The Snake Pit (1948) Olivia de Schizo Journeys The Levels Of Madness!

The Snake Pit (1948) movie poster film artwork olivia de havillandMaybe it’s an insight into my own fractured mind but I do enjoy a good insane asylum film. Traveling into the depths of madness. They do have to be done well and feature deep thoughts on the subject. Films like David and Lisa and Shock Corridor have score high on my wolfy meter. Continue reading

Fourteen Hours (1951) Suicidal Drama From The Edge Of A Ledge

Fourteen Hours (1951) poster paul douglas richard basehart henry hathaway

I always seem to be drawn to films that focus on mental health issues, especially older films that tackle more challenging subjects that were probably taboo at the time. Sometimes they can be of a exploitation nature but most of the films I’ve enjoyed have addressed the difficult matter at hand with great thought and sensitivity. Fourteen Hours is another fine example of mixing deep thoughtful drama with real life, complex problems that many people could face at sometime in their own life. The wonderful thing that impresses me, well most of the time, is the ability to deal with the subject matter in a way to let the viewer understand, feel sympathy for, and maybe even learn from. Fourteen Hours is about suicide. But before you turn away, this is an exceptional drama which is thought-provoking and features really outstanding performances from it’s two leads. Continue reading

David and Lisa (1962) From Insane Asylum With Love


Being totally bewitched by a beautiful young lady has put me on the path to many excellent films. She was like a siren calling me with her bewildering eyes to search her out, pointing me in the right direction to have my mind entertained by wonderful stories. That girl was Janet Margolin and I had first seen her tragic performance in the Marlon Brando flick Morituri. Searching for her other works I found this quirky love story David and Lisa by husband and wife team Frank and Eleanor Perry who lead me on to The Swimmer and a few other very interesting gems I can’t wait to watch. Continue reading