Subway (1985) Christopher Lambert, Slap Bass And Bongos Within The Paris Metro – Video Store Action Heroes

Subway (1985) Christopher Lambert Luc Besson movie poster

I knew Christopher Lambert what with his prancing and dancing about in his loincloth! He called the jungle his home and was the self appointed Lord of the Apes, Tarzan (1984). However it wasn’t until his immortal swordsman with that dodgy Scottish accent arrived with the classic action romp, Highlander (1985) that I really clocked his name. So sat there on the shelve in the local video store was the intriguing Subway (1985). With a smartly dressed Christopher Lambert with a shock of white hair and what could only be described as a lightsaber in his hands. Off I went to the counter………..

First things first.

This post is the fifth edition to our four way delve into our collective video renting days. A quarterly meet up mini blogathon. We are the Video Store Action Heroes. A hive bank of memories and you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s no tight Lycra in sight! This time we are tackling the subject matter of travel! With it having to revolve around air, sea or rail.

Todd over at Cinema Monolith went for dangers of being on the wrong side of the tracks with Disaster On The Coastliner (1979). Greg at Destroy All Fanboys also hit the waves with perils on The Poseidon Adventure (1972) and finally Mike at Mike’s Take On The Movies flew through the skies in Firefox (1982) with that our man Clint at the helm. And as you’re here you know that the title I went for was rail with Luc Besson’s Subway (1985). You can catch up on past reviews here at Video Store Action Heroes.


Confession time!

Sat in the wooden confession booth with my head hung in shame. I thought back to those tentative teenage years. My hair was fluffier back then. Haha I even had a spring in my step, the back didn’t ache, oh man I even had a flat stomach. There’s a tap on the inner window. “Look my child can you please get to the point” says the priest. “Sorry father“.
Well I’d got back from the video store ready to be entertained when the realisation hit me. The blooming film was in fact French! And it was subtitled. I was devastated. Now don’t get me wrong, later in life I’d go out of my way to watch a subtitled film. However for this young wide-eyed wolf sitting in his bedroom, his excitement for this film was slightly deflated. Still I watched it but shamefully I didn’t bother reading anything, just watched the film. You know what? I didn’t have a clue what was going on……..

Subway (1985) Christopher Lambert Luc Besson fred tube train metro

So it was with much joy that I re-watched it for this here post. And do you know what? I still really didn’t know what was going on. Hehe. And that is one of the things I liked so much about it. It is a wonderful quirky film, with a surreal feel. It’s arty and stylish, confusing and superbly original. I really enjoyed being stuck down the maze like Paris metro station. With offbeat, eccentric characters passing through the terminal gates of the train station at every turn. There’s something interesting and exciting constantly coming at you as you try to figure what on Earth is going on?

To be is to do (Socrate) To do is to be (Sartre) Do be do be do (Sinatra)

So what offbeat and eccentric characters are you talking about Mikey?

The metro station is a labyrinth of tunnels, subway train lines and terminals branching out like tree roots through the underground of Paris. A place where whole communities of homeless, lost souls and people just happy to set up home away from the mayhem of the above world. Pickpockets, chancers, buskers and flower sellers.

Subway (1985) Christopher Lambert fred Jean-Hugues Anglade roller

You got Connor MacLeod I mean Christopher Lambert looking more like a modern day Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He’s known just as Fred. He’s guilty of something. He has handcuffs on. However there’s an air of innocence to him. He’s confident yet vulnerable. He’s been chased down into the subway system. He’s a hunted man. Hunted by many. The police, the transport cops, gangsters and even a pretty young lady.

Subway (1985) beautiful sultry Isabelle Adjani helena luc besson

Now any good French film has to have the trademark sexy lady and the object of desire for our Fred, the protagonist. That role goes to the beautiful sultry Isabelle Adjani. You’ll probably know her as The Player from Walter Hill’s getaway film The Driver (1978). Here she plays Helena. She so happens to be the trophy wife of a gangster. Fred’s stolen something and she’s tasked to retrieve it. No doubt some steamy moody flirting will take place?

