About Wolfman’s Movies


Welcome to Wolfman’s Cult Film Club. A place where I will be featuring some of my favourite cult, independent, fun and just plain old cheesy action films that I’ve seen throughout my years. (Edit Dec 17) Actually the blog has morphed into a movie discovery for myself. Every corner or avenue I turn down I stumble across new amazing films I haven’t seen.  So rather than just cult films the blog is hitting all genres that I loved watching. Hope there’s something for everyone.

This post My First Year In Movie Land – Why The Wolfman sums up all about why the movie blog if you wanted to know.

Movies are one of the best ways to unwind during the last moonlit hours after a night of fighting the overlords and tyrants of the world. Feet up, chilled in my lazyboy, candles lit for extra mood and a large bourbon on the rocks. A way to recuperate before I metamorphosis back into my human self.

Please don’t expect anything intelligent written by me but hopefully my enthusiasm and love of film will make up for that. The idea of this blog is to share my love for movies and a way for me to learn and find new films.

Going to try not to do reviews of films as everyone has different memories and feelings for movies. All the films I post on here I have a big fondness for. The monthly “What’s Been Watched” film run down will have my rating score for each movie I’ve managed to see.

This blog is done for fun and as I’m typing with big hairy clawed fingers you can well imagine there will be spelling mistakes, bad grammar and maybe a few fact issues. Feel free to tell me but be nice as remember I’ve been up all night haunting, hunting and howling!

Hope you enjoy the selections and feel free to say hello and comment.

Right I’m off to get a power up for my Wolfie strength x


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