A Dandy in Aspic (1968) Clint Eastwood Impersonator Becomes James Bond

A Dandy in Aspic (1968) poster movie one sheet

Think it was mainly the hair, with maybe a dash of the eyes that did it but his stance and face shaped were somewhat uncannily Clint Eastwood at times too. Never noticed it before, well it never crossed my mind when he starred along Frank Sinatra in The Manchurian Candidate but here in A Dandy in Aspic I just kept seeing Clint in Laurence Harvey’s performance. Probably just me though?

A Dandy in Aspic (1968) Laurence Harvey as Eberlin double agent spy looks like clint eastwood

Laurence Harvey plays a British counter-espionage agent called Eberlin. A spy with a James Bond esque demeanor. He’s cool, calculating and a real charmer with the ladies. However, where he differs from Bond, is our Eberlin is desperate, could he be concealing a secret?

Tagline – A Double Agent in Double Danger!

A Dandy in Aspic (1968) harry Andrews spies handlers agents britishA Dandy in Aspic (1968) Laurence Harvey as Eberlin double agent spy

Eberlin is assigned a mission to assassinate a KGB agent called Krasnevin who has managed to kill British spies. Looking over Eberlin’s shoulder is the eccentric and ruthless agent Gatiss (Tom Courtenay) who’s kind of like a spy hunter general. One step behind Eberlin, scrutinising his every move, waiting, eager for a mistake to be made. Eberlin will need all his espionage training and wits to stay ahead of this game of cat and mouse. But first things first, he needs to please a few ladies along the way.

A Dandy in Aspic (1968) Laurence Harvey as Eberlin Tom Courtenay Calvin Lockhart

First the love struck “Miss Moneypenny” and then the mysterious photographer Caroline (Mia Farrow) who happens to appear everywhere Eberlin seems to be. She’s friendly and fancy free, sexy but innocent, could there be more to her than meets the eye?

A Dandy in Aspic (1968) Laurence Harvey Mia Farrow as Caroline cold war spyA Dandy in Aspic (1968) Laurence Harvey Mia Farrow as Caroline berlin

The journey takes us from the back streets and high rise flats of London to maneuvers through East and West Berlin. Interesting characters are situated throughout the story from the likes of Charlie’s Angels Lionel Stander who plays Sobakevich, Peter Cook gives a lightheart performance as agent Prentiss and other classic faces from the likes of Norman Bird, Harry Andrews and Calvin Lockhart pop up along the way.

A Dandy in Aspic (1968) Peter Cook Tom Courtenay british agents

To be honest this film ticks every box for me as I’m a sucker for Cold War spy dramas and tales of counter-espionage and double agents.  Panic ridden spies trying to get out of mess which is being created behind them, curious and secretive characters going about their cloak and dagger business. Danger lurking around every single dark corner, the fear of the chase being caught in the eyes of the agents. British and Soviet intelligence officers going about their everyday business of brinkmanship. This film has it all BUT unfortunately A Dandy in Aspic doesn’t quite pull it off, it’s just becomes a bit of a mess.

A Dandy in Aspic (1968) Laurence Harvey hiding in the shadows

The film is directed by legendary Anthony Mann from an adaption of a novel by Derek Marlowe but very sadly Mann suffered a heart attack before the film was finished and directing was passed on to star Laurence Harvey. I wouldn’t know what was finished by whom but the last half hour or so to me is where it all falls apart. Up to then I was really enjoying the film, to me the Berlin scenes hit a bit of a stumbling block. Saying that, it’s still a good film, it has a dark brooding feel which is lighten somewhat by the sixties themes and colours and a few slightly comic performances. It’s very much worth tracking down if you have a love for Cold War dramas, however this could of been so much more. What are you thoughts if you have seen it? Do you have any info to add? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one.

A Dandy in Aspic (1968) puppet opening credit titles scene quincy jones soundtrack

Oh just to add, the opening title sequence featuring a very creative trippy dance between a puppet on a string and the master hand very much in control to the frenzied soundtrack by Quincy Jones is genius.

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I’ve been in World Cup mode. Hope to be back to normal now with more movies I’ve enjoyed coming soon.  Many thanks for reading… Mikey Wolf.


Hannibal Brooks (1969) Ollie The Elephant Goes On World War 2 Road Trip

Hannibal Brooks (1969) oliver reed michael winner lucy the elephant michael j pollard

I love the way Oliver Reed can go from the pure brute force anger filled badboy roles to lighthearted comedic sweet roles, Hannibal Brooks is by far the latter. Ollie plays reluctant soldier, Stephen ‘Hannibal’ Brooks, a captured prisoner of war,  imprisoned at the Stalag VII-A camp near Munich. Brooks gets the chance to help out at the local zoo, feeding and shuffling poo, giant poo at that. The bringer of said big poo is Lucy the Elephant (Aida). Brooks is shocked by the sight of Lucy but it’s not long before the two become great friends. Lucy quickly warms to Brook’s sweet, calming nature and obeys every word he says. It’s not long before these two friends will be spending a lot of quality time together.

