First Blood (1982) & The Case Of The Moving Panties

First Blood (1982) Rambo Sylvester Stallone image
Green beret Vietnam veteran John Rambo

Well I just passed the Rambo banten on to my son. Having myself watched First Blood as a 13 year old. That special time had come. To pass the burning torch on to my boy, Kofi. Passing the flame of the Rambo origin story to the next generation.

I’m not going to do a post about First Blood as everyone knows all there is to know. However one thing sticks out, how could such an anti war film turn into such a macho warmonger machine? Don’t get me wrong I love those roided up sequels but just saying, that end emotional broken man speech scene from Sylvester Stallone really hits the heart strings ….. Anyhoo

First Blood (1982) Rambo Sylvester Stallone VHS Cassette tape

Some of my first memories of renting VHS video cassettes were a few days around my 13th birthday. My super Dad had recently brought home a very cool looking Panasonic video player. And of course my instant first thoughts were FILM PARTY.

The Warriorss (1979) poster image gang together scene
The Warriors from Coney Island

Within a few hours I had invited about 20 kids from school to squeeze into my parents front room. We had a superb video shop called Take One which was chock full of movies, like any good rental should be. Still remember to this day the three we rented.

Big respects to my Dad for letting me get them, he must of got a right ear bashing from my Mum. It still gets mentioned at family events, time and time again.

The Wariors (1979) VHS Cassette tape cover

The first was recommended by the owner, First Blood, so went for that. Second was The Warriors (1979) which still remains one of my favourites films of all time. Then there was the third choice and this is where my Dad became a guy of legend. I handed him Emmanuelle (1974) trying our luck. Sure it crossed his mind to say no but in a nano second it probably flashed by him sitting and watching the mischievous adventures of Sylvia Kristel on his new machine with a beer and whisky, smoking a cigar.

Sylvia Kristel and Christine Boisson in Emmanuelle (1974)
Sylvia Kristel and Christine Boisson in Emmanuelle

13 years old and turning up to your party with three 18 certificate films and one being of a naughty nature. How could I forget that day!

Still remember the best line from a friend, who won’t be named. As Emmanuelle or some other flossie was happily playing with herself through her panties, the camera panned in for a close up. Then this loud voice at the back of the room in a slight panic shouts out “OH MY GOD I DIDN’T KNOW THEY COULD MOVE LIKE THAT!!!!” and we all fell about laughing. A few years later I was happy to find out they didn’t and I’m sure this was the case of relief for all the guys.

Emmanuelle (1974) Sylvia Kristel VHS Cassette tape cover

3 thoughts on “First Blood (1982) & The Case Of The Moving Panties

  1. Great memories here. This is the stuff I like to read and write about. Totally hilarious and love the flicks of choice. I remember similar tales of discovery and telling parents I NEED to see this film. Stuff I had seen pics of in some hardcovered film history book at the library, I have not seen Emmanuelle to this day but do have a DVD here in the pile. Maybe it’s time. Here’s an article from way back in my catalogue I think you’d enjoy.

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    • I’m so sure the Emmanuelle film should stay in it’s case, I can’t imagine it being any good in anyway hehe. But as a teenager it was the talk of the playground and to top it off one of the party goers managed to get second in the series for his birthday.
      It’s all about the memories and it’s great to have heard some of yours buddy. Thank you for sharing and commenting 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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