Desperate (1947) Menacing Smashing Man Hulk Ironside Relishes Vengeance

Desperate (1947) Steve Brodie Audrey Long Anthony Mann directed film noir movie poster

Trucker Steve Brodie life is turned upside down. This review is for the noir on the run thriller Desperate (1947) Continue reading

Bodyguard (1948) Shocker! Lawrence Tierney A Goodie And No Sign Of Whitney Or Kevin!

Bodyguard (1948) crime thriller mystery Lawrence Tierney Priscilla Lane noir poster

Only seems fair to add Lawrence Tierney in a good guy role after featuring him in full sadist mode this week. This review is for a fun little noir called Bodyguard (1948) Continue reading

A Little Tribute To Gary Loggins From The Cracked Rear Viewer Film Site

Cracked Rear Viewer

Just heard the very sad news that Gary Loggins has passed away leaving with him his vast knowledge of film and his legacy of his Cracked Rear Viewer film blog. He was one of the first bloggers to follow me when I started my own venture into blog-land. Gary always had tip top recommendations to fill way too many extra hours of watching time.  I was always in awe at his wealth of information and the time and dedication he regularly put into his posts. He was relentless. A new post would appear every 3 days. Continue reading