The World, the Flesh and the Devil (1959) Harry Belafonte Goes Apocalyptic

Poster For '‘The World the Flesh and the Devil'

Harry Belafonte is back again in the same year as Odds Against Tomorrow (1959) this time instead of a gun, he carries a Geiger Counter! Harry stars as coal miner Ralph Burton in this brillianty theatrical named film, The World, the Flesh and the Devil.

Tagline – It Will Grip Your Imagination As No Film Has Ever Done Before!

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Odds Against Tomorrow (1959) Messed Up Men Plan A Bank Job With Jazz

Odds Against Tomorrow (1959) Robert Ryan Harry Belafonte robert wise noir drama

My, “what way will Robert Ryan go today?“, will he be a goody or baddy? That mystery went straight out the window in the first few minutes. As soon as he appears, in a washed out, oversaturated black and white shot, emerging on the city street, you get a sense of this man. He’s playing Earle Slater, a washed up southern war veteran who’s turned to crime. He’s savagely prejudice and filled with toxic racism, he’s angry and desperate to make some serious dough. He’s up for any manner of big payout as long as it plays out to his ideals. Ex cop David Burke (Ed Begley) has one of those perfect plan’s, money for the taking, easy money, Earle Slater takes notice. Continue reading