The Window (1949) And The Tragic Case Of Bobby Driscoll

Firstly, anyone heard “crying wolf” anywhere around me will be getting a jolly good telling off, that’s for sure. Using my esteemed name in vain, well whatever next? Further more, wolf’s don’t cry! And don’t listen to those wicked rumours about that wolf shaped ball of fluff, whimpering and sobbing at the back of the Odeon cinema in 1999 during the opening scene of Disney’s Tarzan. It simply wasn’t true, it was not! Sniffles. Oh no, I’ve just thought back to it. “Oh dang it! pass the tissues, please!“. Ok the legend of the crying wolf is true so I’ll let you use the quotation for the Aesop’s Fable to start the film.

Opening intro –The boy cried ‘wolf’. ‘Wolf’ several times and each time the people came to help him they found that there wasn’t any ‘wolf.”

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Our Mother’s House (1967) For if we tell, We’ll go to hell

Our Mother's House (1967) film movie poster dirk bogardeOn my quest to watch more of the magnificent Dirk Bogarde, a man who excelled in finding diverse and challenging roles, I happen upon Our Mother’s House from 1967. And however brilliant Dirk’s performance is, it’s not him that steals the show this time but the dynamic of seven young children. Continue reading