Violent Saturday (1955) What! Film Noir in Technicolour? Plus Victor Mature Movies?

Violent Saturday (1955) 20th century fox film poster cinemascope de luze colour getty image

I know there must be hundreds of noir thrillers in colour but still it felt weird not having the smokey dark backlit, black and white photography that goes so well with the genre. The thing that hits you right from the start of Violent Saturday is the simply gorgeous colour print. I read that at the time of filming it was one of the cheapest movies made using the CinemaScope wide-angle lens and the De Luxe colour print, it really shows. The photography brings out the beautiful deep bright hues in abundance.  I wasn’t expecting it, as all I had seen before hand was black and white stills from the picture.

Violent Saturday (1955) opening title scene mining background victor matureViolent Saturday (1955) bank of bradenville robbery stake out bank job

Basic outline of plot goes as this. Three dodgy looking men arrive in the small mining town of Bradenville with their eye on the local bank. Harper (Stephen McNally) is the charismatic leader, Dill (Lee Marvin) is the younger drug snorting addict with psychotic tendencies and Chapman (J Carrol Naish) is the almost lovable experienced older figure. The three hang around town staking out the joint.

Violent Saturday (1955) lee marvin J Carrol Naish Stephen McNally band jobViolent Saturday (1955) lee marvin inhaler train J Carrol Naish

During this time we see small stories appear from different residents of the town, all with differing troubles within their lives. Shelley Martin (Victor Mature) a good honest man but wishes for his son to be proud of him. There’s Boyd Fairchild (Richard Egan) and Emily Fairchild (Margaret Hayes) struggling with their marriage. There’s a beautiful nurse who’s on everyone’s minds called Linda Sherman (Virginia Leith) plus broke librarian Elsie (Sylvia Sidney).

Violent Saturday (1955) mining background victor mature Richard EganViolent Saturday (1955) Margaret Hayes Virginia Leith

Then to really mix things right up you get a peeping tom stalker in the form of the bank manager (Tommy Noonan) and saving the best to last, I was so happy when I worked out who the big framed man with large beard was, it’s was none other than Ernest Borgnine playing an Amish Farmer, I kid you not.

Violent Saturday (1955) Virginia Leith undressing being peeping tom watched by Tommy NoonanViolent Saturday (1955) Virginia Leith undressing beeing peeping tom watchedViolent Saturday (1955) armish ernest borgnine Stephen McNally band job

Director Richard Fleischer who made 10 Rillington Place, Soylent Green and the Bronson smasher Mr Majestyk to name just a few, works his magic perfectly in this film. Slowly edging the drama to it’s big finale and brings the V in the violent to a crashing crescendo. When it hits, it hits hard.

Taglines – The day all Hell broke loose….

Violent Saturday (1955) lee marvin J Carrol Naish Stephen McNally band job 2

I read a few critics at the time noted the extreme violence and undercurrent sexy vibe going on. In today’s standards it’s not that bad but it’s undeniably powerful and still packs quite the punch I felt. If you haven’t seen it before I really rated it. Or if you’ve seen it, what were your thoughts on the movie?

Violent Saturday (1955) victor mature and diana dors frank sinatra records vinyl ella fitzgerald
Victor Mature with Diana Dors

I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen Victor Mature before in a film or at least I hadn’t realised it was him. He was most excellent in Violent Saturday, is there any films of his I should look out for? Please feel free to let me know.

Thanks for popping on by. Keep on having fun finding new films to watch. Catch you soon. Mikey Wolfman.


Private Hell 36 (1954) Dirty Harry & Super Woman Ida Lupino

Private Hell 36 (1954) movie poster one sheet ida lupino

“A policeman, unlike most men, lives close to evil and violence. He can, like all men make his own private hell. The good pass through it with minor burns, the evil stumble and fall and die in strange places”

Private Hell 36 is the story of two top LA detectives investigating a series of stolen marked $50 dollar bills which keep popping up across the city. Cal Bruner (Steve Cochran) and Jack Farnham (Howard Duff) aren’t just two tough cops, they are also close friends, each has got the others back. Surely nothing can get in the way of this close bond? Continue reading “Private Hell 36 (1954) Dirty Harry & Super Woman Ida Lupino”

Le Doulos (1963) Snitches Stitches Safe-crackers and Sombreros!