Subway (1985) Luc Besson Jean Reno Leon The Drummer

There’s Leon The Professional aka Jean Reno known as The Drummer of obvious reasons. A quiet man with round glasses who has the constant need to drum. He’s forever on the lookout to form the perfect jazz funk band.

Subway (1985) Christopher Lambert Luc Besson Jean-Hugues Anglade roller

Then there’s The Roller. Played by Jean-Hugues Anglade aka Zorg from Betty Blue (1986). Another quiet character with a watchful eye. Whizzing around on his roller skates waiting for the perfect situation to arise. A chance moment. With a grab and a snatch and a quick getaway he disappears away at speed on his wheels.

Subway (1985) Christopher Lambert Richard Bohringer known as The florist

Another addition to the underground metro group of wandering nomads is Richard Bohringer known as The florist. An older wiser man with a taste for the bottle. He uses his skills to maneuver the subterranean city with his mobile flower stall. Keeping one step ahead of the transport police. The florist knows all the tricks.

Subway (1985) Christopher Lambert Luc Besson fCommissioner Gesberg Batman and Robin

The authority of the metro station is Commissioner Gesberg (Michel Galabru). Desperate to bring law and order to the wild west of his underground world. He’s gruff and bossy. With two Inspectors under his command. Two officers comically called Batman and Robin running around doing his bidding.

Subway (1985) gangsters metro tube luc besson

There’s a certain sadness, an almost lost look to all the characters. We glance fleetingly into each of their lives. Making our way down escalators, jumping on and off subway trains and traveling down deep into the network of tunnels. Luc Besson had created a unique and quirky film with the beginnings of his usual trademark stamp starting to show. His films always have a feel of being slightly in the future. A sense of a dystopian future.

Subway (1985) Luc Besson arthur simms singing mystery

It’s best to sit back and just run with whats happening. It’s like a fairy tale. Subway is an extremely joyful way to spent your time. And to prove that, just wait for the beautiful moment when Arthur Simms turns up and joins the band. With a nervous demeanor he starts to sing. Out of blue his voice breaks through in English and he lets out It’s Only Mystery. A truly wonderful scene.

Be sure to check the other Video Store Action Heroes posts. Hope you enjoyed my rambling that lets be honest don’t make that much sense at all but hey go check the film, I’m sure it will all fit into place. You can stream Subway here on Youtube at time of writing.

So to finish it up, please sing us outta of here Mr Arthur Simms. Thanks for reading. All the best and happy vibes.. Mikey



Wolfman On BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs

Well I’d been waiting for quite sometime for the invite to arrive through my letterbox from the BBC’s long running show Desert Island Disc’s. It hadn’t come. So I decided to do my own.

The long running BBC Radio 4 show invites it’s guests to imagine themselves cast away on a desert island with luckily some form of means to play music. As the aim of the show is to pick pieces of music that would accompany you on your lonesome abandonment before hopefully you are saved?

Now let it be known that this to me is an impossible task and like if someone was so foolish to ask me to pick my top ten favorite films it would result in the same manner. Blood, bone and grey matter splatter all round the room as my head explodes into a Jackson Pollock. It’s too different a task. So I’m not necessary going for favorites, just a few records within thousands that I like and why. That reasoning stopped the ticking doomsday day clock going off inside my head. Thankfully I live to fight another day.

Right here we go.

  • Yusef Lateef – Love Theme From Spartacus (1961).

Wolfman On BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs Yusef Lateef

Its so deep and emotional I can listen to it forever. Unfortunately I haven’t got the original LP Eastern Sounds from 1961 however I have the 1974 re-titled Blues For The Orient which includes Eastern Sounds and his 1957 recording The Sounds Of Yusef. Seriously outstanding, beautiful and mesmerising music. It’s a cover version of Alex North composition from the Stanley Kubrick’s historical drama Spartacus. Yusef also tackles another sword and sandals piece from the film The Robe on the LP.

Fun fact! Had this record penciled down as my funeral tune for years. It can still be but recently I changed the funeral tune to be mariachi band music. With words from The Three Amigos and a selection of sombreros which people can wear if they wish. Of course The Three Amigo mantra will be needed to be said on the prayer cards. I need people to step into my vigilante shoes.

