What’s Been Watched This Month – April 2021

Here’s what square eyed Mikey Wolfman been watching throughout April 2021.

The TV

Invincible is bonkos brilliant. If you liked The Boys I’m sure you love this. Comic book writer Robert Kirkman created the comic book series The Walking Dead. Invincible is the trusted superhero gangs trope but with a creative and shocking twist. Don’t be fooled with the family angst and it just being an animated series. Invincible packs a punch, a punch dripping with blood. It’s on Amazon Prime and highly recommended.

Line Of Duty. In the words of Superintendent Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) – “Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey, can we just move this thing along before it drives us all round the bloody bend?” Been watching this brilliantly creative written series from the beginning. So many twists and turns as we follow our three anti-corruption task force cops around. Each series is filled with guilty looking faces, moody people staring down staircases, looking shifty as lift doors close and then gazing, contemplating corrupt life, through high-rise windows. It’s kept a high bar as we waited 9 years for closure in series 6. Yeah of course Line of Duty has been superb written telly once again but then I’ll leave Superintendent Hastings to say it, “Look we’ve been round the houses and down the bloody drains.” And let me, the Wolfman add, “at the end of that drain is a stinking fatberg!

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Truth be told it hasn’t set me on fire. Maybe over expectations? However I am enjoying it, just rather slowly. I’m half way through at the moment. Will report back my thoughts in May’s monthly wrap up.

The Films

14 films this month and a total of 65 this year
999 since the start of the blog in January 2017.

Murder in Soho: Who Killed Freddie Mills? (2018) – Wolfman Rating 8 – IMDB Rating 7.7
After watching the tragic but ultimately brilliant documentary 64 Day Hero (1986) and doing an article on British Boxer Randy Turpin, I was very intrigued to see a newly made doc about, local to me hero, Freddie Mills. It was another fascinating, yet tragic story about another British boxer from the same era. A real bruiser who relied on two-fisted forward motion pure aggression. He had rugged good looks and a great sense of humour. He was nicknamed The Bournemouth Bombshell. After his fighting career started to come to an end he went into TV and Film, unfortunately the good times were about to fall. If you are interested in boxing, or like me just love well told real life stories, then I’d say it’s worth checking out.

Johnny Nobody (1961) – Wolfman Rating 7.5 – IMDB Rating 7
Nigel Patrick directs and stars in this neat little thriller. Set in Ireland and also starring William Bendix and Yvonne Mitchell. I managed to do a review if you fancy having a read. Johnny Nobody review here.

Where Has Poor Mickey Gone? (1964) – Wolfman Rating 7 – IMDB Rating 6.5
Here’s a quirky little 60s British thriller. Like a Tales Of The Unexpected with terrorising youths. Feel free to read my review here if you would like to know more.

Search and Destroy (1979) – Wolfman Rating 5.5 – IMDB Rating 5.8
Somehow I had missed this late 70s action thriller. One that I’ve seen pop up all through my life but just never managed to get to it. When Perry King’s old Vietnam war unit start turning up murdered it’s only a matter of time before he and his buddy Don Stroud are next on the kill list. Oh how much I wanted to love this film. It has so many great low budget elements used really well. However there’s just a spark missing to make it a great 70s b-movie. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed watching it.

Class Action Park (2020) – Wolfman Rating 7 – IMDB Rating 7
A documentary that focuses on the creation of an insanely dangerous water park attraction with no healthy and safety policy concerns. Just turn up and have fun. Then the injuries start and safety concerns start to flood in. It was a fun watch but ultimately spoiled by an obnoxious guy who used to go there. Because they focused on him so much I thought the twist at the end was he was gonna get in wheelchair after having suffered terrible injuries. Then to find out that he is actor I’d never heard of called Chris Gethard and really annoying. That aside, I loved seeing the ideas going into the death defying rides! lol.

Macon County Line (1974) – Wolfman Rating 7.5 – IMDB Rating 6.6
Who better to review this one than the guy who recommended me it. Mike over at Mike’s Take On The Movies.

Moonlight (2016) – Wolfman Rating 8.5 – IMDB Rating 7.4
Director Barry Jenkins delivers a truly beautiful, creatively told story about a young man dealing with his identity and sexuality through the troubling hardship of his life. Moonlight was recommended by my daughter who had studied it at Uni. It was wonderful to discuss it with her after. One of the fascinating parts of the film-making narrative is the 3 time jumps as the young guy grows. Played by three different actors with no real resemblances to each other but as they mimic his mannerisms so well you can feel the young lads presence through the teenager to the adult. The photography is also very captivating. Not as heartbreaking sad as I had imagined, which was one of the reasons I hadn’t seen it yet.