Le Doulos (1963) movie poster hat informer noir french new wave

Well maybe not Sombreros but I couldn’t think of a hat that began with S other than a Stetson and Sombreros are way more sillier. Especially if you can imagine they all did wear sombreros, it would really cut through the fog thick tension in this excellent thriller. Le Doulos is a rough old time French translation for “hat” and the hat of choice for these Parisian gangsters is the Fedora. Another translation for this is also “informer” and maybe that snitch also wears a hat! And considering most these gangsters wear a hat, who could be the finger man, the informer?

Le Doulos (1963) Jean-Pierre Melville noir french opening credit title screen shot Continue reading “Le Doulos (1963) Snitches Stitches Safe-crackers and Sombreros!”

Detour (1945) Savage Tongued Savage

Detour (1945) film noir drama thriller film poster movie

I’m in seventh heaven coming into the world of noir very late in the game. The fatalist stories might be depressing to some but they are so honest, brutal, compelling and extremely exciting. Quick penned stories that leave out all the filler and go straight to the killer. Hard hitting and original every single time. I watch one, another is recommended. Continue reading “Detour (1945) Savage Tongued Savage”

The Set-Up (1949) Robert “Rocky” Ryan

The Set-Up (1949) robert ryan boxing film noir movie poster

Here’s a super smashing punching sweating panting tension filled film noir boxing drama starring Robert Ryan as the aging human punch bag, Bill “Stoker” Thompson. What a film The Set-Up turned out to be and it popped my 40’s cherry on this here blog. Continue reading “The Set-Up (1949) Robert “Rocky” Ryan”

Hell Is A City (1960) Green Fingered In Manchester

Hell Is A City (1960) movie film poster artwork stanley baker

With an opening credit scene of you sat in the back of a police car driving down the bright lights big city streets looking like the beginning of Police Squad/The Naked Gun. Well apart from you don’t drive down a bowling alley or move your way through the birthing canal into the hands of a midwife! Continue reading “Hell Is A City (1960) Green Fingered In Manchester”

Plunder Road (1957) Ghost Faced Bandits

Plunder Road (1957) - Fiolm Movie poster film noir crime gold robbery

One of the best things about the genre Film Noir is that the majority are fast paced, straight to the point, no frills stories packed into a short run time of nothing much more than 70 odd minutes.  No messing around with pointless story points which distract from the main plot, just wham bam inject me direct into the crime, chase, drama, hit. No dragged out endings, just a quick flash, punch in the face and The End plastered up on the screen and you sit back with a wow, take a deep breath, boom job done. They are the perfect week day evening watch. Continue reading “Plunder Road (1957) Ghost Faced Bandits”

Nightfall (1956) and Aldo Ray Recommends?

Aldo Ray Men In War Nightfall
Sergeant Montana in Men In War

This is the second film I’ve seen with Aldo Ray in the last few months and I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of him before. The first was Men In War (1957) with Robert Ryan.  He played a Sergeant called Montana who was looking after a battle worn, shell shocked officer known only as The Colonel. Aldo Ray’s performance really stood out in film, he came across as a strong willed maverick but also filled with passion and kindness as he cared for his Colonel. Intrigued to see more from Aldo I stumbled upon Nightfall.

Tagline – THE BLACK BAG…with $350,000 in loot! THE BLACK DRESS…with a beautiful pick-up girl inside! THE BLACK NIGHT…made for lovers…and killers!

Continue reading “Nightfall (1956) and Aldo Ray Recommends?”

The Lineup (1958) – Psychos & Innocent Drug Trafficking Noir

The Lineup (1958) - poster cover image dvd cinema vhs

Director Don Siegel is a legend who dropped incredible movies on us from all angles. With so many starring that man Clint Eastwood it’s no wonder they feature high on my teenage watch list.  From Coogan’s Bluff to the iconic Dirty Harry. Then there’s The Beguiled to the delightful Two Mules for Sister Sara and the awesome Charlie Varrick (what no Clint?) to name a few. Continue reading “The Lineup (1958) – Psychos & Innocent Drug Trafficking Noir”