Wherever there is injustice, you will find us.
Wherever there is suffering, we’ll be there.
Wherever liberty is threatened, you will find.
We are The Three Amigos!

  • Barrington Levy – If I Give To You (1979)

Wolfman On BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs Barrington Levy

You may find a theme within my musical choices. I’m a bit soppy. I do have big fondness for the soulful side of the streets. Barrington “Under Your Sensi” Levy might not be everyone’s go to for some sweet soulful lyrics but with this one, Mister Levy is truly on point. I’m always kinda attracted to unconventional soulful voices, that every day man baring his soul sound. Then to be able to marry up that voice with a heavy rhythm laid down by the Roots Radics Band. You know on paper it shouldn’t work but this tune always does funny things to me. Materiel things don’t mean a thing when all you want is…  Just a touch of your love, Yeah, just a little bit of your love.

  • Midnight Star – Heartbeat. (1988)

Wolfman On BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs Midnight Star

The old soul boy from my youth would need this tune stuck on a desert island. I still remember my first hearing of those ridiculous, scrumptious synths melodies. They completely floored me. Flash forward 30 years later and they still crush me, every single time. Perfect blissfulness. I love the lyrics too. I’d love to be able to learn all the words. But hey I’m all on my lonesome, I could sing it to my hearts content with no one judging my warbling skills. I’d learn to hit those high notes too. Then when I get rescued by a passing cruise ship filled with a tribe of Amazon warrior women I could sing it to each and everyone of them. Hehe I’ve never bored of this tune since it entered my life. Even wolves have a soul side.

  • Robert Wyatt & Bertrand Burgalat – This Summer Night (2007)

Wolfman On BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs

This one I’d need for dancing. After about an hour of being stranded I’d probably, more than likely, have made myself a ra-ra skirt out of coconut leaves and created a dance-floor of sorts. This is where Frenchmen Bertrand and the quintessential old Englishman Robert Wyatt would come in. With the big beats bashing out a fast paced groove and Robert singing in his unique way, my foot would start to tap. And into the night I’d be goovin because.. it’s just the perfect night, A perfect night for dancing. I’d be freaking out thinking of the good old times, those sweet memories. This tune always make my smile big, broad and massive.

  • Zapp – Computer Love (1985)

Wolfman On BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs zapp street sounds

Another 80s classic piece of soul music filled with divine synths and something else? Yep it features the wonderful quirky Roger Troutman and his vocoder. Giving us the unique and blissful soul tune Computer Love. You know what, when I first heard this tune it just freaked me out. I feel instantly in love with it. Its beautiful and so well put together. There’s so much going on but you don’t really notice it. There’s even jazz in there. So many little touches that keep coming in with that electronic voice. The extended mix will help with the nights on the island. Which I have on the Street Sounds 17. This is one of those records I’ve played over and over and will never get bored. Lets see if I haven’t snapped it in half by the time those Amazon woman save me?

  • Johnny Clarke – Come Back To Me (1985)

Wolfman On BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs Johnny Clarke

This tune to me is a pure killer, bringer to your knees kinda tune. It’s not like I could ever cheat (damn what am I gonna do when the Amazon ladies show up? What goes on a desert island stays on a desert island, right?) is the fact I don’t wanna be singing this song to her. Because life really is all about the kids. The emotion in Johnny’s voice as he sings Come Back To Me so he can be with his daughter and son again just brings the teardrops. Why add this one then? I guess you need sadness and memories to keep you going on the island. When the record hits the dub down halfway through. Man it crushes me.

  • Ennio Morricone – I Figli Morti (1971)

Wolfman On BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs duck you sucker

Oh my! a film easily sitting in the top five slot. Don’t ask me where about’s as the pre-warned above clean up job of my head explosion will be for sure on the cards. Known as Giù la testa in Italy, Duck, You Sucker in America and a Fistful Of Dynamite in the United Kingdom. I caught this film in my teens and it embedded itself to me like tree roots. The film is filled to the brim with emotions. Betrayal, loyalty, love and friendship. Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack hits everyone of these deeply effecting emotions in his usual beautiful way. There’s lightheartedness, deep sadness and joy all contained in musical form. He really is the master. The friendship bond created by Juan and John, Rod Steiger and James Coburn is outstanding. Sergio Leone camera work is second to none. I love this film so much. So hard to pick one track. Maybe I can sneak the whole album!

