An American Werewolf in London (1981) Set Stories, Jenny Agutter & Me

An American Werewolf in London (1981) movie poster film wolf horror comedy classic

I believe it was sometime during the winter of 1980 that I received a call from director John Landis. It had been snowing but hadn’t settled, I sat on the sofa contemplating life. To be honest it had got a bit boring since running Bubba Zanetti and his Hellhounds out of town. It was a fierce battle, a fun battle but now the bad guys were quiet for now and I needed a distraction.

Bubba Zanetti
Bubba Zanetti and Toecutter

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The Robots Have Infiltrated The World! – Music Mix Celebrating Robots From Film

The Robots Have Infiltrated The World! - Cybermen Doctor Who humanoids

Here’s a mix that I did last year which fits in quite nice with this here blog, it’s called “The Robots Have Infiltrated The World!” Featuring those wonderful metal creations and whether they are RobotsDeus Ex MachinaAutomatonArtificial Intelligence or Cybermen, Cyborg or Android , they will start out friendly and helpful and then one day rise up, destroy us all and take over our world…… Continue reading “The Robots Have Infiltrated The World! – Music Mix Celebrating Robots From Film”

A Bit Of Harry Dean Stanton Love and an Interview With Marc Maron

Harry Dean

It was sad news to hear the passing away of the great Harry Dean Stanton but man he was like 91 and never stopped his love of smoking. He left a truly amazing selection of wonderful films we all enjoyed and will carry on enjoying forever in the future. Continue reading “A Bit Of Harry Dean Stanton Love and an Interview With Marc Maron”

Clint Eastwood Funk Attack Plus The Wolfman Naked!!

Clint East Funk Attack Mix - Soundtracks movie film wolfman

This 35 minute mix is dedicated to that man with the Smith & Wesson Model 29, 44 Magnum, that legend Clint Eastwood. My good old Dad brought me up with a massive love for all things Clint, starting with The Good The Bad and The Ugly. Then I got to meet that man  “Dirty Harry” Callahan and the rest is history. Continue reading “Clint Eastwood Funk Attack Plus The Wolfman Naked!!”

First Blood (1982) & The Case Of The Moving Panties

First Blood (1982) Rambo Sylvester Stallone image
Green beret Vietnam veteran John Rambo

Well I just passed the Rambo banten on to my son. Having myself watched First Blood as a 13 year old, time had come to pass the burning torch on to my boy, Kofi. Passing the flame of the Rambo origin story to the next generation.

Not going to do a post about First Blood as everyone knows all there is to know but one thing, how could such an anti war film turn into such a macho warmonger machine? Don’t get me wrong I love those too by the way but just saying that end emotional broken man speech scene from Sylvester Stallone really hits the heart strings ….. Anyhoo Continue reading “First Blood (1982) & The Case Of The Moving Panties”

Marathon Movie Night Munchies


Nothing beats chilling down to a good movie marathon than the companion of a gallon of beer and a mountain of Memphis pork ribs and French fries. Add to that a jar of the Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce “The Sauce Is The Boss” to slop all over the plate and you are in business for a tasty times. Yep shit just just got real! HOOOOOwwwwWL


Music to bump your rump and shake your maracas at whilst cooking up your feast goes to Brother Jack McDuff – Hot Barbecue on Prestige Records. Movin and groovin.

Mikey The Wolfman On Instagram


I’ve added an instagram account to this blog on the right sidebar on a PC or at the bottom of the page if you are viewing on a tablet/mobile. A good place to share film related images I come across. Feel free to follow me if you wish.

You can find me with the name wolfmans_cult_film_club or click the instagram widget thingy majiggy on the sidebar and it will take you there.

Right I’m off for some din dins and contemplate what film to watch tonight. Might have to be a face off, heads and tails coin battle between 5 candidates. All of which I wish to see this weekend. Mind blowing decisions!

Hope you have a great weekend… Mikey Wolfman

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

dscf5339At last I found the time to start reading Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s magnificent comic book collection The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Needed that perfect moment to delve into the “superhero” world of victorian Britain, and the festive holiday away from work was what I needed. Slippers squeezed onto my massive paws and snuggled on my favourite leather sofa, wolf den curtains closed, bit of mood lighting and a large bourbon on the rocks. Yep this was the right moment. Oh my how much am I enjoying this book. It’s so beautifully crafted. Continue reading “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”