In Cold Blood (1967) Richard Brooks & Truman Capote’s Devastating Biographic Masterpiece

In Cold Blood (1967) poster art work peter blake scott wilson

In Cold Blood” is ridiculously dark, bleak and emitting a constant resonance of impending doom. Danger is etched upon the faces of the perpetrators, a hollow darkness crosses each of these two young men’s shadows, revealing an evil that can be spontaneously released at any given moment.  That fear keeps you glued to your seat, frighten to look and scared to look away. The realisation that this whole film is based on real events just makes the crime all that more heartbreaking when it comes.

In Cold Blood (1967) Robert Blake plays Perry Smith surreal dream las vegas

With all that gloom though, there is a majestic beauty to this film. The camera work and black and white print is absolute perfection. Every shot hits you with it’s style and every snap shot could fill an art gallery a hundred times over. The skies are vast, the landscapes and dust ridden roads are picturesque and imposing at the same time. Every scene grabs your full attention, every performance has you glued to the screen, every second that ticks away fills you with dread and awe.

In Cold Blood (1967) basement shadows dark light black and white

I believe this movie is a masterpiece from start to finish. Based on Truman Capote’s 1965 nonfiction book called “In Cold Blood: A True Account of a Multiple Murder and Its Consequences” where he writes the story as if it’s a novel but all of the narrative are true factual accounts of the actual crime.

In Cold Blood (1967) Robert Blake plays Perry SmithIn Cold Blood (1967) Scott Wilson is Dick Hickock

The subject matter and accounts are truly horrific, getting pushed along by such incredible portrayals from both these young men, both in the performances of a lifetime. Robert Blake plays Perry Smith and Scott Wilson is Dick Hickock.

Psychotic Perry keeps daydreaming from nightmarish incidents in his past to surreal dreams of being happy, singing and playing his guitar. Horny and outspoken Dick uses his confidence to get whatever he wants and under that slim exterior is a devilish raw anger.

In Cold Blood (1967) Robert Blake Perry Smith Scott Wilson Dick Hickock walking

Hot on their tail is police detective Alvin Dewey (John Forsythe) whose voice you will instantly recognise as the boss of those sexy angelic private eyes, Charlie’s Angels and then later the face of Blake Carrington on Dynasty.

In Cold Blood (1967) detective Alvin Dewey (John Forsythe) In Cold Blood (1967) detective Alvin Dewey (John Forsythe) police

Directed and produced by Richard Brooks who also adapted the screenplay from Capote’s book. You get a gorgeous soundtrack from jazz legend and composer Quincy Jones going from somber pieces to firing on all cylinders, building the tension to a feverish frenzy. And all those beautiful cinematography shots are by Conrad L Hall with sublime fade outs and creative cut shot editing by Peter Zinner.

In Cold Blood (1967) Robert Blake Perry Smith Scott Wilson Dick Hickock desert roadIn Cold Blood (1967) landscape car road trip

The language of the time is pretty shocking too, could this be one of the first times in mainstream film that the words “bullshit” “pussy” and “jacking off” were used? Funny as you hear them and worse on a daily basis on just about everything in modern pop culture nowadays but when watching vintage film, it really sticks out.

In Cold Blood (1967) Robert Blake Perry Smith Scott Wilson Dick Hickock

I’m sure there are documents and essays dedicated to detailing the ins and outs of this incredible film. If it’s something that you haven’t seen and you fancy it, I really can’t recommend it enough. It’s tense, shocking and very controversial but damn it is fine film making of the highest order.

Keep discovering new films, thanks for popping on by and feel free to drop a comment on the film if you wish. All the best… Mikey.

PS Someone’s in my wolf den?!!

In Cold Blood (1967) the lone wolf lair den wolfman


Midnight Lace (1960) Stay Out Of The Pea Soup Calamity Jane!

Midnight Lace (1960) poster old sheet movie art work doris day

No denying this has a very inspired by Alfred Hitchcock thriller feel to it, especially even having the same actor, John Williams, playing the cop like he did in Dial M For Murder. Even the poster artwork has that Hitchcock look but it’s no bad thing at all as you will find this is an excellent movie filled with mystery. Continue reading “Midnight Lace (1960) Stay Out Of The Pea Soup Calamity Jane!”

Violent Saturday (1955) What! Film Noir in Technicolour? Plus Victor Mature Movies?

Violent Saturday (1955) 20th century fox film poster cinemascope de luze colour getty image

I know there must be hundreds of noir thrillers in colour but still it felt weird not having the smokey dark backlit, black and white photography that goes so well with the genre. The thing that hits you right from the start of Violent Saturday is the simply gorgeous colour print. I read that at the time of filming it was one of the cheapest movies made using the CinemaScope wide-angle lens and the De Luxe colour print, it really shows. The photography brings out the beautiful deep bright hues in abundance.  I wasn’t expecting it, as all I had seen before hand was black and white stills from the picture. Continue reading “Violent Saturday (1955) What! Film Noir in Technicolour? Plus Victor Mature Movies?”

