised Black Narcissus was a double P! Saw that with my Mum as a kid. I’m gonna track it down for a watch. Apart from Nuns and mountains I can’t remember much.
      I’m enjoying watching Roger Livesey very much recently so Colonel Blimp, so I’m very much looking forward to that. It’s just finding the space for that runtime.
      Will check out Red Shoes and Canterbury as soon as I can too. Thanks Jay for the recommends.


      • Actually on watching Black Narcissus on Sunday night I realised I hadn’t seen it before!! I’m getting my nuns mixed up! What was the nuns on the run? Haha not that one. Can’t call the Idle and Coltrane one a guilty pleasure as I love it way too much. No I mean the nuns escaping the? was it nazi’s? through valley’s. Transporting a load of kids through to safely. It wasn’t the superb Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison…. Anyhoo BN was very good indeed and the icing on the cake! Kathleen Byron! Good god that smile. Insanely beautiful. (I off to watch more with her in)
        BTW not sure if you remember it well but was it the high altitude that made them all go doolally? Sure it was. Though it could of been just being a nun. lol..

        Liked by 1 person

        • Black Narcissus is a great film, and visually amazing. It’s worth googling the behind the scenes pics to see how they made it, because it was almost all done in the studio at Pinewood. No need to bother any Himalayan mountains!

          Didn’t the convent used to be a harem or a place where courtesans lived, or something like that, complete with naughty frescos? I assume it was a mixture of the altitude, isolation, sexual repression and the heady environment + David Farrar being so irresistible (I guess!).

          The one with the nuns, kids and Nazis is probably Conspiracy of Hearts with Lilli Palmer and Sylvia Sims:

          Liked by 1 person

          • Thanks dude. The palace room with the mirrors was amazing esp when the girl did her dance. She was naughty.. What was with the looney architect who thought it would be good to put the bell tower there! Really! I bet he was first to get chucked over there. Amazing they made all the sets. I need to check the making of.
            LOL David Farrar being so irresistible. He was so moody but his singing had all the nuns wobbly at the knees. “I just want to be left alone!” he shouts. I wonder what he was escaping?.
            Oh yes your right it was a harem with saucy paintings. Yep drove them all bonkers.

            Ooo That could be it Jay. It was so long ago I really can’t remember. Thing is because of that recent Nun horror film all the images keeping popping up with a deranged devil nun. LOL….. I will give Conspiracy of Hearts a look. I wondered if it was A Nuns Story with Hepburn but it doesn’t seem to go in that direction on reading the synopsis.

            Anyway Google gonna think I’ve gone into a nun fetish mode. hehe.

            ps gonna watch The Small Back Room (1949) by P&P with David Farrar and Kathleen Byron. Sounds good.

            Liked by 1 person

            • The Nun’s Story is mostly Audrey Hepburn being selfless in the Congo and trying to resist the charms of Peter Finch.

              The Small Back Room isn’t top tier P&P but it’s pretty good and the premise is strong (and there are far fewer films about WWII bomb disposal than you’d think, given what a great subject it is for a drama or thriller).

              Another one you should add to your list if you get the P&P bug is I Know Where I’m Going. Pretty great, but typically odd film.

              I think you will find Colonel Blimp really interesting, and Roger Livesey is so good in that. He didn’t make enough films.

              Liked by 1 person

              • “The Small Back Room” was good but wacked something. Chesil beach made a great set. Not too far from me… Yeah I was super excited after watching Danger UXB. I think I will do a post on it if I can because it had really great moments….. “Ten Seconds To Hell” is brilliant I thought. But totally agree, what a subject and not very many films on it.

                Added “I Know Where I’m Going!” to the watch list. Funny I kept seeing thumb nails of the cover whilst on imdb. She looks like she has a really long nose, “Roxanne” stylee lol….. Can’t wait for Mr Blimp.

                Liked by 1 person

  5. 39 Steps: I enjoyed the twists and turns and Hitchcock forces you into wanting to find out how the story ends. The political speech was the stand-out scene for me. I’d rank it slightly below Hitchcock’s masterpieces. Still excellent though.

    Rambo part 2 I agree holds up pretty well. Not as great as the original to me, but an entertaining, suspenseful action movie. Everyone is always on about how macho that film is yet the female character is important to the story.

    If you enjoyed Mid90s (2018) , I recommend the superb Minding the Gap which was nominated for an oscar for feature documentary. The filmmaker Bing Liu describes Minding the Gap as “A coming of age story. A film about skateboarders, not about skateboarding”.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry Chris I missed this one. Doh!
      Oh yes that political speech was superb. LOL he manages to waffle on and keeps an eye on a getaway. Brilliant scene.
      You very right about the female character in Rambo 2. When she rides into camp to lend a helping hand to save our John.
      Will definitely be keeping an eye out for Minding The Gap. That looks really very good indeed. Hopefully it will come to Netflix soon. Thanks for the recommend.

      Liked by 1 person

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