Tombstone Rashomon (2017) From Cult Classic Repo Man Director Alex Cox

This was a first for me. To be asked if I would like to review a film for it’s DVD release. One with a screener and a password. All very exciting. The title Tombstone-Rashomon sounded very intriguing but what really knocked my socks off was the director’s name. That cult favourite, British screenwriter and director, Alex Cox.

He’d created two huge films from my youth. The road movie with a twist Repo Man (1984) with Emilio Estevez and the legendary Harry Dean Stanton. And the bio drama Sid and Nancy (1986) that centered on the relationship between Sid Vicious of Sex Pistols fame and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen. Which pretty much kick-started Gary Oldman’s fantastic career.

Andrew Schofield, Alex Cox and Gary Oldman in Sid and Nancy (1986)

Alex Cox had an enormous effect on my movie loving passion as you can read in my post The Inspirational Moviedrome Series of Ultimate Cult Films With Alex Cox. So the task ahead of me was very exciting if not a little terrifying. I was psyched for the opportunity but don’t worry, I was prepared to be brought crashing back to Earth. Dear god! I’d seen the trailer for Repo Chick (2009) and was well aware that those prime film-making skills had dwindled a tad! He’d embarked on a series of very low budget micro-features. Some of which were made possible by crowdfunding. Still Alex’s passion, energy and creative enthusiasm shines through with his trademark experimental flare.

What with no Sheen family members in the cast or no spiky haired mayhem from Oldham. Come to that, there’s not even a scene stealing Val Kilmer or that gorgeous gravel drawl of Sam Elliot, you know what! There isn’t even a ghost of a samurai!…. What we do get is the obligatory big hairy mustaches, a collection of Arizona accents, Alex Cox dressed as a Shakespearean poet and a small mention to time travel! Yep time travel.

On 27th October 1881 a time traveling video crew arrived in Tombstone, AZ to film the gunfight at the OK Corral…..

Realizing they were a day late. They set about interviewing the survivors.

Tombstone-Rashomon is a homage, mash up, reinterpretation of that fabled historical gunfight at Tombstone. Lead by Wyatt Earp, his two brothers and his good friend Doc Holliday. Inspired by the story telling style of Akira Kurosawa’s superb mystery, Rashomon (1950). In the way that the narration of a story can have contradictory accounts experienced by different perspectives of the witnesses.

The interviews are given by an unseen woman’s voice. To me, it felt like she could have been artificial intelligence in nature. Six are interviewed. Wyatt Earp (Adam Newberry), Doc Holliday (Eric Schumacher), Kate (Christine Doidge), Ike Clanton (Benny Lee Kennedy), Colonel Hafford (Richard Anderson) and Johnny Behan (Jesse Lee Pacheco). All have different takes on that eventful day.

Tagline – O.K Corral has many stories…. All begin with death.

As the story pan’s out we get twisted pieces of information. Kate relays some strange stuff. Referring to Doc Holliday as feminine whilst reporting on the gunfight that the Earps were killed “But later they got well?“. However we do see her swigging some tasty looking opium based liqueur. Then in Jesus Christ Superstar fashion we get an out of time, metal “horse” carriage, this one with added sirens rather than hippies!

Like with many historical incidents throughout time there is always that possibility that facts could have become askew from different points of view. History, some say, is written by the victors. Does history favour the good side over the bad? Could Wyatt’s gang of lawmen been over heavy handed? Maybe a different outcome could of come without blasting holes in each other? More than likely the historic facts are true but what if you could have gone back in time and interviewed all that witnessed the events leading up to that deadly day!

It’s a fun and inventive idea. Of course it’s not that great a film but for the budget everyone does their authentic part well. Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday especially give convincing performances. The costumes, sets and landscapes all set the scene. You get cowboys looking mean and moody, ladies looking fine in their outfits of the era. The multiple gunfights are cool. Lots of slow-mo and a whole heap of spitting. Insert spittoon sound here. Purt-ding.

TriCoast Entertainment will release ‘Tombstone Rashomon’ onto DVD in store and online April 21st.

Thanks for checking in on my film blog.

