Bodyguard (1948) Shocker! Lawrence Tierney A Goodie And No Sign Of Whitney Or Kevin!

Bodyguard (1948) crime thriller mystery Lawrence Tierney Priscilla Lane noir poster

Only seems fair to add Lawrence Tierney in a good guy role after featuring him in full sadist mode this week. This review is for a fun little noir called Bodyguard (1948)

What’s going down?

Tough LA homicide cop Mike Carter (Lawrence Tierney) takes absolutely no shit in his job. A no nonsense rule breaking kind of guy. He’ll do whatever is needed to get to the criminals. The Captain at the precinct can’t take his rogue manner anymore and puts him on suspension. Mike takes it further and quits. Anyhow he’d rather hang out watching baseball wit his girl and the young whippersnappers he’s put on the straight and narrow. All’s good until a cash paying job appears. As a bodyguard for an elderly heiress of a meat-packing plant. Reluctantly he takes the bait. Soon he is caught up in violence and murder. Mike’s homicide detective skills will come in handy for this bodyguard but he’s also got a secret weapon? Doris the file clerk!

Bodyguard (1948) crime thriller mystery Lawrence Tierney Mike Carter smoking cop

The main players

Lawrence Tierney – Mike Carter
Priscilla Lane – Doris Brewster
Phillip Reed – Freddie Dysen
June Clayworth – Connie Fenton
Elisabeth Risdon – Gene Dysen
Steve Brodie – Fenton
Frank Fenton – Lieutenant Borden
Charles Cane – Captain Wayne

Tagline – A Real “Who-done-it” Thriller

Sure I’ve seen them in something?

The third Lawrence Tierney in a week from me. So feel free to look back at my reviews for more LT in Born To Kill and The Devil Thumbs A Ride. Both from 1947.

I knew I’d seen Priscilla Reed in some great film recently but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. On a search it all became clear! She was the star of the Alfred Hitchcock world war two spy thriller Saboteur (1942) where she stars alongside Robert Cummings. Bodyguard was her last film before she retired from acting. I really need to see her with Cary Grant in Frank Capra’s comedy thriller Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) which I’ve heard is most excellent. Plus I’m still to watch Raoul Walsh’s gangster film The Roaring Twenties (1939) with James Cagney. That gives me two highly rated films to see. Result.

Another actor I noted down was Steve Brodie who is included in the cast of the classic noir Out Of The Past (1947) with that stellar cast of Robert Mitchum, Kirk Douglas and Jane Greer. What a superb movie that is. Just spied Desperate (1947) in Steve Brodie’s filmography from director Anthony Mann sounds like yet another film noir I will enjoy. Added to the list. Not sure his The Giant Spider Invasion (1975) with it whopper 3 outta 10 score will be getting a viewing though! Hehe check that, it looks wonderfully terrible.

Notes on production?

Bodyguard is directed by that man Richard Fleischer. A real top quality movie machine. You can find out more about his movies on my recent review of The Narrow Margin (1952). Bodyguard see’s the legendary director Robert Altman get his first writing credit with co-creating the story with George W George.

Bodyguard (1948) crime thriller mystery Lawrence Tierney Mike Carter ready for action cop

Hits like a sledge hammer

There’s some real good moments that stand out. Mainly involving fisticuffs with punches and mini fights breaking out all of a sudden. Then there’s a train!

The opening scene in the police precinct with Lieutenant Borden sets the scene with two close up face shots of the two cops squaring up to each and sets the motion rolling for Mike Carter to becoming the Bodyguard.

Mike Carter – “What have I done this time?
Lieutenant Borden – “Going off half cocked as usual. Using your knuckles instead of your brains!” “Now get out of here you stupid hot headed flat foot before I throw you out!
Mike Carter – “…….POW!” A fist straight to his bosses chin.

Bodyguard (1948) crime thriller mystery Lawrence Tierney Mike Carter close up


I had to include this film review as I’ve been “enjoying” the crazed brutal manner of Lawrence Tierney. Where I was beginning to think he was only a bad boy, he surprised me with this good guy role. Well saying that, he’s still a force to be reckon with. Lucky he has someone looking out for him. The file clerk, Doris (Priscilla Lane) from the police station. The relationship between Doris and Mike is really sweet as they finish each others sentences and watch each others backs. It really made the film so enjoyable after witnessing JT’s wrath in the earlier two films.

Oh before I forget, one other endearing moment was the young beatnik kids who idealize Mike Carter for teaching them the good side of the tracks. Loving nothing better than hanging out with them and Doris at the baseball stadium.

Yeah it might not be the greatest film however at a cool run-time of about an hour you really can’t go wrong with this neat little film. To be honest I’d like to have seen more adventures with these two. They could’ve made a great double act of crime fighters. (Please don’t tell me them working together is why she quit! lol).  Bodyguard is here to stream if you wish.

Bodyguard (1948) crime thriller mystery Lawrence Tierney Priscilla Lane noir car

Rating score

Wolfman’s rating 7/10       IMDB 6.5/10

Feel free to recommend me related movies and any other trivia if you wish. Keep having fun at the movies…. Mikey Wolf

5 thoughts on “Bodyguard (1948) Shocker! Lawrence Tierney A Goodie And No Sign Of Whitney Or Kevin!

  1. Man oh man, you and Lawrence Tierney! I’ve heard of this one, but have never seen it, and knew nothing about it…but good lord, I need to check it out! Didn’t know it was directed by Richard Fleischer…didn’t know Priscilla Lane was in it, playing a cool character…didn’t know there was an old-time baseball stadium in it…didn’t know Steve Brodie was in it…and never guessed ol’ Lawrence played a good guy!

    And by the way, give ‘Desperate’ a look when you can…I really like it, and it put Mr. Brodie on my noir map.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha LT is following me about this week. Would you believe it I sat and watched The Ghost Ship (1943) last night and who’s mug pops up in an uncredited role as a ship mate!! I couldn’t believe it. LOL
      Bodyguard isn’t brilliant but hey at a hour of good stuff being thrown at you, you definitely get a good fun ride. I’m certain you will like it too…….. TBH I didn’t know Steve Brodie until I noticed he was in Out Of The Past. So it’s great to hear you enjoyed “Desperate” I will budge it up my viewing roster sir.


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