Hannibal Brooks (1969) Ollie The Elephant Goes On World War 2 Road Trip

Hannibal Brooks (1969) oliver reed michael winner lucy the elephant michael j pollard

I love the way Oliver Reed can go from the pure brute force anger filled badboy roles to lighthearted comedic sweet roles, Hannibal Brooks is by far the latter. Ollie plays reluctant soldier, Stephen ‘Hannibal’ Brooks, a captured prisoner of war,  imprisoned at the Stalag VII-A camp near Munich. Brooks gets the chance to help out at the local zoo, feeding and shuffling poo, giant poo at that. The bringer of said big poo is Lucy the Elephant (Aida). Brooks is shocked by the sight of Lucy but it’s not long before the two become great friends. Lucy quickly warms to Brook’s sweet, calming nature and obeys every word he says. It’s not long before these two friends will be spending a lot of quality time together.

Hannibal Brooks (1969) oliver reed the elephant world war 2

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Cul-De-Sac (1966) Eggs, Mead and Pleasence in a Dress

Cul-De-Sac (1966)

Can you judge a film by it’s cover? Yeah course you can in this case! Flicking through a few movie titles on a search for something different I stumbled across the intriguing title of Cul-De-Sac. What grabbed me in was the minimalist artwork from the cover of The Criterion Collection release and then the hook, line and sinker, Donald Pleasence. Oh I do love a good Donald performance and this film highlights his quirky style to the fullest. Continue reading “Cul-De-Sac (1966) Eggs, Mead and Pleasence in a Dress”

Truck Turner (1974) – Pursuit Of The Pimpmobile


Big black baldy bail bondsman bounty hunter Truck Turner busts heads in this gloriously fun 70’s smasher starring that Hot Buttered Soul Love Machine himself Isaac Hayes. Not only does he get to trash a whole array of pimps and dealers, he gets to take on the soundtrack duties, adding the funk grooves to the proceedings. Nothing sounds better than watching crazy clothed pimps and hoes and wrecking ball car chases accompanied to the sound of wah wah guitar, dirty basslines, horn stabs and funky as hell drum breaks. Continue reading “Truck Turner (1974) – Pursuit Of The Pimpmobile”

The Exterminating Angel (1962) – Sacrificial Lamb Satire

The Exterminating Angel (1962) art poster image film movie

When it comes to movie titles, The Exterminating Angel is pretty spectacular. Being that I only read a small synopsis for the plot I had imagined it would be in the vein of Agatha Christie’sAnd Then There None” and that the exterminating angel was a description of some femme fatale who was unleashing her wrath on the unexpecting party guests. Haha how wrong could I have been! Continue reading “The Exterminating Angel (1962) – Sacrificial Lamb Satire”

A Boy and His Dog (1975) – Apocalyptic Radar Dogs

A Boy and His Dog (1975) poster

The award for most nut-job movie on my watch list this year so far has to go to the ridiculously controversial but equally brilliant A Boy and His Dog. To be honest I had imagined Brewster McCloud was going to hold on to that title for sometime but no this apocalyptic tale really took the biscuit. Continue reading “A Boy and His Dog (1975) – Apocalyptic Radar Dogs”

Sunday Too Far Away (1975) – Sheep Shavers


Maybe it’s because my surname is Shears and I channel the DNA of my ancestors of sheep shearers but I really enjoyed this tale of Australian sheepherders and gun shearers set in the 50’s. Then again it might just of been all the booze being drunk that channelled by inner lust for sweet liqueur? Either way the Aussies always make incredible dramas and even though it’s about shaving sheep and hanging around with almighty hangovers, Sunday Too Far Away is nothing short of compelling.

Tagline – Friday night… too tired. Saturday night… too drunk. Sunday… too far away.

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Brewster McCloud (1970) Sexy Guardian Angel Looks After Bird Boy

The vinyl record soundtrack OST

As oddball movies go this, Brewster McCloud, is hard to beat. Director Robert Altman’s bonkers avian comedy fantasy farce is a surreal series of events centered around our hero, the boy who must fly, Brewster McCloud. Continue reading “Brewster McCloud (1970) Sexy Guardian Angel Looks After Bird Boy”

Extreme Prejudice (1987)


First thing first, I thought they were on to me on the opening intro scene when the typing of the top secret mission started. Under the code word Zombie Unit the words started to unfold and there before my eyes “werewolf” was I under surveillance? Had they taken an Extreme Prejudice action out on me? I sat there throughout the performance ready to pounce into action but then it dawned on me the film is from 1987 and I shook my head and laughed “oh you silly wolfman!” Continue reading “Extreme Prejudice (1987)”

Last Summer (1969) A Perfect Threesome Becomes a Foursome

last-summer-1969-poster-2Frank and Eleanor Perry smash it out the park, again. That’s now three out of three I’ve watched recently and each have blown me away. The Swimmer, David and Lisa and now Last Summer. Still can’t believe I’d never heard of this amazing partnership. Frank on directing duties and his wife Eleanor doing the screenplay. What a pairing. Continue reading “Last Summer (1969) A Perfect Threesome Becomes a Foursome”

The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980) An Epic Comedy Of Absurd Proportions


Sometimes you come across a film you should’ve heard of. For me it was The Gods Must Be Crazy from 1980. I’ll tell you straight out the gate it’s one hell of a goofball comedy with heaps of sweetness to boot. Can’t see how on Earth I missed it as it seems everyone I talk to has heard of it! What with 45 thousand ratings on IMDB bringing its score up to 7.3/10 this movie is much loved and has a devoted cult following. Quick read after watching it, I was surprised to see that it made a colossal amount of money with a worldwide take of around 100 million dollars! Making it one of the most commercially successful films to come out of South Africa.

Tagline – The critics are raving… the natives are restless… and the laughter is non-stop!

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