Wolfman’s Hot Ladies Of Sci-Fi – Princess Aura

Princess Aura Ornella Muti always so sexy

Here’s a little appreciation to those sexy, kickass ladies from science fiction movies that made this here wolfman howl at the moon through his teenage years. It was meant to be a series but I got side tracked and only ever posted one lady, the delectable Princess Ardala from Buck Rogers. Well it tells you something that she holds the top spot for views on my site. Totally understandable I know. So as I’m doing a science fiction month special it seems only right to give Princess Ardala a run for her money. Continue reading

Coffy (1973) – Pam Grier Jiggles Whilst Roy Ayers Plays


Massive fan of Pam Grier for obvious reasons, she is a tough iconic action star with a strong screen presence and of course that fist biting incredible body that brings an old wolfman like me out in a hot sweat. Had to sit with an ice pack down my trunks to make it through the viewing!

Tagline – She had a body men would die for – and a lot of them did!

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