Eliminators (1986) Fruity Cavemen, Nunchucks And A Mandroid

This time on Wolfman’s look back at the video rental era movies I get to review the super fun B-Movie Eliminators (1986). Does it contain cheese by the bucket load? Just check the tagline below. Yep that’s right, forget the cheese, lets have a bonkers fun time, guaranteed.

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Dark Angel (1990) Dolph Lundgren & Death By Compact Disc

Dark Angel (1990) Dolph Lundgren sci-fi action movie poster aliens cop

Dark Angel stars the most American looking I think I’ve ever seen Dolph Lundgren?  (Well Canadian I should add). With his perfectly coiffed dyed dark brown hair he somewhat, to me, looked like Nathan Fillion from Firefly. He wore a similar brown jacket too. Dolph didn’t seem to have much of his Swedish or, in the case of his famous Drago, a Russian accent either.

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Mr Majestyk (1974) Video Store Action Heroes 4 x Action Packed Bronson VHS Movie Memories

Mr Majestyk (1974) movie poster charles bronson gun melons action heroes

Here’s the second Video Store Action Heroes collaboration between four likeminded movie dudes from the golden era of the video rental scene. Starring Todd from Cinema Monolith, Mike from Mike’s Take on the Movies, Greg at Destroy All Fanboys, and myself Mikey here at Wolfmans Cult Film Club.


This time it was to pick a Charles Bronson movie not featuring the usual by his side, Mrs Bronson AKA Jill Ireland. A hard task when you think Charlie and Jill made 15 films together but luckily our CB was a film making machine. Continue reading

Enemy Territory (1987) – “Ghost” Busting

Enemy Territory (1987) Poster DVD VHS

Enemy Territory is another movie in a long tradition of tower blocks and council flats being turned into all out war zones, think of The Raid, Attack The BlockDredd. But add some elements of Walter Hill’s The Warriors, a dash of The Lost Boys and dollop of any black and white buddy movie from the 80’s, I’m gonna go for Running Scared.  Then you get a taste of what to expect in this really surprisingly brilliant low budget little gem. Continue reading

White Line Fever (1975) – Mother Truckers

White Line Fever (1975) poster

An amazing poster but I’m not so bought on the likeness of Jan-Michael!

Way before Stringfellow Hawke was blowing the shit out of stuff as a renegade pilot in his battle helicopter Airwolf and not long after trying his hand at being a mechanic called Steve Mckenna working for a certain Mr Charles Bronson. Jan-Michael Vincent alterego went under the guise of Carrol Jo Hummer, a no nonsense son of a trucker, a long haul driver with a rig called Blue Mule. Continue reading

Death Hunt (1981) Bronson, Marvin and Apollo Creed Freeze Their Nuts Off!

Charles Bronson is going to feature pretty heavily throughout the blog over time with his splendid services to the action movie genre.  With so many favourites I could pick I’ve decided to go with his 1981 film Death Hunt.

Dig out your old trappers beaver fur hat and bear skin coat, get that log fire burning as this is a cold bleak one set in the Canadian Yukon arctic region. Supposedly based on a true story, Bronson plays Albert Johnson and from what I’ve read of the real life events this film may take many liberties but makes for a better story I think.

Bronson gets his famous quiet and solitary routine going which you only know too well hides a bubbling rage under that heap of wool and fur when he is pushed too far. That too far centers around his saving of a dog at the beginning  from a bunch of no gooders and we all know it’s gonna go downhill from there. What comes is a pursuit story across the frozen wilderness, chased by packs of dogs and trackers plus a few members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police headed by Sergeant Edgar Millen. Continue reading

North Sea Hijack AKA ffolkes (1979)


This is one hilarious fun filled film mainly because of the amazing Roger Moore’s over the top performance as the eccentric anti-terrorism expert with the wonderful name, Rufus Excalibur ffolkes. They chuck everything at him from wearing silly hats, to drinking whiskey at every opportunity, barking intrusive chauvinist remarks and then having a deep softness to his beloved cats. His character is amazing fun and I bet he had a blast playing against his usual cheeky Bond, The Saint typecast. The film isn’t that action packed but you do get to enjoy every second Roger Moore is on the screen. I read somewhere that it might of been geared up to becoming a series but unfortunately it never happened. Continue reading