Spenser Confidential (2020) – Wolfman Rating 6 – IMDB Rating 6.2
Another Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg combo. This time about corrupted Boston cops. Boston born Marky Mark is definitely the man for the job. Based on an old beloved 80s TV series and book novels called Spenser For Hire. Will Hollywood ever learn that making things as blaring loud as possible doesn’t make a film better? If they just tone it down and concentrate on the script they could have a really good, fun thing here. Instead every just shouts with an over loud terrible soundtrack.

Poly Styrene: I Am a Cliché (2021) – Wolfman Rating 8 – IMDB Rating 8
Another documentary. This is a sad yet beautiful reflective look back at the life of British punk icon Poly Styrene. A singer songwriter from the band X Ray Spex. A mix raced girl with fearless sass on stage but sadly also troubled with mental issues. Poly was completely unique and incredibly awesome. The documentary is touchingly told from her daughter. It is bittersweet but ultimately shines another spotlight of the great Poly. Also if you are interested, this short personal doc filmed in the late 70s is essential watching Who Is Poly Styrene?

Overlord (2018) – Wolfman Rating 7 – IMDB Rating 6.6
Is this a bit underrated? I hadn’t really heard much about it. Took a gamble on Netflix. It’s nuts. A full force action horror. In a time when there are not enough black heroes then surely Jovan Adepo performance should be elevated. He does the reluctant hero part very well. Also the whole squad thrown into pure Nazi carnage were great too. Reminded me in essence of the Sean Pertwee’s horror actioner Dog Soldiers (2002).

Nobody (2021) – Wolfman Rating 8 – IMDB Rating 7.5
Saul Goodman aka Bob Odenkirk goes John Wick (Keanu Reeves) hardcore action style. It’s filmed by Ilya Naishuller who gave us all those incredible inventive first person music videos, so the action scenes are creative and fast paced. It’s got an underlining mix of dark humour which elevates it by not taking itself too seriously. Christopher Lloyd looks like he had massive fun being part of the project as Nobody’s Dad. Well worth your time if you love action movies.

The Return of the Living Dead (1985) – Wolfman Rating 8 – IMDB Rating 7.3
Zombies running around eating brains in this fantastic cult action horror. Pop over and read my Q&A zombie review.

Calm with Horses (2019) – Wolfman Rating 7 – IMDB Rating 6.9
Deep, brooding dark Irish film with a different take on a gangster flick. Set in a bleak looking village starring Cosmo Jarvis as a punched drunk ex-boxer as an enforcer trying to deal with his mood swings, his controlling younger brother Barry Keoghan whilst estranged from his ex-girlfriend and his autistic son. It’s not a happy watch however it’s trying something different and the Irish landscapes set it off. The title is somewhat misleading and possibly the American release title of The Shadow of Violence will convey what you might have in store. It’s was on Netflix at time of writing.

There is No Authority But Yourself (2006) – Wolfman Rating 7 – IMDB Rating 7.4
Crass were a British punk rock band which promoted its political ideology message of resistance and anarchy through music, graphics and art. The documentary is unintentional a funny watch as it’s filming style feels like a parody in the same vein as Comic Strip Presents…. brilliant Bad News On Tour. You know, like in a This Is Spinal Tap (1984) style. So I couldn’t help but smile my way through it.


999! Almost a thousand films watched since starting my film blog. I think that’s why the lady above is looking at me like that. “Really! You couldn’t of watched one more film before you did this? Right I’m off to bed. You can sleep on the sofa tonight Wolfboy!”…… I sat painfully howling to the moon for two straight hours before she came down and forgave me. I think the whole street out shouting for me to shut the f up might of persuaded her. I wiped the tears away and gave a her a cheeky smile…

Thanks for popping on by my humble little movie site. Please stay safe.

Any goodies in there you have seen and liked? Thoughts, recommends etc always welcome if you fancy too.

Keep watching the screens. Thanks for having a look to see what’s been watched. All the best……… The howling one, Mikey

2 thoughts on “What’s Been Watched This Month – April 2021

  1. Both Overlord and Return of the Living Dead were on Film4 recently. I managed to miss Overlord twice, which is annoying. I decided against Living Dead as I’m not that keen on gore-fests but then your review popped up and I’m wavering now, so I may check it out. I quite like Nigel Patrick so I’m interested in Johnny Nobody, just the sort of British obscurity that always gets my interest.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Living Dead is a fun 80’s comedy but it does have the splatter of gore. I’m not real a horror guy tbh, yep appearances can be deceiving! hehe. However I do like comedy horror esp from the 80s.
      Johnny Nobody isn’t anywhere for some reason though it might, fingers crossed, pop up on Talking Pictures??? I bought a dvdr on ebay for two pound. I had to see it. It’s very much worth it. … Cheers Chris

      Liked by 1 person

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