Joe Rogan At The Movies, Rick Baker Werewolf Stories & Edward Norton Film Set Tales

Rick Baker Monster Maker aliens specail effect make up guru master

When I’m lucky enough to be space invader* free at work I love nothing more than plugging into podcasts as I weld and make stuff. Today was one of those blissful days. Joe Rogan always has a diverse selection of guests to interview. I’m happy to listen to most but today when I clicked on the feed not only did Edward Norton’s name pop up but the legend that is Rich Baker The Monster Maker. All in all three and half hours of stories from the world of film. I was in my element.

Edward Norton gives a great insight into Marlon Brando. There’s some chat about Steven Seagal and Above The Law. He chats about his new movie he’s directing and starring in called Motherless Brooklyn. Breaking down of how they got to film a car chase with 1950s cars through the streets of New York City. Talks about the jazz infused soundtrack featuring Wynton Marsalis. Plus lots of anecdotes about directors like Spike Lee, Francis Ford Coppola etc and much much more.

Then you get two hours of the amazing Rick Baker. Joe and Rick chat the Creature from the Black Lagoon ( my review, I do wonder what I was smoking when I first started this blog!). The work of Lon ChaneyRay Harryhausen and other influences on his career. King Kong, Nosferatu, Clash Of The Titans, Michael Jackson’s Thriller and the canteen scene from Star Wars all get a discussed. We find out all about how Rick got started in the business and he is a pure delight to listen to with perfect stories. And of course An American Werewolf in London and it’s metamorphosis went into detail. You know what though I was surprised Rick didn’t remember and mention my input in the effects. I guess he was jealous I was off flirting with Jenny Agutter all the time?

Both these interviews are perfect for the movie fan. I’m sure you will enjoy them as much as I did.

Keep it filmy. All the best… Mikey Wolf

* (space invader) co-workers in my work space. Invading my space!

Wolfman On BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs

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A Matter of Life and Death (1946) Well I Thought It Was But It Wasn’t Really

A Matter of Life and Death (1946) The Criterion Collection Blu-ray artwork DVD

There I was in my teenage years lying on the back room sofa all alone drifting in and out of consciousness. Not only had I caught glandular fever but the doctor, in his wisdom, had prescripted the wrong antibiotics. The mix up had caused my whole body to breakout in a rash. It looked like scarlet fever and I was beside myself! In between the crazy itching and bouts of fever sweats I’d become drowsy from all the medication.  I was hallucinating. There I was making my way up the Stairway to Heaven! Continue reading

What To Expect This Year. A little Delve Into The Notebook

Wolfman sleeping on a Hastings Beach shelter art deco

After falling asleep on a bench, I stagger home. Science fiction mission completed. Shaking the space dust from my fur as I pack my trusty spacesuit away. Clamber into my hammock with a giant glass of Long Island Iced Tea. Yep, it’s got an umbrella and a slice of lemon. Dressing gown and slippers, check! Time to chill. I grab the notepad off the sideboard. OK let’s look at this years “to watch list!”  It’s monstrous. Haha Continue reading

What’s Your Best Robots From Film and Television? The Family Of Wolf Answers

Robots might not quite be here yet but it’s getting close. All through our lives the medium of film and television has tempted us with visions of the future. Whether these mechanical friends help us in our everyday lives or plot to destroy us in some devious fashion. Some are heroes, others turn evil. Keeping us company or terrorising us as we cower behind the sofa. Robots are beloved and always part of popular culture.

I decided to ask my family which are their most favourite robot. Which robot comes to mind when asked that question. We are putting android, cyborg and robot in the same category. I put this question to Mrs Louise Wolf and our two wolf cubs (young adults) Nyah and Kofi. We all decided that it was impossible to put them in a ranked list so the following are just ones we love equally for different reasons in no particular order. Feel free to join in if you wish.

