3 Film Challenge To Live In Each Movie

A good friend sent me an idea for a film challenge last week, probably knowing it would either make my head explode or help my working day go that little bit faster. A time waster to busy the mind as I worked away.

  • You get to live in 3 movies for 3 days?
  • Each one has to be different but your last film you would have to stay in forever!
  • What would you choose ?
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Hope You All Have A Most Excellent Christmas & A Fantastic 2021

Christmas is upon us and lets be honest 2020 can do one. Like silly Biff said “make like a tree and get outta here!”…..  “It’s ‘leave’, you idiot!”  Yeah it’s been a FUBAR year that’s for sure. Thankfully we’ve been extremely lucky but my heart and love goes out to all those that have lost loved ones. Also to all the businesses that have struggled and to every person who’s lifes and dreams have been thrown into chaos. I send a warm and furry giant cuddle to all the people and their families right across the world. Raising a glass to one and all with the deepest feelings of hope for 2021 to be a truly better place for all.

I also send a personal thank you to all the wonderful people who have viewed, read and commented on my humble little movie blog. I know my style is all over the place and not the most educated reviews in the universe. However I do try to keep it fun and do something a little different. To see people actually pop on by from all corners of our wonderful world really brings a smile and I love you all so very much.

As I type some Dow’s Trademark finest reserve port is making it’s deep red goodness towards my belly. Also on the go is a dark ale from the Adnam’s brewery called Broadside. 6.3% of lushness. I’m also trying my best not to smash a whole packet of pistachios nuts however my hands and mouth have other plans completely.

My planned Christmas viewing is as erratic as my blog. A few 60s British drama’s, some blockbusters, a collection of odd sounding cult 80s and 90s action films which range from the real bad looking to the fingers crossed, there could be a gem here! We will see! I watched the wonderful John Candy in the superb Uncle Buck last night with the family for starters. And as is with tradition, of course, The Muppet’s Christmas Carol is lined up for tonight’s xmas eve viewing with duck wraps and the works. Do you have a xmas tradition and film lined up?

Just wanted to take the time to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a much better 2021. It’s so nice to chat to fellow film fans from around the world and also see the hidden gems that you find. It’s all about the sharing and a caring.

So I raise a glass to all, hope you enjoy the festivities, eat, drink, be merry and have happy movie watching. But above all I wish you well and for better times to everybody across the world.

Big love

Mikey Wolfman.

The Spy Who Came In From The Cold (1965) John le Carré, Me The Wolf Cub And Blofeld

Two things that myself and the esteemed author John le Carré have in common are, one, we both admire a good Cold War spy and espionage thriller. The other, is the fact that we lived only a 100 metres apart in the same home town of Parkstone, Poole. Yeah we were good chums back in the day. Actually there was three of us that formed a little gang and imaginatively played spy games. Our other friend was the wonderful Charles Gray. He lived not far away. Well the next town over, Bournemouth. Charles always insisted on bringing his fluffy white cat along. Man that furry thing looked right evil. John (we knew him as David at the time) and I played secret agents working for Queen and country. Whereas Charles and his cat always insisted on portraying the devious bad guy. He called himself Blofeld!

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Dark British TV Thrillers Opening Themes That Were Freaky As F…

It’s no wonder Generation X is so messed up. TV broadcasts for our growing years consisted of experimental science fiction thrillers and pitch black dramas. Some directly aimed at the teenager, others not. However there was nothing else on the three channels of choice so we sat there in our youth having our minds freaked out. And of course we loved it. It wasn’t just the dark content to the shows or the music that got under your skin. They also specialised with inventive twisted intro sequences. Here’s a few picks.

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Wolfies Top Ten British TV Show Themes From His Youth

Why do I do it to myself! Ok here goes my favourite, impossible to do, top ten British TV show themes from my youth. Made easier for the fact that I’m not including children’s shows. Might do a separate one for that if I’m stupid enough to try and tackle that task.

I do like a good theme soundtrack and I’m fond of a list but rounding them up into order of which one is best, is nuts to me. Made even harder for the fact that these are beloved to me TV shows. So ten to two are randomly placed but number one is my favorite, for sure. So lets start.

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Star Trek The Motion Picture (1979) Can I Save My Own Life In The Court Of Kirk?

Luckily it’s just a few people that get to read this so I hopefully won’t get the Wrath of Khan treatment from the Trekkie community. But wait before you fire me out of a photon torpedo tube for my sins please, I beg, grant me one day of freedom from execution. Maybe the chance to have one last meal? I’d like to try some Klingon delights. A bregit lung and krada leg perhaps. To wash it down with a pint of that galaxy wide favourite, the intoxicating blue juice of Romulan ale. And if I was to be so bold and ask for my last night to be spent in the arms of maybe three beautiful green Orion slave girls? Well after that I’d be happy to be blasted into the Mutara Nebula or gas cloud of your choice.

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Lock Down Pulp Fiction Charity Book Buys And Fancy Named Ice Cream

My usual daily dash up the local Co-op supermarket for essentials, ie wine and beer, took a different turn yesterday. One that involved some well read pulp fiction. Walking past the pop-up charity book stand on the exit I found myself doing a double take. Sat staring at me in lime green and hot pink typeface spelt the words MICKEY SPILLANE KISS ME, DEADLY. The letters splashed out across the Corgi Books maroon cover. 60s artwork of our hero Mike Hammer jumping, with his side arm ready, from what could be a convertible Ford Galaxie Sunliner. Yep I slammed the breaks on and stopped in my tracks. Man I loved that film. Wolfman Review for Kiss Me, Deadly (1955) here.

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