  • Talk Talk – It’s My Life (1984)

Wolfman On BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs Talk Talk Its my life

More synthesizers this time in a Brit Synth-pop new wave style. Yeah I’m a sucker for synths and that down beat alongside that magnificent, almost dreary, vocal style of Mark Hollis. It’s My Life always feels like a great soundtrack to be playing as I walk round and round and round the island waiting for those Amazon women to arrive. I always thought it makes a great double team with the Simple Minds tune Don’t You (Forget About Me) from the classic coming of age film The Breakfast Club. PS my favorite on the album is Tomorrow Started. Oooo that is so very deep. Those crazy long silent pauses are perfection. The anticipation to get home and listen to it again will help the days go by.

David Lynch – Good Day Today (2011)

David Lynch crazt clown time smoking wolfman desert island discs

Ha yes David Lynch. I don’t know what it is about this tune. What is the style? Like a housey pop tune with what sounds, yeah sounds, like positive lyrics sang by David Lynch. If you see the video that goes with it, it tells a very different story. The video is here and the audio below. Maybe hear the music first then the video? I think it’s the metronome beat that relentlessly keeps bashing away that just keeps you nodding in a constant mind loop. No backwards vocals, dwarfs or red rooms. A happy good vibed song? When I first heard it I couldn’t believe it was him. Unfortunately I missed getting the vinyl and now they fetch a fair bit. So I’m happy to make do with the MP3. To be honest at least the sand won’t ruin it like all the other records!

Alpha – Somewhere Not Here (1997)

Wolfman On BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs Alpha

A lot of theme of my musical choices are filled with emotions. Even big hairy beastly wolfs have a soft side don’t you know. Alpha are a fantastic melancholy filled downtempo group out of Bristol UK. I have their first two recordings Come From Heaven and The Impossible Thrill. Both are insanely breathtakingly beautiful records. The singers pour there hearts and souls out and you truly feel the pain, joy and sadness. Wendy Stubbs is the vocalist on Somewhere Not Here and she will crush you with saddened beauty. Add to that, alongside her beguiling vocals comes the strings. Floating on a cloud of bliss bitter sweetness by the end of the track you will be filled with tears. Hey I’m on an island no one will know and it will help me sleep as ponder “just where the hell are that tribe of Amazon ladies with wolf man lust on their minds?” Sweet dreams wolfie x

I hope you’ve enjoyed the little excursion. Like I say at the top these are records I like and would be happy listening to them over and over. My favorite records would be impossible to do and would result in a big mess and the need for a cleaner? And we really don’t want to call my name sake The Wolf (Harvey Keitel) from Pulp Fiction.

Big love. Mikey Wolf


I almost forgot, you can also pick a luxury item. Easy. Beer making kit. And you can choose a book. That would be Alan Moore’s & Dave Gibbon’s – Watchmen.



Lolly-Madonna XXX (1973) Kidnap, Moonshine, Screaming Piggies & Happy Families

Lolly-Madonna XXX (1973) poster kidnap movie artwork

With that wonderfully exploitative title, Lolly-Madonna XXX it really grabs your attention. And to be honest I really didn’t know what I was getting myself involved with. I’d found out pretty early on in the film that the triple X wasn’t there for it’s pornographic nature but in fact it relates to “kiss kiss kiss”. However, don’t get me wrong, this film is still strictly 18 certificate material.

I’d been sitting on Lolly-Madonna XXX looking for the right time to watch it. In my usual film watching fashion I’d gone in as uninformed to the plot as I possibly could. With just the title and that tough poster image above. A terrified young lady tied up with two figures standing over her with clenched fists and guns. It’s hard to find the right time to feel in the mood for such tough films! I’d imagined it was gonna be something like Wolf Lake. Which I’d imagined looked similar but in reality they couldn’t be further apart. Saying that, one thing does connect them and that would be the growling, snarling Rod Steiger.