Mikey Wolf’s Favorite Robots. Continue reading

Wolfman’s Mellow Science Fiction Space Travel Mix – Music For The Stars

wolfman science fiction movie blog-2

Well flying through the galaxies needs a soundtrack. As I blast off ready to explore the universe you are welcome to join me as we watch distant comets transcend through the Milky Way. Drift through interstellar clouds of nebula’s and wonder at the growing supernova of Betelgeuse. Imagining watching C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate through Roy Batty’s eyes. Shooting through meteorite storms as we discuss extraterrestrial life, the human evolution path, existentialism and the possible outcomes of artificial intelligence and pondering thoughtfully on time travel.

We dream together through the stars.

Wolfman’s Mellow Science Fiction Space Travel Mix

Alan Hawkshaw – Saturn Rings (Frontiers In Space)
Moggi – Apocalisse Atomica (Omaggio Ad Einstein)
John Hyde – Chocky TV Series Theme
The Astral Dimension – Galassia M81 (Galassia M81)
Space Craft’s Men – Immersion (Adventures)
James Asher – Telecom (Commerce)
Roger Roger – Dreamland (Melodies with a Beat)
John Cameron – 1990 TV Series Theme
Space Craft’s Men – Crossing (Adventures)
Alan Hawkshaw – Wave Forms (Terrestrial Journey)
Serge Bulot – Euryale (Les Légendes De Brocéliande)
Gianni Sposito – Asteroidi (Cosmo Graffiti)
Alan Hawkshaw – Space Panorama (Terrestrial Journey)
Star Inc – Pebbles In The Pond (Inner Spirits)
Robert Ashley – Flying Saucer Dialogue (Music From Mills)

It’s a wonderful 45 minutes of chilled, laid-back science fiction sounding electronic music. Hope you enjoy if it’s your thing. Happy vibes Mikey Wolf

PS if you fancy more sounds, here’s a few past mixes.

Wolfman’s Science Fiction Soundtrack Music Compilation

We Travel The Spaceways

Pull My Cracker! Hope You Have A Most Excellent Christmas & A Fantastic 2019

Pull my cracker Wolfman festive christmas photo

Christmas is upon us. I’ve always preferred the eve to the day, just feels more mellow and chilled. A couple of drinks on the go and the hand keeps reaching for the snack bowls. Perfect time for a movie or two before the big day comes. A christmas eve roast is cooking, the Bushmills Irish Whiskey is a flowing. A Miracle on 34th Street (1947) is cued up ready for watching later. Christmas is here. Continue reading

Wolfman And His Trusty Sidekick Mighty Moses

Moses Crazy Glasses

After a long good life, my movie watching buddy and sidekick Mighty Moses has risen up to Valhalla. With years of helping me fight the tyranny of this world and the onslaught of evil monsters, his final day did come. Ever ready for battle, this brave boy once took on a whole alien invasion fleet after I lay paralysed from a pesky laser blast. Taking out the boss alien as the rest of the ET SOB’s couldn’t get off Earth fast enough.

Mighty Moses Alien Attack

Mighty Moses attacking the bug eyed alien boss.

Continue reading

If You Saw The Light Beam? It Was Me! Watchmen (2009) & 2001 A Space Odyssey (1968)


An un-wolfed Me, Nyah and Kofi

What a weekend of film with my two children, the proud Dad smile could of easily been seen from Jupiter. First up, Friday, Kofi said he wanted to see Watchmen and the smile started to form in the corners of my mouth. Forget the popcorn, I grab a pile of pork chops to see us through. Father and son time with dark twisted supers and a mountain of meat. Continue reading

The Hidden (1987) “Video Store Action Heroes” 4 x Action Packed VHS Movie Memories

The Hidden (1987) Michael Nouri Kyle Maclachlan cult film vhs cassette cover case

Much like Peter Parker gets his Spidey sense, I experience a similar sensation, whenever danger arises in the area my hair stands on end. Much like I’ve touched one of those electric static balls. It might be a great addition to my crime fighting skills against the evildoers of the world but to be honest I look absolutely ridiculous! How can I tussle with the bad guys when I look like one of the hair bear bunch, rather than a terrifying wolf? Well I burst out into fur ball mode again but I was ready. I knew something bad was going down as I pulled out my most prized weapon from my utility belt, a water spray bottle to calm those hairs. I can’t fight proper looking way too cute.

The Hidden (1987) Hair bear bunch wolfies spidey sense Continue reading