Countdown (1967) Robert Altman, James Caan & Robert Duvall Go To The Moon

Countdown (1967) Robert Altman james caan robert duvall nasa poster space moon rocket

I’m always a sucker for a good old space yarn centered around Mankind’s reach for the Stars and the Moon. The story of NASA and the lunar project’s have been a fascination for many, young and old. I’m too young to have seen a man on the Moon, though I was a wee little baby at tender age of one when Eugene Cernan last stepped on the lunar surface.  As I grew, my affection and interest with the space programs grew. The 80’s were a fantastic time for all things space related, you had the Space Shuttle program and the first astronaut jetpack untethered space walk, Russia’s amazing Mir Space Station and then unfortunately that doomed Challenger mission. These were just key moments in this here wide-eyed teenaged wolf but from those years, my obsession with space grew.

Tagline – The motion picture that puts a man on the moon … and you will follow him every terrifying second of the way …

Directed by Robert Altman in his second feature film outing but it’s safe to say, this is his big budget debut before he goes on to make the famous M.A.S.H!. Countdown is a film I’d never heard of and maybe it’s not that brilliant if I’m honest but it does feature neat ideas coming a few years before the actual Apollo missions would take off.

Countdown (1967) nasa text crew for apollo missionCountdown (1967) james Caan robert duvall Michael Murphy

Three astronauts are training in the Apollo simulator, Col. Charles “Chiz” Stewart (Robert Duvall), Lee Stegler (James Caan) and Rick (Altman regular Michael Murphy). Suddenly their training session is abruptly cancelled with the news that the Russians have sent a Cosmonaut to the Moon and jeopardising the chance of America getting that first space boot on the lunar dust. After much discussion and panic, as the Apollo mission would not be ready for sometime, they devise a plan. Pushed on by the fact that Russia’s mission was a fly by test, they calculate they have a small window to snatch that legendary first touchdown.

Countdown (1967) robert duvall training space walk tests

Now Chiz is the most experienced military man for the job, an obsessed perfectionist, he is the perfect choice. The snag is, NASA and the White House insist that the one man mission to the Moon must be an American civilian, so not to provoke extra Cold War tension. Poor Chiz is not at all happy about this, and what with the four week window open to train and support a new pilot, Chiz has much reason to be pissed. In steps Lee Stegler for the job, he will be put through the tough training extra hard by Chiv. One reason to get him up to speed and ready for anything but also with the slight chance he might actually drop out, opening the position back up for Chiv.

Countdown (1967) nasa space program tests peter pan gravity flyingCountdown (1967) nasa space program tests

I enjoyed that the project idea isn’t as insane as you might think. The Pilgrim Program (based on a 1964 novel by Hank Searls) consists of using the already space tested Gemini project, modifying one of the Gemini pods into a lander to take one passenger to the Moon. Slight problem! the Apollo lander, designed to land and take off, is sadly at least a year away in production, they need another plan. Unfortunately the Pilgrim craft can only be a one way mission, so they come up with a genius idea. The plan is to send a shelter pod with the ability to sustain the life of the astronaut for one year, giving the Apollo lander the chance to pick him up later on. It’s ridiculously high stakes but it surely is a possibility they will have to take?

Countdown (1967) nasa space control room

Lee Stegler’s good friend and doctor Gus (Charles Aidman) isn’t so pleased.

Gus – “You asking me, his doctor, to feed him into a sausage machine and tell him it doesn’t hurt!!”

Countdown (1967) nasa space program press report meeting

With the countdown slowly ticking away, can these guys get everything ready to launch before the four week window, when the Russian team will return with their tried and test rocket? Robert Duvall and James Caan give great performances throughout the picture. Unfortunately even with the onset NASA site footage, the film falls a little flat, there just isn’t that much tension and you don’t feel for characters as much as you should do under such circumstances.

Countdown (1967) james Caan rocket to moon

Being a space fan, I did enjoy this picture and what it was trying to say. I especially appreciated the symbolism at the end, which was a very nice touch, especially for the time. I’d say it’s worth tracking down if you are a space film enthusiast, if not, you may find it a bit boring.

Thanks for flying on by spaceport Wolf. Feel free to recharge your fuel cells here if you wish.  Till the next time. Godspeed.

7 thoughts on “Countdown (1967) Robert Altman, James Caan & Robert Duvall Go To The Moon

  1. Sounds good. I have never heard of this before in my life. With a cast like that I’m wondering why and how this one has passed me by. Can’t beat a good space flick.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It seems to have gotten a little lost under his bigger named films I guess. It’s not the greatest film by any stretch of the imagination though I really enjoyed it. The Right Stuff it may not be though I love the fact they got this out there a few years before the real deal. 🙂


  2. Saw this one back when we could rent three movies on VHS for the weekend. I knew who Caan and Duvall were by then and I remember liking it at the time but haven’t seen it in years. Thanks for bringing it to the surface again. Reminds me, have you seen the Ron Perlman flick Moonwalkers? I got a big kick out of that one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No I haven’t nor had I heard of it before. Love Ron Perlman very much. Just a quick read of the plot and it sounds very inventive and fun. Will certainly add to the list and keep my eyes peeled for it. Cheers Mike


  3. I wandered over here from that other guy’s site…this one sounds like a good idea, but I guess transferring that idea to film didn’t quite work out too well. Though the capsule and lunar lander look pretty realistic…I guess with just two years before the actual flight, they luckily had something to reference.

    I remember the first moon launch back in 1969, when I was a kid living in Ohio; when I heard that a rocket was headed for the moon, I went outside and looked up at the sky, hoping to see it!


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