Above the Law (1988) My Ex Girlfriend Pam Grier & Cop Steven Seagal Smash Faces In Chicago

Above the Law (1988) Steven Seagal Nico Pam Grier cops VHS Video cover

Difficult doing a film review which featured an ex girlfriend. Yeah this here Mikey Wolf and Pam Grier were tight. We went everywhere together. Forever laughing and smiling. Oh I miss that smile of hers! Damn I miss that body more! Oh the fun we had. She’d dress up in that revealing red dress she wore in Foxy Brown and I’d be in my pimp style leather jacket. Walking through the streets of Harlem, hand in hand, with one thing on our minds, well two but I’ll keep it clean here, we were there to dish out cold hard justice.

Above the Law (1988) wolfman and my girlfriend Pam Grier driving

Me and my Pam Grier patrolling the streets

We made a formidable double act. She’d use distraction with her ample charms before unleashing a barrage of kicks and punches. Oh that sweet grin she’d give me as she pounded down on some poor thugs mug. With a cheeky wink we were an unstoppable tag team. Taking out the trash on the streets. Cleaning up the neighborhood as I’d rip through a mountain of bad guys with an almighty roar. Beautiful memories. Well all good things have to come to an end. The love was strong, too strong I guess. We had to part ways. Still think of her every day. Yep I miss her…… Oh sorry I completely forgot I’m meant to be writing about that Steven Seagal fella? OK If I have to? Look I’ll get Steven to start us of with his back story. Steven plays Chicago Cop Nico Toscani.

Above the Law (1988) Steven Seagal fighting punching bad guy smash

Tagline – He’s a cop who believes no one is above the law.

Nico –I was born in Palermo, Sicily. We come to this country when I was seven. We immigrated to Chicago. I was always raised to be very patriotic, to love our country. And we did. When I was a little boy my father took me to a baseball game. They had a martial arts demonstration and I saw this old Japanese man doing things that I thought were magical and I developed a crazy dream to go to the Far East. By the time I was 17 I was there studying with the masters.

In 1969 I was invited by a friend of mine to an American Embassy party in Tokyo. While I was there, I met a crazy drunk guy named Nelson Fox. He recruited me into the CIA. I was 22 at the time. My eyes were about to be opened.

Above the Law (1988) the unique looking bad guy Henry Silva cult favourite

Dropped into Vietnam during the brutal carnage of the war. Nico was soon to see unimaginable things. Then in 1973 he’s on a mission in Cambodia.  One such act was to witness the savage torture carried out by his superior, a vicious freakasaurus looking psychopath called Kurt Zagon (Henry Silva). Nico was always the man to stand up against such barbarous bloody acts of violence. This unfortunately meant leaving the CIA in a manner that would upset a few people. Flash forward to Chicago 1988 we catch up with Nico and his wife Sharon Stone at the christening of his ridiculously cute little daughter.

Above the Law (1988) Pam Grier cop Delores 'Jacks' Jackson Detective Lukich (Ron Dean)

Nico is now a detective within the Chicago Police Department’s vice squad. He’s tough, forever vigilant, has a strong moral code but is always ready to smash some idiot felons face in. Anything bad going down, Nico sees it. Action ready at all times. Ready to unleash his masterful skills of Aikido on anyone stupid enough to try to get smart with him. Lucky he has his side kick Delores ‘Jacks’ Jackson (Pam Grier) and Detective Lukich (Ron Dean) to try and reel him in when he goes into full super smash Seagal mode.

Above the Law (1988) Steven Seagal fighting punching bad guy bish bash boshAbove the Law (1988) Steven Seagal smashing out of window

With intel on a big cartel drug drop, Nico and the vice squad are poised to take down the criminals. This will be swift and efficient. Well that’s the plan. Soon things are gonna turn into a steaming log floating fast down shit creak. Before we know it we can add priests, dodgy CIA agents, bombs, more torturing, truth drugs, C-4 plastic explosives, South American immigrants, smuggling, shoot outs and revenge. All whilst Nico beats bad guys heads in. Before you know it the plot is full of inconceivable amount of stuff happening on the screen. So just sit back and let it all wash over you as you enjoy the action packed nonsense reveal itself. I was happy to sit back and reminisce back to my super hot Pammy looking gorgeous.

Above the Law (1988) Steven Seagal Pam Grier Chicago cops

Tagline – He was a covert agent trained in Vietnam. He has a master 6th degree black belt in Aikido… and family in the Mafia. He’s a cop with an attitude.

A Few Things To Add

  • This is Steven Seagal’s debut film. He also co-writes the script and produces too. Not a bad way to start his career.
  • Sounds like Steven was happily teaching the rich and famous Aikido at his LA dojo where he met talent agent Michael Ovitz who pushed him in the right direction.
  • Above The Law is also known as just Nico in some countries.
  • Directed and co-written by Andrew Davis. He has some great action films under his belt like. Code Of Silence with Chuck Norris which also starred the unique looking Henry Silva. Another Steven Seagal one with Under Siege and probably his biggest hit, The Fugitive with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones.
  • Look out for a appearance in the police lock up from that machine gun gangster Ralph Foody so lovingly remembered for his Angels With Filthy Souls bit in both the Home Alone films.
Above the Law (1988) Angels With Filthy Souls Ralph Foody from Home Alone

Ralph Foody best known for his Angels With Filthy Soul gangster

  • It’s neat to see all the original family photos of Steven Seagal used in the opening intro.
  • Poor Sharon Stone doesn’t do anything in this film. Which must of been weird after coming of the back of the two King Solomon’s Mines films with Richard Chamberlain.
  • Pam Grier is excellent. Obviously I’d liked to have seen more of her but she gets some good screen time. There’s been a rumor that I had the supplied the line for the jiving black guy who leans in to say “Excuse me, I just had to stop and tell you, you look like the sun setting on a waterfall in the springtime, baby!” Hey man I’ll assure you my lines aren’t that cheesy!