Hannibal Brooks (1969) oliver reed the elephant world war 2

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Strongroom (1962) Low Budget, High Drama British Bank Heist Shenanigans

Strongroom (1962) Vernon Sewell Colin Gordon Derren Nesbitt British Bank Heist

Huddled up inside their little van, three faces observe the bank from across the road. Eager and nervous to get on with the job in hand, they impatiently count out the leaving bank staff before they prepare to go in. Time is running out, two still to leave, come on let’s get this done. The gun is shown, the stockings are pulled down over their faces, ready, the heist begins. Continue reading “Strongroom (1962) Low Budget, High Drama British Bank Heist Shenanigans”

Tunes of Glory (1960) Kilts, Whisky And A John Mills And Alec Guinness Dance Off

Tunes of Glory (1960) Alec Guinness John Mills Whisky Kilts and Bagpipes

Who’d of thought a film about bag piping and dancing could be so completely captivating. Featuring Alec Guinness as the most Scottish man to ever grace the Inner Hebrides, or Outer Hebrides or anywhere in the whole of bonnie Scotland for that fact. With his fiery orange hair and matching mustache, commanding officer Major Jock Sinclair slams back whisky in eager, boisterous fashion. He might ask for a wee nip here and wee dram there but Jock loves his whisky like he loves the sound of the Highland bagpipes. Like air and water, these are the essential life force for our Jock, well you can also add dancing to that list. Continue reading “Tunes of Glory (1960) Kilts, Whisky And A John Mills And Alec Guinness Dance Off”

The Angry Silence (1960) Walkouts, Trade Unions, Strikes, Scabs & Little Dicky Attenborough

The Angry Silence (1960) Richard Attenborough Pier Angeli poster movie drama

The Angry Silence, a film about Trade Union strikes, pickets and walkouts might sound ridiculously depressing and rather boring to say the least but you would be wrong, well the boring part would be. Yep it has a depressing side to it but like the tagline says, this is Rough, Tough and Deeply Moving and I’ll say that’s the perfect description for this movie.  This is high quality British kitchen sink realism, with strong performances across the board. All pushing the gritty nature of this drama through their emotional character  developments.  With Richard Attenborough and Pier Angeli shining through the gritty, tough and daunting times to come. Continue reading “The Angry Silence (1960) Walkouts, Trade Unions, Strikes, Scabs & Little Dicky Attenborough”

Branded to Kill (1967) Chipmunk, Butterflies, Steamy Japanese Sex & Boiled Rice!

Branded to Kill (1967) hitman gangster yakuza hot babes

Oh come on now, you really shouldn’t have made such incredible films Mr Seijun Suzuki. My constant buzzing and face of awe makes it hard to concentrate on normal life stuff. My mind wanders off, all day thinking about the pure wonder and excitement that greeted me on the screen. Tokyo Drifter had always been one of my favorite films, it’s just so damn bloody cool but then I got recommended Branded To Kill, well it couldn’t be as good as Tokyo Drifter, that would be impossible, wouldn’t it, surely? Continue reading “Branded to Kill (1967) Chipmunk, Butterflies, Steamy Japanese Sex & Boiled Rice!”

Lady In A Cage (1964) Like An Animal Orgy House Invasion!

Lady In A Cage (1964) movie poster film Olivia James Caan thriller

Opening with one of the best opening credit sequences I’ve seen for sometime, inspired Saul Bass on speed. Fast paced bold graphics flashing up harsh lines to the sound of suspenseful pounding free jazz beats. Then the credits change to strange images, with a sinister notion, with snap shots of photography close ups to unease you into this manic rollercoaster ride of a film. This is the sixties alright, the cinematography filming style and music let us know that straight from the get go. Continue reading “Lady In A Cage (1964) Like An Animal Orgy House Invasion!”

The Incident (1967) NY Subway Terror Hits Like A Switchblade Knife

The Incident (1967) new york subway train drama thriller poster movie

My gosh! This one hits harder than a sucker punch from super steroid filled boxer, Ivan Drago. I wasn’t expecting it! Damn man that was an intense ride! What a film! Absolutely terrifying!

Tagline – As Shocking As Anything Let Loose On The Screen!

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Never Let Go (1960) Deranged Peter Sellers Vs Dam Busting Lip Stick Pedder

Never Let Go (1960) peter sellers british film noir drama gangster movie poster

Yep that’s right, Peter Sellers as a deranged car salesman. I have to say I never knew he played such a villainous character as he does in Never Let Go. He plays Lionel Meadows, a sinister, pencil thin mustachioed, wildly smiling and vicious, dodgy car showroom wheeler and dealer. An aggressive, tough gangster who runs his business like a machine, ticking all the boxes to ensure everything goes smoothly and he stays, king of his empire.

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Jigsaw (1962) Brighton Based Murder Mystery Puzzler

Jigsaw (1962) Val Guest Jack Warner murder mystery poster british movie film

The city of Brighton and Hove on the south coast of England brings us this thrilling, twisting and turning tale of terror to our screens. A murder mystery which we get to watch from start to finish, daring us to workout who the devious culprit could possibly be. It maybe a slow burn story, leaving no stone unturned as we follow our two main detectives as they try to solve this brutal murder case. But following the clues like a jigsaw puzzle, watching these two experienced investigators slot each piece into place is brilliant to watch. Unfortunately the pieces of this particular jigsaw puzzle might not just fit together! Continue reading “Jigsaw (1962) Brighton Based Murder Mystery Puzzler”