Outstanding Selection Of Rare Movie Gems In The Flick Vault

Blind corner poster 1964 brittish thriller drama Man in the dark film

Stumbled across this marvelous YouTube channel called Flick Vault – Full HD Movies last month. Was looking for something short to watch, something perfect for a work night. Out jumped a guy in shades in a film called Blind Corner. Apart from finding out it was also known as Man In The Dark,  I went in “blind” so to speak. One hour twenty minutes later I couldn’t believe how well written that little film was. A really perfect thriller. Ok! it does fill in some time with a ballad crooner called Ronnie Carroll singing during a few varied intervals. However, the drama was tightly written and comes highly recommended. Continue reading

Killer of Sheep (1978) This Bitter Earth, Family Life And The Slaughterhouse


I have to start off with 5 F-Bombs with the last F-Bomb being stretched right out to last at least 10 seconds. How can a film be so devastatingly filled with brooding sadness and doom but equally hit you with such incredible deep innocent sweetness? It shouldn’t be possible but somehow director and writer Charles Burnett creates the impossible with Killer Of SheepContinue reading