Keep watching the screens, all the best………. Mikey

16 thoughts on “Tombstone Rashomon (2017) From Cult Classic Repo Man Director Alex Cox

  1. Haven’t seen this one Mikey. You and John Charet are Alex Cox acolytes. I, like most everyone else, am very partial to Sid and Nancy and Repo Man. The rest of his catalog, I don’t know. Nice write up.

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    • Those two are by far his best known work Pam. Though Walker (1987) starring Ed Harris is a cult movie, which may be flawed but I do wish to watch it again one day. Like most things around that time I was smoking way too much weed. The grey matter was fuzzy around those times. Straight to Hell (1987) starring The Clash’s Joe Strummer was another that might not of been very good but had something. Could of been the ridiculously cast that pops up throughout. Courtney Love, Elvis Costello, Grace Jones to name a few.

      Probably the film that could be his best, is one I haven’t seen. A film he made in Mexico called El Patrullero aka Highway Patrolman (1991). And another, which he stars in as well as directs called Three Businessmen (1998). I haven’t seen this either but I hear it’s much loved by his fans. The recent stuff unfortunately aren’t that great (give the Repo Chick trailer a look!!!) but like I say in the article his creative passion is still strong. And for my generation in the UK his Moviedrome series was second to none for kickstarting a massive passion for film in 1988 and onwards.

      I’m sure JC can go deeper. Many thanks Pam.
      Much obliged

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      • Interestingly enough, Highway Patrolman is my second favorite Alex Cox film after Walker 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

        P.S. I have to check out this Tombstone Rashomon – I am aware that Kickstarter is how Cox has been funding projects he wants to do these days 🙂

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  2. So, look who’s hit the big time! I guess you won’t have time to associate with the Video Store Action Heroes anymore, now that you’re reviewing with the big boys! Well, good luck, Wolfman…or should I say, WolfSTAR!

    Ha, just kidding…but that IS cool that you were asked to honest-to-goodness review for a film! I wonder if a line from your review will end up on the front of the DVD case! “Purt-ding! says Mikey of Wolfmans Cult Film Club.”

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    • Hehe like I say to Pam it’s for a film 3 years old. But hey it’s a start. Yes my golden quill and ink pot is way too above that common as muck VSAH group! But I’m happy to stoop down your levels if I have too…………. LOL I can’t wait to get stuck in, though I may try and squeeze two more in before. Saw a great film last night. It had baseball too! Though I might lose my PC to A-level studies tomorrow and my plans will poo poo-ed.
      Signed in gold leaf
      WolfSTAR 🙂


      • VSAH: Common as Muck! Ha! And now I can’t wait to see which film had baseball in it…as long as it’s not ‘Ed’!

        “Signed in gold leaf, WolfSTAR”…and yes, ladies and gentleman, fame has officially gone to his head.

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  3. “Insert spittoon sound here. Purt-ding.”
    This sounds like fun!
    Yeah, and congrats on the screener, 3 years later or not.
    Everyone loves the Wild West, but can you imagine how smelly people were? How horrible it would have been to work in a brothel! Okay,it would have been worse for me, going back in time to then, to work in a brothel. Hopefully I could score a job with Mrs.Piddlee helping her keep the old bed & breakfast in tip-top shape instead. But I guess after a while I’d get used to it too, and body odor and bad breath would become interchangeable from flowers and dust and baking bread and horse dung!
    Sorry, don’t know why I went there exactly.
    Oh yeah, time travel!
    And I love that there’s not even the ghost of a samurai in this thing.

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    • Whispers, shhh, (it might sound better than it actually is) It’s a great idea though.
      “”Sorry, don’t know why I went there exactly.”” LOL that could be a stamp that we could pass around to sign off comments. Hehe I’ve been there so many times myself.
      It’s like you start writing with your mind running. This is funny. Then you read it and go OH what am I going on about! Shiiiiit! Hey it’s all a good giggle….. send.
      I’m with you a 100 percent. I’m not good with whiffy smells myself. Good god yeah! What the hell must of a brothel of smelt like. I was gonna say poor ladies but man I bet it went the same for both. Everything covered up with horrible perfumes, whisky and cigar ash and like you say horse dung! Makes you think how lucky we are!
      I’d hope to work for Mrs Piddlee too. She sounds a good woman. Stern but fair. LOL so funny. Keeping her old bed and breakfast in tip-top shape. Brilliant.


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