Lock Down Pulp Fiction Charity Book Buys And Fancy Named Ice Cream

My usual daily dash up the local Co-op supermarket for essentials, ie wine and beer, took a different turn yesterday. One that involved some well read pulp fiction. Walking past the pop-up charity book stand on the exit I found myself doing a double take. Sat staring at me in lime green and hot pink typeface spelt the words MICKEY SPILLANE KISS ME, DEADLY. The letters splashed out across the Corgi Books maroon cover. 60s artwork of our hero Mike Hammer jumping, with his side arm ready, from what could be a convertible Ford Galaxie Sunliner. Yep I slammed the breaks on and stopped in my tracks. Man I loved that film. Wolfman Review for Kiss Me, Deadly (1955) here.

I walked passed that stand many times over the years. Gave it a quick glance once in awhile. It never had anything of interest. Got used to just walking on by, never giving it a second look. Then with a cheeky smile, giving me a tough but cool private eye wink, was Mike Hammer. Had to pick it up. 50p or 3 for a pound? 50p is great, there won’t be anything else? Then I pull out three more Mickey Spillane tales of the hard-boiled detective. My Gun Is Quick, The Twisted Thing and The Long Wait.

Damn this is cool. The lock down blues drifting in the air. Then I spied the Film Noir classic Double Indemnity by author James M Cain. Had to add that. Plus it contained two other stories inside it’s saucy cover. Career In C Major and the great sounding title of The Embezzler. Ok one more to make 6 for £2.

Hang on what’s that one. The Hoods? The inside story of New York gangster life, by one of the few men left alive to tell it…… Harry Grey. Ok I didn’t know who he was but it sounded real interesting. That’s it. Six for two quid. Damn it! I suddenly realise I’ve no change for the honesty tin. We all using contact-less card payments. Lucky I had a fiver in my wallet. No one uses real money at the moment! Quickly I ran round the shop thinking of something to buy for a pound to get some change. What do I buy to go with my beer, wine and pulp fiction? The posh sounding but cheap as chips ice cream classic with the fancy name….. Viennetta. Now I can look right sophisticated and intellectual…

It was a nice surprise. Haven’t bought anything in six weeks. Of course I’m probably never gonna read them. To be honest the print type is so small I don’t think my eyes can take it. However I do fancy finding out if Kiss Me, Deadly is as bonkers as the film? Also interested on seeing if the flowing saucy banter from Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray in the movie Double Indemnity is in fact from the novel? Plus I’m very intrigued by that title The Embezzler. So I might need to invest in a magnifying glass. Has anyone read any of them? Feel free to let me know if you wish.

Hope you all keeping well, safe and entertained.


15 thoughts on “Lock Down Pulp Fiction Charity Book Buys And Fancy Named Ice Cream

  1. Wonderful finds Mikey. I’m so jealous. I haven’t read any of them but I know James M. Cain has the reputation for saucy dialogue. If ever you come across Edward Anderson’s Thieves Like Us, I implore you to read it. It may be my favorite novel. It’s based on Bonnie and Clyde. It’s not pulp. It’s Literature–very approachable literature.
    James M Cain is the father of noir so I’m embarrassed that I haven’t read him. If you run into anything by Jim Thompson, I recommend snatching it up. Quentin Tarantino owes a lot of his career to Thompson–Sam Peckinpah too. It’s mean, dark and gritty stuff.

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    • I don’t know of Jim Thompson though I believe I may have his The Getaway book in my big stash of crime fiction books I’ve picked up since I was young. All boxed up. Keep meaning to dig them out. One day I’ll do a spot light on some.
      Didn’t know he wrote The Grifters too. Loved that film with Angelica Huston and John Cusack. Will be investigating more Pam.
      Thought I’d try my luck with Ebay with Edward Anderson’s Thieves Like Us recommendation. No such luck but will keep my eyes out for it. That sounds really ace. On a quick bit of research I see that Nicholas Ray made a noir of it as They Live by Night (1948). That’s been hoovering around my to watch list for ages. Have you see the film? Always a danger when you love a novel so much!

      “very approachable literature” I’m not a very good reader at all, so that might be alright for me. Thanks for the tips and info Pam.

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      • Yes, I’ve seen They Live by Night. It’s a wonderful film although I’m not a big fan of Farley Granger. But Cathy O’Donnell! Oh my gosh! What an amazing performance she gives as Keechie. It is miles ahead of its time in terms of realism. It floors me. Robert Altman did a more realistic version of the book Thieves Like Us. I like it too, but it’s O’Donnells acting and Ray’s elegant cinematic style that drives They Live by Night. You must see it, Mikey.
        By the way, LOVE The Grifters. Brilliant.

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        • Awesome well that’s settled. I can’t get the book yet, probably take me a year to read. I was worried you were gonna say the film is damp squid to the book. I got the film. Everyone’s a winner. I did love them both in “Side Street” but I can imagine Cathy O’Donnell is gonna be so tougher in “They Live By Night”. Ooooo I’m excited now. I feel a review coming on for that one Pam. Buzzing. Thank you in advance

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  2. It really does look beautiful, doesn’t it? The books, the ice cream, the booze. What other combo in the world could be better? (besides a stack of DVDs of our favorite movies, of course)!
    Those covers are so great. I didn’t know who Jim Thompson was either, and when I looked him up, he was right beneath ANOTHER Jim Thompson who was some kind of business magnate over in Malaysia and who disappeared and whose body was never found.
    Sounds like the kind of story Pam would tell very well.
    Happy drinking!

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    • It was a nice surprise to pick these up. Jazzed upped another boring shopping run for supplies. Well to be honest it’s not really boring. Spend all the time flipping Tetris moves around the aisle, backing up and trying to change shape to fit into corners as people throw themselves towards you. Quick backtrack, handstand and a cartwheel passing the elderly lady at check out 5 with a doff of the hat.

      Haha I too saw that searching up Jim Thompson and it took me a few seconds to realise hey this can’t be the same guy!! So very true, haha I love that, yep he does sound like a perfect Pam stories. Brilliant.
      I raise a glass, Hic! thank you 🙂

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  3. Always fun to stumble upon something like this…and I had to look up ‘quid’ to see how much it equaled in ‘real’ money, and it was $2.50…not a bad deal for six cool books! And the ice cream and the bottle of Hereford…milk? Sounds like the perfect weekend!

    I have read a few Mickey Spillane novels, but I can’t remember which they were (possibly ‘I, The Jury’ was one)…but I’ve read ‘Double Indemnity’ a few times, and liked it…shorter than I expected, but a few differences from the movie to make it worth the read.

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    • I should clarify, so I won’t look like an idiot: I looked up ‘quid’, which equals $1.25 in US coinage, and because you spent two quid, the total came out to $2.50. There…my reputation is saved again!

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      • It’s a funny word isn’t it “quid” The Brits are crazy for their money slang.
        Readies, dosh, score, monkey (£500) tenner, shrapnel (change), green, pony (£25), nuggets (pound coins) a Pavarotti (a £10 or Tenor lol) There’s loads of them.

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    • Hereford…milk? LOL or Beef juice. Gravy! hehe. It did go well with my steak.
      I was kind of hoping the I The Jury was there as that seems to be his first novel. I wonder if it’s an origin story of Mike Hammer.

      I had a strong feeling you would of read ‘Double Indemnity’. I’m gonna get on that at least out of the stash. Especially as it’s a shorter read. Nice one buddy.


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