Split Second (1992) In Tribute To The Great Rutger Hauer Here’s Some Sci-Fi Horror Carnage


With yesterday’s shocking, sad news of the passing of the legend Rutger Hauer I thought I would have a tribute to the great man by watching one of his films. One I’d never managed to see before. Which one would I pick? Well you’ve read the title of the page, silly me. Somehow, really unsure how, 1992s Split Second had completely passed me by.

Tagline – He’s seen the future…Now he has to kill it. He’ll need bigger guns.

Roy Batty Blade runner dove Rutger Hauer

But first. Rutger did so many great films. Even managing to squeeze a fair few cheesy ones in the mix. One thing you could always guarantee is that brilliant Rutger performance. Of course his king role by far had to be that certain replicant, Roy Batty. Ridley Scott’s science fiction film sits at the top of my all time favourites. Apart from the original Star Wars trilogy it’s true to say Blade Runner racks up the most viewings. I watch it at least two times a year. All the different cuts, obsessed with the soundtrack, even getting to visit the futuristic world of 2019 Los Angeles, at Secret Cinema. You know what? I’ve even got the t-shirt.

Split Second (1992) Wolfman Blade Runner T-shirt soundtrack Roy Batty Rutger Hauer.

The beauty and brilliance of Blade Runner is Rutger Hauer’s quintessential perfect Roy Batty. A part he pulls off so fecking well that he manages to effortlessly become both the protagonist and antagonist of the movie. Really rendering Deckard, well let’s be honest, a bit of a dick! Obviously everything about Blade Runner fascinates me. It’s a perfect film in my eyes. But what glues it all together is Rutger’s incredible portrayal, which is so heartbreakingly soulful. Just perfect.

The Hitcher Rutger Hauger 1986

Of course there’s other classics like that thriller that stays with you! The Hitcher.  There was Nighthawks with Sly and Billy Dee Williams. Also A Breed Apart and Wanted: Dead Or Alive. There was Ladyhawke, that wonderful romantic fable with Michelle Pfeiffer and unbelievable cheesy music. Blind Fury and Flesh & Blood. Mad Max style sport games in The Blood Of Heroes. There was exploding heads in Wedlock and I even endured Crossworlds. One thing that was constant, Rutger was always ace. So as a homage to the big man I’m going into Split Second, one I had never seen. BTW it’s on Youtube at time of writing. So without further delay……….

Tagline – A cop is out of control. And a killer is on the loose, terrifying, devastating.

Split Second (1992) Rutger Hauer cannon blaster laser pistol future gun

Intro – After forty days and nights of torrential rain, the city is largely submerged below water, a result of the devastating effects of continued global warming. The warnings ignored for decades have now resulted in undreamed-of levels of pollution where day has become almost endless night…

Split Second (1992) Nightclub scene sci-fi rip Rutger Hauer.

This bleak futurist City of London in 2008 isn’t that far away with the way the world is heading. The sound clips in the background sum up this fear. London is flooded, the world is warming. Crawling through the sewage on drenched back alley cobbled streets in his wellie boots is the crazed, cigar chomping, homicide Detective Stone (Rutger Hauer). Suspended from the force after becoming burnt out and reckless after the death of his former partner. He was guilty and broken. After kicking the booze he was now addicted to coffee and chocolate. It had been 10 years since his partner, Foster, had been killed. Still he was completely obsessed with tracking down the serial killer. Stone had developed some kind of psychic connection. He could feel the killers presence. It was always there. Always ready to kill again. With a taste for ripping out hearts, taking a bite and then scribbling drawings all over the walls with warm blood. This killer had an otherworldly vibe to him!

Stone – “The only thing we know for sure is that he’s NOT a vegetarian!

Split Second (1992) Rutger Hauer lighting cigar flame thrower round glasses

Lighting up another cigar with a gas burner and knocking back yet another cup of coffee, our Stone stumps his brash way through scene to scene. Running into the rest of the angry police force within the department. With Chief Detective Thrasher (Alun Armstrong) shouting and frustrated with Stone’s manic behaviour and moaning police officer Paulsen (Pete Postlethwaite) vexed at everything Stone does.

Split Second (1992) Rutger Hauer cannon blaster laser shooting range Alastair Duncan Dick

The constant butting of heads leads to Thrasher assigning rookie cop Dick Durkin (Alastair Duncan) to shadow Stone and keep him from blasting anyone away with his big canon hand pistol! It’s not long before more carnage and more bodies start stacking up. Soon the story starts to reveal itself as Stone and his new partner chase down the frenzied murders. Stone had history with his dead partners wife, Michelle (Kim Cattrall). And of course Michelle is gonna get caught up in the mayhem.

Split Second (1992) Rutger Hauer Kim Cattrall shower

Can Stone and Dick Durkin solve the mystery of this monstrous killing machine and somehow stay alive?

Dick Durkin –I don’t think this thing thinks it’s Satan, I think this thing IS Satan.
Stone –Well Satan is in deep shit.