Lolly-Madonna XXX (1973) Rod Steiger - Laban FeatherLolly-Madonna XXX (1973) Robert Ryan

It was a nice surprise to see Rod Steiger name appear in the opening credits. Then my excitement rose as the names kept coming. Robert Ryan was next. I couldn’t believe it. So many famous names and faces. (See the cast list below)  How, with so many big names, can this film be relativity unknown? It must be because it was gonna be rubbish right? Cue up my next surprise….. This film was exceptional, it had me transfixed from the get go.

Lolly-Madonna XXX (1973) Ed Lauter - Hawk rusting truck

What on Earth could it be about and whats with that title?

You know you’re in for it when a movie starts with melodramatic music set to a collage of family photo’s with happy, smiling faces. Wonderful memories of two friendly family units set within rural Nashville, Tennessee. What really could go wrong for these two neighbors, The Feathers and The Gutshalls? Yeah of course we know it. Our false sense of security is thrown completely straight outta the window! A few years have passed and the vibe has completely changed. The land looks poor, the faces worn. A deep sadness fills the air. Broken down houses and rusting cars fill the muddy yards. Two characters jump into an old truck and excitingly drive into town. Three men watch. You can only describe these men as hillbillies.

Lolly-Madonna XXX (1973) the Feathers family photo

The Feathers

Lolly-Madonna XXX (1973) the Gutshalls family photo

The Gutshalls

With the arrival of a letter signed Lolly-Madonna and three kisses announcing she would be at the bus stop interchange at a certain time. The two men drive to intercept her. Little do they know that the letter is a fake. Just a rouse to get them out the way for the other three men. Unfortunately for a young girl called Roonie Gill (Season Hubley), sitting innocently waiting for her bus, her day was about to change.

Lolly-Madonna XXX (1973) Ed Lauter - Hawk Roonie Gill (Season Hubley)

This moment was the catalyst that would push these two now warring, feuding families into frenzy. Smashing moonshine equipment, stealing pigs, trespassing on each others land, fighting and bickering against one another and even within their own clan. These two families had gone from friends to bitter enemies over the course of a year and one tragic accident. A bubbling deep infested hatred was about to explode.

The Feathers Clan

Rod Steiger – Laban Feather
Katherine Squire – Chickie Feather
Scott Wilson – Thrush
Jeff Bridges – Zack
Timothy Scott – Skylar
Ed Lauter – Hawk
Randy Quaid – Finch

The Gutshall Clan

Robert Ryan – Pap Gutshall
Tresa Hughes – Elspeth Gutshall
Kiel Martin – Ludie
Joan Goodfellow – Sister E
Paul Koslo – Villum
Gary Busey – Zeb

Lolly-Madonna XXX (1973) Kiel Martin (Ludie) Paul Koslo (Villum) Gary Busey (Zeb)

What was to come during these bitter feuds was not just horrific violence and crazed madness but strangely caught up in all the mayhem is a real deep core of emotional darkness. Complexed emotions trapped in blood and family pride. All caused from one traumatic accident that threw everyone into despair and now with the arrival of Lolly-Madonna the fires have been well and truly stoked.

Lolly-Madonna XXX (1973) Roonie Gill (Season Hubley) Jeff Bridges - Zack

Tagline – A simple prank… a game…nobody won.

  • Lolly-Madonna XXX is directed by Richard C. Sarafian.
  • Richard C. Sarafian is known for the brilliant 1971 thriller Vanishing Point (I’m super psyched to see this again soon). And a film called Man in the Wilderness (1971) with Richard Harris which I have just found out is based on the same story as Leo DiCaprio character in The Revenant (2015)
  • Lolly-Madonna XXX is based on a book by author Sue Grafton 1969 novel called The Lolly-Madonna War.
  • The film is obviously inspired by the infamous Hatfield–McCoy feud of the 19th century.

