The Night My Number Came Up (1955) Dreams, Omens & Final Destination

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Opening with that distinct, recognisable voice of Paddington BearCommander Lindsay (Michael Hordern) worriedly confronts an air traffic control officer with news that a Dakota airplane has crashed landed at a certain point over Japan.  The control room officer is convinced that no distress warnings have come in or the fact that the Dakota isn’t even on that flight path. “How do you know this?” he asks, “I can’t say but if I did you wouldn’t believe me but please believe me I know something has happened!” replies the Commander.

The Night My Number Came Up (1955) Commander Lindsay (Michael Hordern)

Tagline – The Screen’s Most Terrifying Flight Into Suspense!

The night before, Commander Lindsay had a prophetic dream, a dream so real he remembers every detail, every small part of this dream works its way to a terrifying and devastating climax. But lucky for Commander Lindsay he was just a voyeur and wasn’t on the plane itself but he does know a few of the crew. Compelled to tell his story he confides in young Fl. Lt. McKenzie (Denholm Elliott) an ex ace fighter pilot from WW2 and aide to the ice cool Air Marshal Hardie (Michael Redgrave).

The Night My Number Came Up (1955) fate unlucky numbers 13 opening titlesThe Night My Number Came Up (1955) Dakota airplane Douglas C-47 Skytrain

The Commanders dream had told him there were 8 passengers and 5 crew, 13 in total. For poor Owen Robertson (Alexander Knox) this was a story he didn’t need to hear, not with his petrified fear of flying. Luckily the dream had other facts, like there was one female member of the crew, also an important diplomat and an obnoxious loudmouth. Their passenger crew numbered five and didn’t featured any of these other mentioned people. The dream couldn’t possibly come true! Could it?

The Night My Number Came Up (1955) michael redgrave fate fear panic Nigel Stock pilotThe Night My Number Came Up (1955) Denholm Elliott Alexander Knox Sheila Sim

Tagline – 13 on a Plane – Destination…The Unknown…

Find out what happens on this flight path with doomed fate looming around every corner. Watch how paranoid thoughts give way to fear, panic and hysteria. Is it best to just sit back and ride the fate with the notion that your cards have already been dealt or do you try and change your fateful collision with the grim reaper?

The Night My Number Came Up (1955) Dakota airplane Douglas C-47 Skytrain flying

This is a wonderfully acted mystery thriller which keeps you right on the edge of your seat. It’s fascinating to watch how the dream gets passed around from passenger to passenger like a hot potato, slowly working itself into the fears and minds of each and everyone. Each dealing with it in their own way.

A few fun facts

  • Actually based on a true life events? Whaaaat!! I hear you say. Well give Air Marshal Sir Robert Victor Goddard a google after you seen the film.
  • A fun little appearance by Bill Kerr of Tony Hancock’s Half Hour fame and his soldier buddy Alfie Bass.
  • Director Leslie Norman has directed episodes of so many classic cult TV series from the likes of The Persuaders, Department S, The Avengers, The Saint, The Champions.
  • Also stars Richard Attenborough’s wife Sheila Sim in her final film before she retired. Richard would later work with Leslie on his 1958 film Dunkirk.
  • This film is from the Ealing Studio’s camp

End thought “If you didn’t know about it, would it still happen?”


Night of the Comet (1984) Usherette, Cheerleader & Commander Chakotay Fight The Cannibal Zombies

Night Of The Comet (1984) comedy horror zombie end of the world film

1984 was the year at school we read the John Wyndham novel called The Day Of The Triffids for English. You would of hoped it would be part of all educational learning, to be a forewarning at least for when a breathtaking and magnificent light show of comets appear in the sky. To be taught the first thing you do is bandage your eyes and hide in a windowless room. No matter how mind-blowing and eye-poppingly wonderous the visual light show is, The Triffids pre-warned us, it’s gonna get real bad, real quick! Continue reading “Night of the Comet (1984) Usherette, Cheerleader & Commander Chakotay Fight The Cannibal Zombies”