Split Second (1992) Rutger Hauer Stone bigger guns Alun Armstrong Alastair Duncan

A Few Things I Learnt……

  • Written by Gary Scott Thompson who would go on to write the story for Hollow Man and a certain big money train series, The Fast and Furious.
  • This American and British joint production was directed by Tony Maylam.
  • The morgue scene is pretty freaky.
  • Look out for Ian Dury as the nightclub manager. You’ll know him from Ian Dury and The Blockheads, Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick hit single.
  • There’s a Rat Man to spot too. Look out for Michael J. Pollard. He pops up in so many movies. Hannibal Brooks with Oliver Reed is one I’ve featured on here.
  • If you like that sort of thing (insert smiley face). You get to see Kim Cattrall’s boobs.
  • Alun Armstrong and Pete Postlethwaite gotta be related! You think they were the same person if they didn’t appear in the same shot. Could be witchcraft?

Split Second (1992)Alun Armstrong and Pete Postlethwaite gotta be related

Split Second on the surface is pretty bad but in reality it’s so fecking entertaining. It’s relentless. Like a feverish nightmare, hyperactive on caffeine. Filled with wild little jokes and crazy pointless but very fun visual gags. Like with Stone and Dick rushing up a stairwell, Stone stops to light his cigar, to find out there’s four more flights to go. Letting out a groan he waits till he gets to the top. You know what, Split Second cheered me up after the sad news of his passing. It was so good to watch a new to me Rutger. Yeah it might not be one of his best but it’s still vintage Rutger and so crazy and entertaining. A pure joy.

Do you have a favourite Rutger film, moment, memory? Which ones have you seen, enjoyed and loved? Rest in peace Rutger you gave us much fun and will continue doing so. Thanks for popping on in. All the best….. Mikey Wolf

Oh BTW Roy Batty swapped the doves for pigeons!

Split Second (1992) Rutger Hauer pigeon on head roy batty doves

PS I’ve never seen any of his Dutch movies. Has anyone? Recommend if you have. Soldier of Orange (1977) looks a good place to start.


15 thoughts on “Split Second (1992) In Tribute To The Great Rutger Hauer Here’s Some Sci-Fi Horror Carnage

  1. I didn’t know about Rutger’s passing ’til I started reading this review! Interesting that they kept it secret for a week or so, but I understand why. I’ll always remember him for ‘Blade Runner’, but since then I’ve seen ‘Nighthawks’ and ‘Blind Fury’, and have enjoyed him in both. And I just now checked IMDb…good lord, has he ever been in a lot of films I’ve never heard of…and a lot of films, period! And he’s got four more that are completed or in post-production, so it looks like he’s not done with us yet.

    And Kim Catrall’s boobs? I’m on my way to YouTube!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rutger Hauer, Kim Cattrall and Pete Postlethwaite – it’s the dream team we’ve all been waiting for!

    I’m sold anyway. I think I’ll be heading over to Youtube later.

    Soldier of Orange is definitely a good place to start, it’s easily one of his best films.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. GREAT time to post this, and good tribute. I actually haven’t heard of a lot of these movies, so I’ll be adding them to my list. That pic of Kim is interesting, too — her haircut in Star Trek 6 is… interesting, and until today, I thought unique. However, looks like there was another time when she shaved the sides of her head. Odd!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s amazing hey. I guess she had to keep it just in case of reshoots.
      Just looked at the filming dates
      16 April 1991 – 2 July 1991 for Star Trek and 17 June 1991 – 9 August 1991 for Split Second.
      Wow she must of thought wow California set, massive budget, bumping hips with William and Leonard and the rest of the gang. I’ve made the big time! Then she’s in a flooded back alley in London with a rubber suited alien and Rutger looking crazy. Haha

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Twas a sad day to be sure. Hit me like a sledgehammer and it explained why my stats for article Rutger Hauer Heroics had surged when I checked into my page. https://mikestakeonthemovies.com/2017/04/04/rutger-hauer-heroics/
    Soldier of Orange a great film for those unaware. Love his look and attitude in Split Second. That’s why we love him, had a great presence on camera. Incredibly I had just watched Blind Fury last week and pencilled some notes in a planned follow up to earlier article. Might just feature it solo now as a wrap up, maybe a poster or two.

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  5. Sad news indeed about the late great Rutger Hauer 😦 He will surely be missed 😦 Some of my favorites include:

    Turkish Delight (1973) (Dir: Paul Verhoeven)
    Katie Tippel (1975) (Dir: Paul Verhoeven)
    Soldier of Orange (1977) (Dir: Paul Verhoeven)
    Spetters (1980) (Dir: Paul Verhoeven)
    Blade Runner (1982) (Dir: Ridley Scott)
    Eureka (1983) (Dir: Nicolas Roeg)
    The Osterman Weekend (1983) (Dir: Sam Peckinpah)
    Flesh & Blood (1985) (Dir: Paul Verhoeven)

    He was also great on the HBO show True Blood from 2013-2014

    Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

    P.S. I also really enjoyed Split Second as well and yes I love that Kim Cattrall scene that you mention 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Well of course my fave Hauer film role is Roy Baty. Batty reigns. But I also like his performance in Night Hawks and The Hitcher. He was a very bad man in those films and yet I still gravitated toward him like moth to flame. I like everything he ever did because I’m in the cult of Rutger Hauer. Ha! …Ahem. RIP Mr. Hauer.


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