Hope To Be Back Real Soon

Sorry I’ve been off the reservation the last few weeks. With all the crazy going on in the world I found myself, like everyone, searching the aisles for loo roll and chicken! A wolf needs his tasty feathered friends YUM YUM! and of course the ability to clean up after he gone and done doo-doo!

Looking more and more likely I will be having more time than I could of ever imagined with a pending lock-down more than likely coming here to! Hopefully we can all stay safe and eventually the world will join together and open a MF can of whoop-ass on this pesky bumbaclot virus and send it packing.

Anyhow please except my apologises for not replying to comments and catching up on your good selves fine movie posts. I will be on it soon and look forward to getting back in the swing of my own reviews myself too.

I do so hope you and your family and friends are all well and safe.

See you in the WP feeds soon.

All the best and big love


19 thoughts on “Hope To Be Back Real Soon

  1. I’m getting ready to post something for first time since October, and NOW you choose to go AWOL (or AWOLF)? Great, that’s just great! But seriously, hope things are cool there, and you and your family are doing okay. Come back when you can, Wolfey!

    And…’loo roll’? That’s a new one for me!

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    • Oh you do make me chuckle Captain Todd. “There I was getting ready to post something for the first time in like………..” LOL. Then dropping the AWOLF superb play on words. (Insert rimshot drum sound effect here).
      Loo Roll and Bog Roll are the usual names said by us common folk down these parts lol..


  2. Hey Wolf, covid-19 locked down here in the bay area. Was there ever a film noir flick with Jack Palance as a pyscho baddy? I seem to remember one but can’t find it. I have seen the Richard Widmark flick. PS have you watched the sixties flick Wild in the Streets? Stay safe

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    • It could be Man In The Attic (1953) where Jack Palance plays Jack The Ripper?
      He was pretty psycho as the gunman in Shane (1953) where he plays another character called Jack.
      I still haven’t seen Panic in the Streets (1950) with Richard Widmark. I need to get on the case soon.
      I haven’t heard or seen Wild in the Streets? Just spied the crazy cast! It sounds a bonkers film. I have added to my list, thanks for the heads up.
      Lock Down started here in the UK last night. Super weird times. Thanks, stay safe too.


      • Wolf You nailed it with man in the attic, but while I was searching I found two gems. Rod Steiger in “No Way to Treat a Lady” with George Segal, and a very Cheesy “Johnny Cool” with Henry Silva in the lead and his girl, a very svelte Elizabeth Montgomery as his main squeeze. Much Obliged Amigo

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    • Same to you Maddy. Crazy times. Hopefully we if we can all stay safe at least we can work our way through our monstrously big “to watch lists”. Hope to start making a whole in mine…. (Stray Dog bumped straight up, hopefully next week).
      All the best and stay safe


  3. I was at the store yesterday. Still no TP in sight! It’s going on a month now!
    At least nobody wants potato chips or chocolate. Did I grab a bunch? Yeah!

    I’m pretty sure the booze department is well-stocked too but I didn’t get over there.
    But thinking back now, I damn would should have!

    You know, looking at you up top in the gif….think you need a shave, dude.
    Better grab a bunch a Bics while you’re out there!
    Stay safe! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    • The loo roll saga continues! Though praise yeh the bum-bum paper gods we did have a result yesterday. I came back with one of the last packs on the shelves from my daily foraging up the road. Then Mrs Wolf returned from work passing another shop with another pack! So now we have 8 rolls, well 6 now. “Stop pooping kids!” LOL

      Well done on the chocolate and crisp supplies. So hard being healthy but I’m trying. Though I did “slightly” panic buy booze. Looks over at stash! Ooooo might need to top it up now I’m thinking about it.

      Hehe going pure wild man! I’d had better get a trim.

      Stay safe too and I hope you haven’t resulted to using the tabloids yet 😉

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  4. Really can’t complain, Mikey. No kids in the place, just me and hubby. Stepson is 33 and lives in New Jersey. So you guys REALLY need the TP. Also makes me start thinking about all the TP we all need and how could we change that? Were we talking about the three seashells from Demolition Man in here? WE ALL NEED THAT, LOL………………………! ! !

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