Joe Rogan At The Movies, Rick Baker Werewolf Stories & Edward Norton Film Set Tales

Rick Baker Monster Maker aliens specail effect make up guru master

When I’m lucky enough to be space invader* free at work I love nothing more than plugging into podcasts as I weld and make stuff. Today was one of those blissful days. Joe Rogan always has a diverse selection of guests to interview. I’m happy to listen to most but today when I clicked on the feed not only did Edward Norton’s name pop up but the legend that is Rich Baker The Monster Maker. All in all three and half hours of stories from the world of film. I was in my element.

Edward Norton gives a great insight into Marlon Brando. There’s some chat about Steven Seagal and Above The Law. He chats about his new movie he’s directing and starring in called Motherless Brooklyn. Breaking down of how they got to film a car chase with 1950s cars through the streets of New York City. Talks about the jazz infused soundtrack featuring Wynton Marsalis. Plus lots of anecdotes about directors like Spike Lee, Francis Ford Coppola etc and much much more.

Then you get two hours of the amazing Rick Baker. Joe and Rick chat the Creature from the Black Lagoon ( my review, I do wonder what I was smoking when I first started this blog!). The work of Lon ChaneyRay Harryhausen and other influences on his career. King Kong, Nosferatu, Clash Of The Titans, Michael Jackson’s Thriller and the canteen scene from Star Wars all get a discussed. We find out all about how Rick got started in the business and he is a pure delight to listen to with perfect stories. And of course An American Werewolf in London and it’s metamorphosis went into detail. You know what though I was surprised Rick didn’t remember and mention my input in the effects. I guess he was jealous I was off flirting with Jenny Agutter all the time?

Both these interviews are perfect for the movie fan. I’m sure you will enjoy them as much as I did.

Keep it filmy. All the best… Mikey Wolf

* (space invader) co-workers in my work space. Invading my space!

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