Dark British TV Thrillers Opening Themes That Were Freaky As F…

It’s no wonder Generation X is so messed up. TV broadcasts for our growing years consisted of experimental science fiction thrillers and pitch black dramas. Some directly aimed at the teenager, others not. However there was nothing else on the three channels of choice so we sat there in our youth having our minds freaked out. And of course we loved it. It wasn’t just the dark content to the shows or the music that got under your skin. They also specialised with inventive twisted intro sequences. Here’s a few picks.

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Seven Days to Noon (1950) How Far Would You Go To Save Mankind?

Seven Days to Noon (1950) Boulting brothers thriller movie poster

Standing nervously in the dark of a small cheap bed and breakfast. A haven for now. He knew he wouldn’t have the appetite for the breakfast and he certainly wouldn’t sleep a wink. He paced the room. The streetlights casting shadows across the room. Dreadful images constantly twisted in his mind. Thoughts of what he planned to do consumed his soul. He wasn’t a bad man but he knew his name would go down in the history books as an evil harbinger of death! Continue reading

The Third Secret (1964) Murder Therapy Schizophrenia Madness And Paranoia! Happy Times!

The Third Secret (1964) stephen boyd jack hawkins pamela franklin

Well I went into this in my usual innocent way completely oblivious to the plot. There I was thinking that maybe the title The Third Secret was somehow contected to Nazi’s and the Third Reich, kind of like a spy hunt for war criminals. Yep it had absolutely nothing to do with that I quickly find out. What does transpire though is a neat little bizarre thriller with psychological mystery buried deep inside. Continue reading

Cash on Demand (1961) Grand Moff Tarkin The Bank Manager Years

Cash on Demand (1961) Peter Cushing bank job movie film british film

In a galaxy far far away, Grand Moff Tarkin had policed the skies as commander of a globe shaped spaceship called the Death Star. He was happy with life, he got to travel on the job and people respected him. That was all to change when a moody young princess came aboard. Suddenly he’s accused of stinking up the place with a foul stench and keeping his best buddy on a leash, “what like a gimp! How dare she”. It was all too much for him, completely losing his cool he started blowing up planets. Oh gosh that just made things worse, now the princess was screaming and shouting in his face. Grand Moff Tarkin shuts his eyes and tries to escape to his happy place! Hopefully the annoying shouty lady will shut up when he returns. So off he drifted thinking back on fond memories of time he had spent on Earth as a bank manager.

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Strongroom (1962) Low Budget, High Drama British Bank Heist Shenanigans

Strongroom (1962) Vernon Sewell Colin Gordon Derren Nesbitt British Bank Heist

Huddled up inside their little van, three faces observe the bank from across the road. Eager and nervous to get on with the job in hand, they impatiently count out the leaving bank staff before they prepare to go in. Time is running out, two still to leave, come on let’s get this done. The gun is shown, the stockings are pulled down over their faces, ready, the heist begins. Continue reading

The Night My Number Came Up (1955) Dreams, Omens & Final Destination

Digital StillCamera

Opening with that distinct, recognisable voice of Paddington BearCommander Lindsay (Michael Hordern) worriedly confronts an air traffic control officer with news that a Dakota airplane has crashed landed at a certain point over Japan.  The control room officer is convinced that no distress warnings have come in or the fact that the Dakota isn’t even on that flight path. “How do you know this?” he asks, “I can’t say but if I did you wouldn’t believe me but please believe me I know something has happened!” replies the Commander. Continue reading

The Angry Silence (1960) Walkouts, Trade Unions, Strikes, Scabs & Little Dicky Attenborough

The Angry Silence (1960) Richard Attenborough Pier Angeli poster movie drama

The Angry Silence, a film about Trade Union strikes, pickets and walkouts might sound ridiculously depressing and rather boring to say the least but you would be wrong, well the boring part would be. Yep it has a depressing side to it but like the tagline says, this is Rough, Tough and Deeply Moving and I’ll say that’s the perfect description for this movie.  This is high quality British kitchen sink realism, with strong performances across the board. All pushing the gritty nature of this drama through their emotional character  developments.  With Richard Attenborough and Pier Angeli shining through the gritty, tough and daunting times to come. Continue reading

Jigsaw (1962) Brighton Based Murder Mystery Puzzler

Jigsaw (1962) Val Guest Jack Warner murder mystery poster british movie film

The city of Brighton and Hove on the south coast of England brings us this thrilling, twisting and turning tale of terror to our screens. A murder mystery which we get to watch from start to finish, daring us to workout who the devious culprit could possibly be. It maybe a slow burn story, leaving no stone unturned as we follow our two main detectives as they try to solve this brutal murder case. But following the clues like a jigsaw puzzle, watching these two experienced investigators slot each piece into place is brilliant to watch. Unfortunately the pieces of this particular jigsaw puzzle might not just fit together! Continue reading