Lolly-Madonna XXX (1973) poster pitchfork simple prank gone wrong movie artwork

You know what I wasn’t expecting this to be a “proper” film if you know what I mean. On a bit of research I read it really split the critics at the time. Some absolutely hating it. Maybe it’s aged better in these times? I don’t know but I was drawn into this deeply channeling film that hits hard with violence but can instantly counteract that savage nature with unconditional beautiful sweet moments. In those scenes the actors pour every ounce of their talents without over doing it. Whether it’s a fleeting moment talking about tears, the beautiful scenery or being an imaginary Elvis or standing up for your family, whatever the consequences. You’ll need to hold on to those sweet moments, tightly, to help take away the screaming bacon!

Worth tracking down if you haven’t seen it. If you have please let me know what you thought. Was it just me that thought it was an incredible film?

Thanks as always for taking the time to see what’s been on ole Wolfies watch list.

City of Fear (1959) Manhunt Panic As Ruthless Savage Convict Escapes With A Deadly Container

City Of Fear (1959) Vince Edwards crime thriller manhunt poster artwork one sheet

The ambulance revved at speed racing down the twisting dirt road. Accelerating through the gears with determination and purpose. What was the emergency? We soon learn this speeding vehicle wasn’t going to an incident, it was escaping one. Inside, two sweating, desperate men yell at each other.

City Of Fear (1959) Vince Edwards crime thriller driving escaped convict driving

The driver, Vince Ryker (Vince Edwards), looked at his passenger. Yeah he’d needed him half an hour ago but now he’d become a hindrance, a big problem to him. The guy sat there clutching his chest. Blood soaked through his fingers. He’d taken a hot searing bullet full on, straight through his rib cage. Panicked screamed words and wide eyed fear were in his eyes. It wouldn’t be long.

Vince didn’t really care. The old man had helped with the break-out but they knew the risks. When the shit hit the fan it was always gonna be each man for themselves. It was never gonna be easy breaking out of San Quentin State Prison and he’d personally stabbed the life out of a prison guard. Vince smiled at the thought. He was vicious and sadistic. The kind of guy the chair was made for.

City Of Fear (1959) Vince Edwards crime thriller driving

It wasn’t just freedom Vince had on his mind but also the canister he had recently required. No one was getting any of the proceeds of its contents other than Vince himself. That silver container was his way to a cool fortune. “I’ve got a pound of 100 percent pure snow and it’s gonna make me a very rich man“.

Little did he know that no one really would want to prise that container from him, not even from his dead hands!

What he’s believed to contain a pound of pure heroin was something a little more potent should I say! In fact what was contained inside that flask was a deadly substance called cobalt-60. A powerful synthetic radioactive isotope that would easily dissipated  in the air and spread. Instantly becoming one of the most deadly forces in existence. Contamination begins almost immediately. Just through the container itself. But if it was to be opened! It could engulf a whole city! A City Of Fear…..

Tagline – A half crazed man in a terror crazed town!

City Of Fear (1959) Vince Edwards crime thriller police chief

Hot on the panicked trail to track down and capture Vince and his beloved death container were Chief Jensen (Lyle Talbot) and Lt Mark Richards (John Archer). With the need of a specialist radiological expert, Dr. John Wallace (Steven Ritch) is drafted in to explain everything in detail before the manhunt is started.

City Of Fear (1959) Vince Edwards radiological expert, Dr. John Wallace (Steven Ritch)

It might not wipe out the whole city straight away but within no time it would contaminate entire farms. Milk, butter, eggs would get carried into markets. Meat and produce would make there way into theaters and restaurants. It would be carried around by people on their clothes, their shoes, by insects and birds!

Then the symptoms would start. A hoarse cough followed with heavy sweating. Horrible retching then the blood begins to break down and then the cells. Just merely touching your skin the watered blood just oozes out of your pores. Finally you hemorrhage internally and blood fills the lungs.“…. No wonder this doctor doesn’t get out much or invited to parties!

Tagline – A million eyes wide and wild with terror!