Trouble Man (1972) Only Marvin Gaye Can Mess With Mister T + Weirdly Star Trek!

Trouble Man (1972) poster movie robert hooks marvin gaye

Trouble Man actor Robert Hooks is just so damn cool that surely he’s playing our hero Mister T as himself. A man brimming with charisma and super fine suits, a beautiful apartment building filled with 70’s chic and the best stereo system equipment that money can buy. His girl Cleo (Paula Kelly) is sweet and loving and will do anything for her man and T repays her with his deep respect and love. Yeah there might be other ladies but hey, Cleo is his girl.

Miscellaneous honey – “When am I gonna see you again baby?”
Mr T – “I’m gonna have to think about that girl!”

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Games (1967) Where the Normal is Not and the Bizarre Is….

Games (1967) James Caan Katherine Ross movie poster film Simone Signoret

Imagine if Hammer House Of Horror Studio’s somehow managed to have a baby with Andy Warhol. Then throw in some surrealism, abstract art, spooky imagines and some horror. What might emerge on the other side is something resembling the wackiness of this film called Games.

Taglines – Passion wears a mask of terror in this strangest of all games!

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Hennessy (1975) IRA Bomb Plot, Action Star The Queen, Charles Bronson & Mega Force One (1974)

Hennessy (1975) Rod Steiger don sharp ira northern ireland belfast

Here’s a summary of the events leading up to the controversy on the Rod Steiger film Hennessy in 1975 with it’s IRA bomb plot involving British Parliament and The Royal Family.

Taglines – The Most Intensive Manhunt Ever Mounted!

After causing a major upset in the Charles Bronson action packed thriller “Mega Force One” in 1974 when Her Majesty The Queen had bumped his wife Jill Ireland off the project and taken top billing over Bronson. It’s wasn’t a good start for these two stars but differences were put aside for the success of the movie. Continue reading “Hennessy (1975) IRA Bomb Plot, Action Star The Queen, Charles Bronson & Mega Force One (1974)”

Private Hell 36 (1954) Dirty Harry & Super Woman Ida Lupino

Private Hell 36 (1954) movie poster one sheet ida lupino

“A policeman, unlike most men, lives close to evil and violence. He can, like all men make his own private hell. The good pass through it with minor burns, the evil stumble and fall and die in strange places”

Private Hell 36 is the story of two top LA detectives investigating a series of stolen marked $50 dollar bills which keep popping up across the city. Cal Bruner (Steve Cochran) and Jack Farnham (Howard Duff) aren’t just two tough cops, they are also close friends, each has got the others back. Surely nothing can get in the way of this close bond? Continue reading “Private Hell 36 (1954) Dirty Harry & Super Woman Ida Lupino”

Le Doulos (1963) Snitches Stitches Safe-crackers and Sombreros!

Le Doulos (1963) movie poster hat informer noir french new wave

Well maybe not Sombreros but I couldn’t think of a hat that began with S other than a Stetson and Sombreros are way more sillier. Especially if you can imagine they all did wear sombreros, it would really cut through the fog thick tension in this excellent thriller. Le Doulos is a rough old time French translation for “hat” and the hat of choice for these Parisian gangsters is the Fedora. Another translation for this is also “informer” and maybe that snitch also wears a hat! And considering most these gangsters wear a hat, who could be the finger man, the informer?

Le Doulos (1963) Jean-Pierre Melville noir french opening credit title screen shot Continue reading “Le Doulos (1963) Snitches Stitches Safe-crackers and Sombreros!”

Out of the Blue (1980) Dennis Hopper & The Working Of A Post

Out Of The Blue (1980) Dennis Hopper Linda Manz movie poster film

I try to read as little as possible when searching for a new film to watch. I like to see the movie poster, find out the director, give the cast a quick scan, a quick glance at the IMdB score (a healthy 7.2) and maybe a quote of the plot.

“A quirky combination of Elvis and the punk scene”.

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The Slender Thread (1965) Keeping Mrs Robinson Sleepless In Seattle

The Slender Thread (1965) poster movie sidney poitier anne bancroft

Right from the beginning panning camera shot over the Space Needle Tower and just before it flies from one side of the Seattle city to the other, pin pointing the positions of our two stars in this film, you know you’re in for something really special. During this scene both stars are introduced to you with their very own jazz score from the soundtrack composer and jazz legend Quincy Jones.

The Slender Thread (1965) opening credit title screen shot sidney poitier anne bancroft Continue reading “The Slender Thread (1965) Keeping Mrs Robinson Sleepless In Seattle”