The Satan Bug (1965) Viruses Of Mass Destruction

The Satan Bug (1965) movie poster excellent artwork filmHead of security Agent Reagan (John Anderson) knows something ain’t just right, he can feel it in his bones. He’s suspicious by nature, the perfect man for the job. Giving everyone who enters the compound the lazy eye, like a wise old Eaglehawk searching down his prey. He can almost sense there’s been a security breach, then again it could be he’s imagining things….. Continue reading “The Satan Bug (1965) Viruses Of Mass Destruction”

Panic in Year Zero! (1962) End Of The World, Jazz Jive and Beatnik Baddies

Panic In Year Zero (1962) poster ray milland

Bonkers brilliant B-movie, Cold War, end of the world bonanza with sassy jazz jive and bad boy beatniks. Oh how much did I enjoy this crazy panic in the Year Zero.


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No Blade of Grass (1970) British Eco Disaster Savagery

No Blade Of Grass (1970) poster awesome cornel wilder nigel davenport film movie

I’m not sure what is worse? The absolute devastation and total armageddon carnage or folk singer Roger Whittaker singing the theme tune? Hehe I only jest as I’m actually quite liking the cheesy ditty with it’s strings, flute and Rogers deep vocal tones singing of pure doom. Continue reading “No Blade of Grass (1970) British Eco Disaster Savagery”

Telefon (1977) – The Russian Manchurian Candidates

Telefon (1977) - Charles Bronson Movie poster artwork film

Donald is gonna think I’m stalking him! This is the third film in a row with the versatile, dependable Mr Pleasence and this time it was purely by chance as I didn’t know he was in it. What a great surprise.  Cul-De-Sac was first then Ground Zero.

Was ticking this one off the list mainly because of Charles Bronson and second being that it’s a Don Siegel movie I knew about but wondered if I had actually seen it. I hadn’t and I can report that it’s a fine piece of 70’s drama. Continue reading “Telefon (1977) – The Russian Manchurian Candidates”

Forklift Driver Klaus (2000)


Many years ago I had attended a course for my forklift license. Twelve of us sitting around a projector screen really not wanting to be there, half dozing off and all getting a little tetchy. In walks the instructor, a tall German guy with a cheeky grin. He pulls out a VHS cassette tape and explains to us the video he is about to show us is the first part of the test and if any of us are squeamish or easily shocked then to please leave now. I gave a little growl “haa what me” and we had a little giggle. 10 minutes later, one guy had been sick and another had left the room but to me it was just another night prowling the city.

Tagline – First day on the job turns out to be the real challenge

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The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1961)


One of reasons for doing this blog, apart from chilling my inner Wolf urges, is to find new films to watch. The Day the Earth Caught Fire is one I knew by title but had never got round to viewing. That apocalyptic film title grabs you with it’s no nonsense words. Placing the literal “end of the world” plot splashed in big letters in much the same way The Day The Earth Stood Still did. Continue reading “The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1961)”

Phase IV (1974) Intelligent Killer Ant Attack


What better film to follow up Them but with another bunch of crazed, demented six legged psychopathic ant nut jobs than the 1974 film Phase IV. This feature is filled with visually luscious images and gorgeous landscape design, it’s quite the wonder to look at. But please be forewarned that you spend the runtime scratching like a shaggy dog. Oh my fur was twitching and an itching like crazy right through this creepy crawly movie. Even the eerie music gets under the skin. Essential item to have with you whilst watching is a personal back scratcher or two, down a bit, ooo to left a bit ooo thats it, thats the spot. A big thanks goes out to Lieutenant’s Nina Barry and Gay Ellis from UFO in helping me with my itching, you did a grand job…. Continue reading “Phase IV (1974) Intelligent Killer Ant Attack”

When Worlds Collide (1951) Rogue Planet Ruins Mankind’s Day!


Science fiction meets disaster film in this planet smashing doomsday flick which gave Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, 2012) a run for his money destroying cities and monuments before he was even born.

Tagline – This May Not Happen For A Million Years….. But Now You’ll See What Could Happen…. When Worlds Collide….

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