Jaws (1975) How Could I Introduce Jaws To My Two Kids? Our Viewing Experience.

Jaws (1975) wolfman veiwing

I know now that it was irresponsible and reckless of me but it seemed the best way to introduce the Steven Spielberg classic shark movie Jaws to my two children Nyah (17) and Kofi (15). Getting both to help me in the garden they gave me that usual puzzled stare, the gaze of “what on earth is the mad man up to now?” as I placed the hosepipe through the back door and turned on the tap.

Mum’s gonna go ballistic! like that time with the crazy rocket you made with 300 odd bottles of coke strapped together! Half the street was covered Dad” I look at them with a cheeky smile and started pumping up the dinghy! Then I remembered the window cleaning bill and the wasp invasion. “It was fun though wasn’t it?” I tentatively reply as I kept pumping air in the boat. “Put these on” as I throw them wetsuits, flippers and masks. They both look at each other somewhat perplexed “Oh no here we go again!

As we squeezed into the dinghy in our gear, Kofi says the golden words without even knowing the quote “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” I laugh excitedly “It cosy, hold on we’re getting ready“. Little did they know I had already filled a 100 gallon drum with water behind us.  Reaching down I pulled the trigger on the water drum “Hold on tight the feature presentation is about to start“. With wild frenzied screams of pure hysteria we took off down the garden path, shooting down the stairs in through the kitchen back door.

With the fun gods looking after our journey we somehow made it into the kitchen in one piece. The cascade of water was pretty intense though it had mellowed as we hit the hallway, releasing our panicked faces to a calming smile. The torrent of water had caused an ebb and flow like tide which bopped us up and down. The hallway river had risen alarmingly to halfway up the door height but with a little maneuvering we popped in the lounge. Thinking ahead of time, I’d already hung everything from the ceiling, bags of popcorn and other snacks dangled from string and cans of drink floated around on mini boats. As I’d fixed the telly to the ceiling we could just mellow, grabbing the TV remote control I pressed play and the movie began as the dinghy slowly swirled around.

When the movie finished I looked over to see what they thought, still a little dazed they replied with two thumbs up and a smile.  Just before they could say anything a figure walked up to the front door with a key! “OH shit it’s Mum home! Nooooo don’t open the door!“. As the tsunami of water was released out the door it caused an incredible whirlpool in the lounge. We tried to stay calm as the carnage erupted around us but it was an impossible task. Our uncontrollable petrified screams followed us as we burst out the door with a furious Louise joining us in the tiny dinghy, off down the road we went.

Jaws (1975) Roy Scheider Chief Martin Brody smoking

Massive respects goes out to Sir Todd over at his truly great movie site Cinema Monolith for inspiring me to revisit Jaws. He went positively Jaws bonkers, pop over and check his superb writings that shine his big love and affection for this classic movie. Yeah we all know the film but he unearths so much more than you can possibly imagine.

Have fun watching movies…. Mikey Wolf

PS Jaws was a success, both very much enjoyed the fishy tale with a bite. The batten has been passed on to the next generation. Till the next film.

16 thoughts on “Jaws (1975) How Could I Introduce Jaws To My Two Kids? Our Viewing Experience.

  1. Love it! Glad to hear they enjoyed this classic. It’s such a good film and is one that still has the power to scare all these years later. I love how the first half is so dark and scary and the second has lots of laughs and character development. The banter between Quint and Hooper is priceless.

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    • Haha yes indeed the banter is sublime. Poor Hooper gets terrorized by Quint most of the time lol. I do love the boat scenes. It had been at least 20 years since I had last seen it but I remembered it so well. Massive plus it being on Netflix in wonderful quality. It looked fantastic. Thanks Maddy

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  2. When I went to a big screen showing a while back, everyone in the audience (young and old alike) laughed and screamed in all the right places, and many (including yours truly) recited the iconic lines like “We’re gonna need a bigger boat”! ‘Jaws’ is the ultimate popcorn movie, and if you can catch it in a theater, by all means do so – and bring the kiddies!

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  3. My love for this one never fades. It only grows with age. Both my boys love it as much as dear old Dad and if I ever am gifted with grand children, I can’t wait till they get to about 8 years of age cause I’m gonna scare the heck out of them. About the same age i was when my Dad took me to see it at the theater. lol

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    • Unfortunately I’d left it a bit too long for my two, harden now by multiple viewings of Alien and Aliens that poor mister toothy didn’t quite have the same effect it did on us at that young innocent age. Still they really enjoyed the ride.
      PS when the scuba underwater jump scare was coming I slowly panned round to watch the jumps on their faces. LOL they didn’t even flinch, go figure, the youth of today!! Boo lol

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  4. I still have a ton of your other previous posts to check out, but I just had to skip forward and check this one out immediately. Very cool, Mikey…glad you had so much fun with it, and though I feared your kids weren’t going to like it, I see my worries were unnecessary. I didn’t realize it had been twenty years since you’d last seen it; when you have the chance, you must experience it on the big screen.

    And thanks for yet another fantastic shout out to the Monolith!


  5. Great post 🙂 I am glad that your two kids loved Jaws every bit as much as you did 🙂 Here is an interesting piece of trivia for you: did you know that the scene with the naked female swimmer getting killed by the shark was parodied at the beginning of the war comedy 1941 at the beginning. Only there, she does not get killed but lands on top of a Japanese sub either attracting or baffling the crew. Both by the same director as well Steven Spielberg 🙂 In case, you are interested, here is a blog post regarding my favorite films of director Steven Spielberg. Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂



  6. pumping up the dinghy sounds like a fun way to introduce Jaws to the kids!
    There’s actually a JAWS swimming pool movie experience, got to try that some day (:

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