Dionne Warwick & The Wolfman At A Lockdown Concert In Belgium Plus 3 Amazing Walk On By’s

Not going out on a Friday night has made me improvise. I was determined to go out-out but obviously I was, in-in. The Friday of this event had me flying off to Belgium onboard a DC10! No quarantine for me. Dressed up smart I walk through the charming town of Knokke with a groove in my step towards the small gathering of people. The doorman nods as he unclips the VIP red rope whilst opening the door for me. A few heads turn as the manager welcomes me with a “Bonjour Monsieur” and guides me to my seat for the evening. I order a cognac on the rocks with a bottle of Bières de Chimay Trappist monk beer. He smiles as he lights my cigarette. I settle down into the comfy boxed shaped sofa in the front row of this small night club called the 27 club. They were filming you know? Because tonight a special young lady was about to start performing and the camera’s were ready to roll. It was New Years Eve at the end of 1964. This beautiful regal, slender 24 year old lady with killer cheekbones and electrifying eyes enters the room. She was Dionne Warwick and the entertainment for tonight. An intimate concert for the few lucky customers and myself…

I press pause…

Forgot my snacks! I run off to the fridge a little annoyed at myself. Olives, crackers, some meat and cheeses. Yeah it was worth the disruption. Luckily the bouncers didn’t see and, well, Dionne was just preparing to start. She was in the zone…

I press play…

Right back in the world. I’m sat with four speakers behind my head with the sound turned right up. The elegant, classy ladies eyes light up when she sees me sat there, I receive a cute little smile as she cheekily takes one of my olives. I smile back as she does a playful “meow”. She begins to sing and I’m transfixed for the amazing 27 minutes and 20 seconds. She gives a majestic performance. I’m transported to the era. Fully absorbed in this historic moment, I found myself clapping along with the audience. It felt magical. Just like that special part of the evening spent with the beautiful Dionne. “Hey Wolfboy what goes on tour stays on tour” she purrs. A few years later we would do a duet together but that’s another story…

I press stop…

Ok, so yes I might be going somewhat doolally during these times. It’s just for fun, seriously. No need to call the psychiatric nurse this time, not just yet! Haha I’ve been doing this sort of thing for many Fridays during lock-down. Fully immersing myself into concert performances, whether new or old. Don’t tell the brain but I’ve been trying to fool it into creating new memories. To feel like you actually done something. It does work, honestly. You feel brighter and a little more refreshed the next morning. Ok, yes, that might of been the back rub from sweet Dionne but you get the picture.

I’ve also been enjoying myself at the famous London jazz club Ronnie Scott’s. A place way out of my normal price range, however, during the pandemic, they have been putting on weekly live performances. They start at 8pm so you have structure, though, you can pick them up on YouTube after. Besides, getting ready and waiting for the act to begin live is the exciting part. It’s been a routine I’ve very much enjoyed. Once you get past the no audience and kind of imagine it’s a private performance put on just for you, yeah you are that special, you find yourself fall into the whole atmosphere. Lights off, sound up, drinks on the go. I’ll miss that live aspect of Ronnie Scott’s Lock-Down gigs when they finish but hopefully, soon I will be able to attend upcoming concerts in their realness. So very exciting. However in the meantime…….. Lets get back to our Dionne.

Here’s the full show filmed at the ’27 Club’ in Knokke, Belgium. The filming is beautifully done especially of the track Walk On By.

Three Walk On By’s in row…

So to wrap things up here are three wonderfully different performances of the Burt Bacharach and Hal David piece sang, exquisitely, by the one and only Dionne Warwick.

  • 1) From that Knokke live performance. The way the camera moves around with her and she sings directly to you. So beautiful and wonderfully 60s. Knocks me for six every single time.
  • 2) I don’t know where this one was filmed? So cool to see the band jamming along with her.

  • 3) This one was performed at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire UK in 1967

A little departure from the films today with a little update to how I’ve tried to deal with not going out-out. I’m back to Ronnie’s on Monday with a band called The Scientists. No idea who they are, part of the excitement. A jazz and fusion band with influences with Chick Corea and a gorgeous young lady called Rouhangeze Baichoo enchanting us with vocals, in her own style, a la Flora Purim and Ursula Dudziak.

I’m very excited, I’m going out-out again, just please don’t tell my brain as it’s already picked what it’s wearing…

Feel free to let me know, if you wish, of ways you’ve tried to “jazz” things up to make life still exciting.

Best wishes

Mikey Wolf

6 thoughts on “Dionne Warwick & The Wolfman At A Lockdown Concert In Belgium Plus 3 Amazing Walk On By’s

  1. Aw, I learn new things about you every day. No idea you played the piano and NO idea you engaged in musical accompaniment with Ms. Warwick. Were you growling or trying to smile while you were playing the piano? LOL

    Ah, Dionne’s dulcet tones. Thank you. Took a gander at each performance. I love the one where shes sort of floating through the palace rooms. How weird! But soothing somehow.

    Your last paragraph was like Greek that I had to translate: “…Chick Corea and a gorgeous young lady called Rouhangeze Baichoo enchanting us with vocals, in her own style, a la Flora Purim and Ursula Dudziak.”

    Baichoo whozit and Dudziak say what now?
    I looked them up, lest I continue to remain ignorant. ‘Cause I thought Chick, for example, was a lady. But he isn’t. Now I know. 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    • The last paragraph “Baichoo whozit and Dudziak say what now?” LOL hehe You got me! I put it in there to see if any one really reads to the end. I always knew you did. 🙂
      Yeah those last lines are definitely, well umm, a bit anorak jazz nerdy. Yes Chick is indeed a dude. A master of the keyboard. Ursula Dudziak is from Poland and Flora Purim from Brazil. And last night I learnt that Rouhangeze Baichoo is from Mauritius before moving to the UK. My musical tastes go off all over the place.

      Haha my singing voice has exactly the same sound and facial expression as when I growl! So it’s very hard to tell which is either. I’m either miffed someone hasn’t refreshed my drink yet! Or singing sweet lullabies! LOL

      You so right, hehe she does look like she’s floating through the palace rooms.

      Liked by 1 person

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