City Of Fear (1959) Vince Edwards crime thriller cop police squad cars

With an army of squad cars and hundreds of police officers armed with Giger counters sweeping the area for any trace, any clue of radioactive readings. The panic in the streets and the city is on. A manhunt of massive proportions. Can they find the ruthless and savage Vince before he opens that flask of apocalyptic doom?

  • If fancy finding out you can stream City Of Fear on YouTube here at time of writing.
  • City Of Fear was directed by Irving Lerner. He had worked with Vince Edwards the year before in 1958 on the superb Murder By Contract.

City Of Fear (1959) Vince Edwards crime thriller manhunt police cops

This isn’t anywhere as good as Murder By Contract but it has some brilliant moments. Vince is a real nasty character with a savage nature. The film features some truly brutal off screen moments. The end image is stone ice cold and leaves a lasting impression. Overall this thriller isn’t the best of it genre but I do like Vince Edwards as an actor. And what with it’s quick paced run-time it does race along at a good pace. I felt it had a slight feel of a television episode. It’s well worth checking out and would make a brilliant double bill with 1965s The Satan Bug.

City Of Fear (1959) Vince Edwards crime thriller looking film noir

One you’ve seen? If not maybe give it a go. Feel free to let me know what you thought if you wish. Thanks for popping on by.

Happy viewing . Mikey Wolf.

What’s Been Watched This Month – September 2019

Whats Been Watched 35

Here’s what the ole Wolfensteiner had been watching in September 2019.

Top Boy has been my binge watch of September with it’s tension filled gritty portrayal of drug gangs fighting turf wars within the housing estates of London. Interlocking deeply told stories intensifies the drama alongside all the explosive violence and dread.
First you need to watch the two four part original series before you hit the new series. Both on Netflix with the older series titled Top Boy “Summerhouse“. First broadcast in 2011 on Channel 4. Unjustly cancelled but out of the blue resurrected by Netflix. The story continues and picks up with the original cast and a bigger direction. As a whole the three seasons are an incredible journey and very recommended.

Bill Burr – Paper Tiger. One of my favourite stand up comedians is the brilliant Bill Burr. I’ve been a massive fan since I watched his first stand-up special Why Do I Do This? in 2008. Now eleven years on I’ve watched or listen to just about everything he’s produced from his Monday Morning Podcast to his Uninformed radio show on with Joe DeRosa to seeing him live in London. He’s almost part of the family to be honest. Been there with him with his dog, his girlfriend, his marriage and then baby daughter. Paper Tiger is another brilliant unique look at the world through Bill’s rage. It’s the inner voice we all have but he can vent it so well for us.

Wolfman’s Rating System Explained – We All Have A System Don’t We?

14 films this month and a total of 167 this year
659 since the start of the blog in January 2017.

The Way Ahead (1944) – Wolfman Rating 8 – IMDB Rating 6.9
A good old fashion bit of British WW2 propaganda and all round great piece of drama written for my part in The World War II Blogathon hosted by Cinema Essentials and Maddy Loves Her Classic Films. This link is for my Wolfy Write Up Here

Anatomy of a Murder (1959) – Wolfman Rating 9 – IMDB Rating 8
Top quality courtroom drama from director Otto Preminger. With James Stewart in his usual top notch form. So many great scenes as the lawyers battle it out but one really stood out for me. When George C Scott keeps slowly moving to block Stewart’s eye line with his witness. It’s a wonderful acted scene to watch.

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019) – Wolfman Rating 7 – IMDB Rating 7.6
Crazy as a bag of frogs action packed Keanu Reeves sequel which we’ve come to expect from this bonkers franchise. So much action, and killing that to be honest actually became a bit boring if that is even possible? Not as good as the last two parts IMHO but still ace.

Above the Law (1988) – Wolfman Rating 6.5 – IMDB Rating 6
Steven Seagal and my old flame Pam Grier are Chicago Cops. I got a Wolfman Write Up post here if you fancy it.

