Hope You All Have A Most Excellent Christmas & A Fantastic 2021

Christmas is upon us and lets be honest 2020 can do one. Like silly Biff said “make like a tree and get outta here!”…..  “It’s ‘leave’, you idiot!”  Yeah it’s been a FUBAR year that’s for sure. Thankfully we’ve been extremely lucky but my heart and love goes out to all those that have lost loved ones. Also to all the businesses that have struggled and to every person who’s lifes and dreams have been thrown into chaos. I send a warm and furry giant cuddle to all the people and their families right across the world. Raising a glass to one and all with the deepest feelings of hope for 2021 to be a truly better place for all.

I also send a personal thank you to all the wonderful people who have viewed, read and commented on my humble little movie blog. I know my style is all over the place and not the most educated reviews in the universe. However I do try to keep it fun and do something a little different. To see people actually pop on by from all corners of our wonderful world really brings a smile and I love you all so very much.

As I type some Dow’s Trademark finest reserve port is making it’s deep red goodness towards my belly. Also on the go is a dark ale from the Adnam’s brewery called Broadside. 6.3% of lushness. I’m also trying my best not to smash a whole packet of pistachios nuts however my hands and mouth have other plans completely.

My planned Christmas viewing is as erratic as my blog. A few 60s British drama’s, some blockbusters, a collection of odd sounding cult 80s and 90s action films which range from the real bad looking to the fingers crossed, there could be a gem here! We will see! I watched the wonderful John Candy in the superb Uncle Buck last night with the family for starters. And as is with tradition, of course, The Muppet’s Christmas Carol is lined up for tonight’s xmas eve viewing with duck wraps and the works. Do you have a xmas tradition and film lined up?

Just wanted to take the time to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a much better 2021. It’s so nice to chat to fellow film fans from around the world and also see the hidden gems that you find. It’s all about the sharing and a caring.

So I raise a glass to all, hope you enjoy the festivities, eat, drink, be merry and have happy movie watching. But above all I wish you well and for better times to everybody across the world.

Big love

Mikey Wolfman.

11 thoughts on “Hope You All Have A Most Excellent Christmas & A Fantastic 2021

  1. Thanks Wolf for your seasons greetings.
    Very much appreciated and same back to you heading into the New Year.
    You say your blog style is ‘all over the place’ yet that is precisely amongst it’s many attractive qualities. Don’t change a thing in 2021. Please!

    Mention of UNCLE BUCK brings to mind two things –

    (1) the incredibly unlikeable but definitely spot-on performance of actress Jean Louisa Kelly who portrayed the ultimate 15-year-old brat ‘Tia’ (older sister to Macaulay Culkin’s ‘Miles’)

    (2) and for some reason, by power of association in my mind with John Candy, Chris Farley. In fact, just today I picked up a DVD copy of the 2015 documentary made about Chris Farley’s life, called I AM CHRIS FARLEY. Would love to see you review some of his films in 2021.

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    • Hey Glen that’s a super nice comment buddy. Thank you.
      “Uncle Buck” was still so brilliant.
      Goodness yes Jean Louisa Kelly certainly brought all the essence of brat teenager to the table. So unlikeble and then the redemption pay off. She was either that bratty in real life or genius level actor in her debut role.

      Nice heads up on the Chris Farley doc. Don’t believe I’d heard of it. Off to investigate. He was so great. 33 years old man, so fucked up!
      I even love KUNG FOOL! hehe “Beverly Hills Ninja”. “Black Sheep” was great and it’s been so long since seeing that one that I have to rewatch that soon. However it’s “Tommy Boy” that I have written in my drafts to do a post on. That film was so good. Thanks for the nudge bro.

      Here’s wishing you a tip top 2021

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  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours, Mikey. Glad you’re all well and safe. Looking forward to all the flicks that the Wolfman is going to be reviewing this year. Maddy

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  3. You need a much bigger audience. More folks need to enjoy the sheer exuberance and often hilarious style of your reviews and commentary.
    I can’t believe X-mas and the New Year have come and gone already.
    It looks like you were making merry on X-mas eve with that sweet bottle of magic, so I hope it spun its happy voodoo all over you, lol !!
    I hope your holidays were good, if not great, and on we all go to 2021 with great hope, for sure.
    Our Christmas watching wasn’t all that Christmasy (except for me watching Elf, of course. Can’t miss that one) with Forbidden Planet, The Dark Crystal, and two sci-fi movies that started out good but then seemed to go downhill fast: Gerard Butler in Greenland and George Clooney in A Midnight Sky. Wtaf?! Oh, well. Mostly entertaining! That’s all that matters!
    Take care and happy new year to you and yours!

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    • Oh you are too kind but that’s lovely to read to start the year a fresh. I know right, flash in the pan xmas and NY and we already in by 5 days!
      Muppets and Michael Caine is our usual xmas fare and Elf is truly awesome too.
      Forbidden Planet is unbelievably amazing for it’s age and still runs true. What tip top 50s sci-fi movie that is.
      I’m still to watch “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” Loved the film. So cool they went with puppets in the new series.
      I’ve eyed up both Greenland and Midnight Sky. I think once my local opens up again Greenland at least will be good stagger home tipsy fall in chair watch something ok-ish but filled with rubbish movie……… You know what the “Wtaf?!” remark has me very intrigued you know now. Also the “Mostly entertaining” LOL.
      Wishing you the same, I do hope that 2021 brings you and your hubby good times in the dawning and throughout this new year.
      Thank you for all your wonderful comments. You always bring a smile.

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