Phase IV (1974) Saul Bass Intelligent Killer Ant Attack


What better film to follow up Them on a double bill than with another bunch of crazed, demented six legged psychopathic ant nut jobs, the 1974 film Phase IV. This feature is filled with visually luscious images and gorgeous landscape design, it’s quite the wonder to look at. But please be forewarned that you spend the runtime scratching like a shaggy dog. Oh my fur was twitching and an itching like crazy right through this creepy crawly movie. Even the eerie music gets under the skin. Essential item to have with you whilst watching is a personal back scratcher or two, down a bit, ooo to left a bit ooo that’s it, that’s the spot. A big thanks goes out to Lieutenant’s Nina Barry and Gay Ellis from UFO in helping me with my itching, you did a grand job…. Continue reading

Themroc (1973) Crazier Than A Bag Of Jellied Eels


Billed as a comedy and to be honest it is but you get incest and cannibalism to boot! Crazier than a bag of jellied eels Themroc is a first class nut job. This film is definitely not to all tastes but if you want an anarchic journey into a man’s brain in pure melt down mode then this is the film to watch. Continue reading