Gaslight (1940) – Wolfman Rating 10 – IMDB Rating 7.3
I was totally absorbed with this clever little drama. What with it’s age and the history that went with it I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. Wolfy Write Up Here

Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983) – Wolfman Rating 6.5 – IMDB Rating 6.8
After reading this great article about Ray Bradbury on the fab blog Laughter Over Tears I just had to go watch the film. I’d been meaning to for sometime. And what fun it was. Wonderful fantasy and mystery thriller as Jonathan Pryce wanders around town in his top hat spooking everyone. Helped along the way by the lovely Pam Grier. Meow!

Team America: World Police (2004) – Wolfman Rating 8.5 – IMDB Rating 7.2
Of course it’s scary the kids are getting older but the best thing is I now get to show them the more adult world of my movie favorites. Team America is ridiculously good fun, still. Definitely wide eyed looks and they tried to compute what the hell was going on. Then the giggles and laughs began and I slowly nodded to myself.

Union Station (1950) – Wolfman Rating 8.5 – IMDB Rating 6.8
I wasn’t expecting too much from this title. However they chuck a whole heap of good stuff at you and I was truly entertained. I really enjoyed this one. Wolfy Write if you wanna know more?

The Third Key (1956) – Wolfman Rating 7.5 – IMDB Rating 7.1
Jack Hawkins is a detective with Scotland Yard. It’s a really good mystery drama as we follow Jack around trying to decipher the case. I’d been waiting ages to see this and really liked it but maybe my exceptions had run wild and it wasn’t as good as I’d hoped. Though I’d happily watch it again.

Clerks (1994) – Wolfman Rating 9 – IMDB Rating 7.7
I’ve always loved Kevin Smith’s debut film. A wonderful cult classic. I introduced it to my daughter and it was lovely discussing it. The day in the live of Dante and Randal went down well. Lots of laughs.

Scarlet Street (1945) – Wolfman Rating 8.5 – IMDB Rating 7.8
Brilliant film noir with Edward G Robinson. Well worth watching if you haven’t seen it. Here’s a my Wolfy Write Up for a gander if you wish.

Rebecca (1940) – Wolfman Rating 9 – IMDB Rating 6.9
Finally got to Alfred Hitchcock’s version of the Daphne Du Maurier novel courtesy of a gentle kick up the jacksy by the excellent film blog Diary of a Movie Maniac. No point me reviewing it when he’s done such a great write up. Check it HERE

Marty (1955) – Wolfman Rating 8.5 – IMDB Rating 7.7
Ernest Borgnine in romantic butcher role? Yes sir and it’s a real good film. Check out my Wolfy Write Up if you wanna find out more.

Hammerhead (1968) – Wolfman Rating 6 – IMDB Rating 5.1
Of course you can have a NY Italian in MI6. Vince Edwards fits in well to the James Bond style shenanigans. You’re welcome to read what I thought over on my Wolfy Write Here.


Just realised I have to pull my movie watching finger out! I try to get in 250 movies a year. I’ve got three months to get 83 or more films in before New Year 2020! The Christmas holiday should help up the movie quota.

Inside secret, well haha it isn’t a secret at all but I did in fact see 5 other films this month but I so wanna do posts on them. So they will get added to next months selections.

Any goodies in there you have seen and liked? Thoughts, recommends etc always welcome if you fancy too.

Keep watching the screens. Thanks for having a look to see what’s been watched. All the best……… The howling one, Mikey

Hammerhead (1968) Art Loving American Italian James Bond Dances With Sexy Ladies In London and Lisbon

Hammerhead (1968) Vince Edwards Judy Geeson Peter Vaughan james bond like swinging 60s poster

One of the best things to come out of a wave of copy cat James Bond-esque spy films are the saucy girls. However, kitsch value is also a high plus point, as is a story involving the strange mannerisms of a megalomaniac. So you will be pleased to know that Hammerhead excels well in these’s genres. So without further ado lets crack on and see what’s to found in this here film… Continue reading

Union Station (1950) Chicago Train Station In Ransom Film Noir

Union Station (1950) blu ray box cover artwork william holden

This is the start of some more straight to the point reviews. They will probably all end up being Film Noir. Each time I see another one I wanna do a review post but as I usually waffle a bit I thought it’ll be good to work out a structured system to get me to the point. Hope you like. So without further ado here I bring you Union Station Continue reading