Above the Law (1988) Pam Grier cop car badge sweet honey foxy brown

Above The Law is a pretty great 80s action film and debatably one of Steven Seagal’s best? What you think? 1992s Under Siege has to be in top position? Then all the rest can slot in somewhere in the back row. I have to admit to not having seen all of them. I’ve seen about half of them on VHS. Still there’s a few that slipped through the cracks. Hard To Kill appeals because of (whispers so Pam doesn’t hear) Kelly LeBrock. Also Out For Justice sounds pretty good. To be honest every one sounds like the next adventure of Nico.

Nico  “You guys think you’re above the law… well you ain’t above mine!

Feel free to let me know if you liked any of Seagal’s films. Yeah they not the greatest films in the world but they served my action needs back in the day of video rental.

Keep it filmy. And remember to have fun.

Mikey Wolf


They Made Me a Fugitive (1947) British Film Noir With Trevor Howard And His Trusty Milk Bottle

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Storm Warning (1951) President Reagan In Klan Film With Ginger Rogers And Doris Day!… Saaay Whaaat!

Storm Warning (1951) Ginger Rogers Ronald Reagan Doris Day Steve Cochran movie poster

I was intrigued with Storm Warning not only by it’s daunting subject matter but also alarmed to see three actors included that I just couldn’t fathom in a movie based around the Ku Klux Klan. Stamped on the poster are the names of three giant stars. The future President Of The United States, Ronald Reagan and the all singing, all dancing ladies, Ginger Rogers and butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, Doris Day. Seriously WTF? Continue reading

Across the Bridge (1957) Rod Steiger And A Train Trip To Mexico For A Fistfull Of Dollars

Across The Bridge (1957) Rod Steiger Ken Annakin Graham Greene amazing Movie Poster

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Dillinger (1973) Warren Oates Is Public Enemy Number One

Dillinger (1973) poster one sheet art work bank robber

Heavy hitting gangsters all on the screen at the same time. This film portrays the notorious last years of bank robber and gangster John Dillinger and his infamous gang of men. Written and directed by a legend in his own right John Milius.

Set during the Great Depression in the early 1930’s this action packed movie follows the charismatic John Dillinger on his quest to relieve the banks of their funds. Following the deaths of several law enforcement officers during the carnage of the Kansas City Massacre in 1933 FBI special agent Melvin Purvis steps up on a personal mission to bring these hoodlums to justice. If that justice is at the hand of a gun and a smoking cigar, so be it. This is the story of the G-Men (the FBI government men) and their mission to put a stop the Dillinger Gang, the ruthless terror gang. Here are all the players surrounding our Public Enemy Number One…… Continue reading

Mr Majestyk (1974) Video Store Action Heroes 4 x Action Packed Bronson VHS Movie Memories

Mr Majestyk (1974) movie poster charles bronson gun melons action heroes

Here’s the second Video Store Action Heroes collaboration between four likeminded movie dudes from the golden era of the video rental scene. Starring Todd from Cinema Monolith, Mike from Mike’s Take on the Movies, Greg at Destroy All Fanboys, and myself Mikey here at Wolfmans Cult Film Club.


This time it was to pick a Charles Bronson movie not featuring the usual by his side, Mrs Bronson AKA Jill Ireland. A hard task when you think Charlie and Jill made 15 films together but luckily our CB was a film making machine. Continue reading

Kiss Me Deadly (1955) Panting Barefoot Panic Starts The Hammer

Kiss Me Deadly (1955) Robert Aldrich Ralph Meeker film noir poster

And there I was sitting in a world where Stacy Keach was the only Mike Hammer from the hands of crime novelist Mickey Spillane. Stacy’s Mike smashed his way though our 80’s television screens like a, well, Hammer. Stacy Keach was perfect for the part as the tough, gruff and brutally efficient, hard-boiled private investigator. I just didn’t know there was a whole gang of different Mike Hammer’s bringing justice throughout the ages. Kolchak The Night Stalker very own Darren McGavin played him in a 50’s series and in a universe defying paradox, creator Mickey Spillane actually plays his own “baby” in the 1963 film The Girl Hunters. (I need to see this) Continue reading

Shield for Murder (1954) A Cops Descent Into Oblivion

Shield for Murder (1954) poster edmond o'brien john agar film noir rogue cop

How come the criminals, all the gangsters, fences, wiseguys all seem to be making bucks? Seeing all the crooks you put away getting released early and still making big money.  Racketeers that manage to slip through your fingers living the life of luxury from the proceeds of organized crime. It starts to get to Lieutenant Barney Nolan (Edmond O’Brien). 16 years on the force laying down the law on the streets, for what? a paltry pension and no savings!. He deserves more. He’s put his life on the line every single day seeking justice for these damn criminals, how is it fair? He dreams of a big house in the suburbs, all the mod cons, the whole shebang, with his beautiful, happy smiling girl, Patty Winters (Marla English) by his side. It would be a wonderful life, he’d have to use his badge to get it though but how far would he go?

Tagline – A wild trigger finger… a lust for big money… and a weak spot for fast blondes hurled him from the straight-and-narrow to a crooked one-way road!

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Touch of Evil (1958) Orson Welles & 10 Things That Blew Me Away!

Touch Of Evil (1958) movie poster film orson welles charlton heston Janet Leigh

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