Hope To Be Back Real Soon

Sorry I’ve been off the reservation the last few weeks. With all the crazy going on in the world I found myself, like everyone, searching the aisles for loo roll and chicken! A wolf needs his tasty feathered friends YUM YUM! and of course the ability to clean up after he gone and done doo-doo!

Looking more and more likely I will be having more time than I could of ever imagined with a pending lock-down more than likely coming here to! Hopefully we can all stay safe and eventually the world will join together and open a MF can of whoop-ass on this pesky bumbaclot virus and send it packing.

Anyhow please except my apologises for not replying to comments and catching up on your good selves fine movie posts. I will be on it soon and look forward to getting back in the swing of my own reviews myself too.

I do so hope you and your family and friends are all well and safe.

See you in the WP feeds soon.

All the best and big love


The Killer That Stalked New York (1950) I’ll Take Some Noir Virus Over The Real Deal!

Haha yes I’m still alive! What with all the crazy COVID-19 Coronavirus bubbling out of every orifice around the world it only seems apt to do a review about the Noir virus. I mean a virus within a Noir. Yes Smallpox gets the Film-Noir treatment and just check out that fantastically dramatic title, The Killer That Stalked New York!!! Continue reading

Framed (1975) Human Donkey Kong Smashes His Way To Revenge

Human Donkey Kong with a southern drawl, Joe Don Baker plays nightclub owner and big time gambler Ron Lewis. Ron gets the heads up of a game.  “There’s gonna be big game dollars tonight. A bunch of turkeys coming down from New York. Gonna be like duck hunting!” cracking his fingers with big grin “I’ve been waiting months for a big game like this one“. His gal, nightclub partner and singer, Susan Barrett (Conny Van Dyke) is less than impressed. “Why can’t you quit when you’re ahead Ron?” “I’m a gambling man Susan, it’s what it is”. Just like the Tammy Wynette song, Susan stands by her man.

Continue reading