The Last Run (1971) My Grandad, George C Scott The Getaway Driver

The Last Run (1971) George C Scott soundtrack film movie vinyl record lp score

George C Scott is my Grandad, well he has always reminded me of him, the look and mannerisms make him a close doppelganger. So whenever I get to see George C Scott in a new to me film I can’t help but feel the love for my Grandad.

The Last Run (1971) George C Scott getaway driver Harry Garmes gun ready for action

The Last Run is a soundtrack in my record collection by legendary composer Jerry Goldsmith, among a million scores, the Star Trek franchise has to be his most famous but other examples of his work are Total Recall, Planet Of The Apes and a ton for The Man From Uncle series.

The Last Run (1971) George C Scott getaway driver 1956 BMW 503 CabrioletThe Last Run (1971) George C Scott getaway driver 1956 BMW 503 Cabriolet scenery landscape

Now The Last Run score might not be a masterpiece by any long shot but I have a great fondness for it. It bubbles with funky moments with full on strings to quick tempo switches to incidental little ditties which feature a local vibe of the European country we get to travel around. It suits the film down to a tee.

The Last Run (1971) George C Scott getaway driver Harry Garmes look out

George C Scott plays aging Chicago specialist getaway driver Harry Garmes. He’s been out the game for nine years, retiring to a small little fishing village in Portugal. He still loves and maintains his suped up 1956 BMW 503 Cabriolet ready just in case. And guess what our Harry is awoken from his retirement with a new contract, one that involves picking up an escaped convicted killer called Paul Rickard (Tony Mustante). The mission is to take him through Spain to France.

The Last Run (1971) Harry Garmes Tony Mustante

Now Rickard is a cocky arrogant annoyance who makes Harry change the plans so he can pick up his gorgeous sexy girlfriend Claudie Scherrer (Trish Van Devere). Harry and Rickard butt heads together as they both show who’s in charge and Claudie directs them with her womanly charms.

The Last Run (1971) Tony Mustante Trish Van Devere

Tagline – It was his first job in 9 years. Drive a young killer from Spain to the south of France. No one told him about the extra passenger, the girl or the seven men trying to kill them all.

With gangsters after them, a few double crosses and the police from all boarders racing around after them, can our Harry keep his nerve whilst he drives his beloved car around hair bend corners atop of mountains and cliff faces.

The Last Run (1971) car chase

Apparently John Huston was set to direct the film from Scottish screenwriter Alan Sharp who also wrote Night Moves, Rob Roy and Damnation Alley!! Huston had had a run in with George C Scott on the set of The Bible: In the Beginning and did a runner rather than have another bust up I guess. So in came director Richard Fleischer to pick up the baton. He had just completed the amazing Pearl Harbor film Tora Tora Tora.

The Last Run (1971) George C Scott getaway driver Harry Garmes motor bike policeThe Last Run (1971) Tony Mustante Trish Van Devere george c scott happy families

I really enjoyed this movie but I read it got a lot of heat when it was released. I’m probably biased as I like the soundtrack and my Grandad stars. I feel it could make a good companion piece to the similar European gangster road movie, the superior The Hit with John Hurt.

The Last Run (1971) George C Scott getaway driver close up Harry Garmes

If it’s your thing, The Last Run is worth tracking down for a watch. The mellow intro is on this Youtube link. Keep it all things filmy, Mikey Wolfie

13 thoughts on “The Last Run (1971) My Grandad, George C Scott The Getaway Driver

  1. Are you surprised if I say I love to watch Scott do his thing on camera. Talk about EXPLOSIVE when he wants to be. Grabs you by the throat. Love the line “YOU OWE ME MONEY” in The Hustler. Back to this title. Like the film and there is one line that nails his character. When asked if he’s catholic he answers, “In the old days, before the fall, I owned a few shares.”
    That line always grabs me and I’ve never forgotten it.
    If you haven’t seen Hardcore, that’s a good one that comes to mind with your Grandad(which is flipping awesome!!!!) and yes The Hit amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • How amazing you remember that line. That really stood out to me too. The whole confessional scene was brilliant. Giving his “words” to the father even though he knew he wasn’t in there.
      I don’t know “Hardcore” but I sure do now. I’m on that, thanks for the nod. Can you believe though I still haven’t seen Patton!!!!!! It’s the run time that gets in the way but I gotta get on it.


      • I’m big on Scott films. He COMMANDED the screen in the right role. Looking back he’s the only reason to watch Firestarter lol. The opening scene in Patton is one of those pivotal career highlights. I keep meaning to open my new blu of Hardcore and put out a Take on it.


        • Haha yes I totally agree with Firestarter lol.
          Can’t wait for Hardcore. I have my eye on the weird title of The Flim-Flam Man! That sounds pretty interesting.
          I’ve got The New Centurions somewhere. That has to be a goody Scott and Keach! But throw in Rosalind Cash too! Now you are just spoiling me 🙂


  2. Imagine how cool it would be to be able to actually say that George C. Scott really was your granddad! LOL He is one of the best actors of his generation. He was awesome! He did rage and intense like nobody else.

    This is a pretty underrated flick, I’ve only seen it once, I enjoyed it very much. If you are after more of his work I highly recommend the following.

    They Might Be Giants
    Anatomy Of A Murder
    The New Centurions
    The Changeling
    Exorcist 3
    The Hospital

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve always liked the sound of “They Might Be Giants” Sounds like a fun film.
      “The Hospital” like wise. Both need to go on the list.
      Both “Patton” and “Anatomy Of A Murder” have been sat here waiting for me. Just get put off by the run times. But my bad I need to get on them. Great tips with the “hardcore” and “New Centurions” as well as those two are high on the tick list. There really isn’t enough time! I know I shouldn’t say it but roll on retirement! …. PS the was an “Exorcist 3”?!?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I really hope you get to see and enjoy all of those films. They Might Be Giants is a quirky and moving film. Yes, there was an Exorcist 3, and it is much better than 2, it has the same dark tone of the original.


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