A Little Tribute To Gary Loggins From The Cracked Rear Viewer Film Site

Cracked Rear Viewer

Just heard the very sad news that Gary Loggins has passed away leaving with him his vast knowledge of film and his legacy of his Cracked Rear Viewer film blog. He was one of the first bloggers to follow me when I started my own venture into blog-land. Gary always had tip top recommendations to fill way too many extra hours of watching time.  I was always in awe at his wealth of information and the time and dedication he regularly put into his posts. He was relentless. A new post would appear every 3 days.

His subject titles were neatly put into themed sections.  Pre-Code Confidential taught me a genre of film I’d never knew and will be working my way through the ones I haven’t seen. I loved his That’s Blaxploitation spotlight, especially as like all good men, he knew the power of that super babe, Pam Grier. Cleaning Out The DVR was another fav title I liked to see. Quick fire reviews on his forever filling storage on his DVR player.  These little gems were mostly film noir in nature.  You knew, of course, to be adding to that ever expanding “must see” lists every time. Another Gary classic series was his legendary Halloween Havoc! and he’d just started his 5th season of ghoulish, spooky tales of vintage horror.

He’d also found time for a Tribute post. Going into depth with a recent loss in the film or entertainment world. Like many on the wordpress community we never really know the people we share our film thoughts with, other than their input in their posts. Like minded people, miles apart, connected through shared interests.

Alongside his film knowledge you could see his love of music, with spotlights on One Hit Wonders and also a passion for baseball shone through his posts. One thing you could always guarantee on was some fine buxom babe would feature in some crazy B-movie mayhem and horror and carnage of some form or another. He introduced me to Candy JohnsonThe Perpetual Motion Machine” and Angelique Pettyjohn.  Oh and how on Earth could I almost forget the infamous Mamie Van Doren post!

So where I didn’t know much about the man himself, his presence on the blog feed will surely be missed around these parts. Rest in peace Gary.

I salute you as one of the legends of film reviews.


PS/ If you not already following Gary’s movie reviews then stick his site in your bookmarks and give his archive a look through from time to time. So much wonderful content to be enjoyed and information to be learnt. Cracked Rear Viewer

14 thoughts on “A Little Tribute To Gary Loggins From The Cracked Rear Viewer Film Site

  1. Oh my god Mikey, no! Has he been ill or was this sudden? This is awful. He’s always good to me too and I love his passion for films. I will miss him so much. Lovely tribute to a good blogging friend. x

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  2. Nice tribute, Mikey! I visited his site every now and then, and I believe he’s stopped by mine…either that, or I’m remembering seeing his avatar on your site, as well as others. Anybody who likes film noir, baseball, and classic rock is okay in my book!

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  3. That’s a wonderful tribute and I’ll be linking to it. Here’s a few other tributes to Gary that have been posted over the past month:


    While I imagine most of us know Gary best as a film reviewer, he was also heavily involved, for 16 years, in the recovery community and, since his passing, I’ve read comments for a lot of people who have said that Gary was not only instrumental in inspiring them to get and stay clean but that he also probably saved many of their lives. Gary may have left us too soon but he did definitely a lot of good in this world.

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