The Invaders – Episode “Mind Melt” Starring Special Guest Wolfman, Small Screen Blogathon

The Invaders Roy Thinnes as Architect David Vincent

I sat anxiously awaiting the phone call from my good friend David Vincent,….. it never came! Pacing the room, back and forth, I kept looking at the phone on the table, willing it to ring. What could have happened to him? Said he would call around noon to organise a rendezvous point. To meet for lunch, where he would inform me of the incoming invasion, an invasion from beings from another planet……. The Invaders!

Intro – Alien beings from another planet, their destination… The Earth! Their purpose? To make it their world!

The Invaders opening credits screen shotufo flying saucerthe invaders on the telephone wolfman mind melt

I pour a whiskey but nearly drop the glass as the phone loudly rings, grabbing the handset I shout anxiously “David are you alright?” There was a pause, then a quiet breathless voice gasping for air broke through, it wasn’t David! “They have him, they have him” ….. Then the voice turned to a whispered, petrified tone “OH NO they are here, they have found me, oh god…. the power station Arizona…. turning 33 at the crossroads, turn left down the dust road… oh no get away from me GET AWAY from me AAAGGGHHHHHH” There was a static burning sound then it all went silent. I stayed on the line as I heard footsteps, the phone is picked up, quiet breathe, someone is listening, then the receiver goes dead.  Shocked for a few seconds before leaping into action. I grab my trusty revolver, jacket, keys and the map on the sideboard, bounding out the door, jumping straight into my sweet 1962 Oldsmobile Jetfire wheels. I had to get to David fast, hopefully he was still alive?

The Invaders 1962 Oldsmobile Jetfire wolfman car of choiceThe Invaders act one

Tearing down the dusty road as my tyres throw a dirt cloud trail high in the air, I approach the crossroads at turning 33 at a terrifying speed. The windows are down and my fur is pinned back with the force, the chrome shades keep it out of my eyes. As I handbrake turn into the corner I notice two cars slightly hidden behind the line of trees. Each with two passengers, each revving their engines as I pass, they have been waiting, now they are in pursuit. Looking in the rear mirror, they are gaining on me. I push my foot to the floor……

The Invaders act two

Letting out a howl I grab the revolver from the passenger seat realising I can’t out run them but I’m not going down without a fight. They hit the car from behind causing me to abruptly swerve, letting out a growl “Damn it! don’t damage my wheels”. Leaning out the window I fire off two rounds straight in the lead car front tyres. It wobbles then loses complete control, flipping off in the side road ditch. Astonished to see in the wing mirror the two occupants glow red and disappear. “One set of ETs down, bring on the next”.

The Invaders car alien death scene

This one gonna hurt “Sorry baby I gotta do this!” slamming my foot down on the brake the 2nd car plows into the back. With such force, the driver instantly dies glowing red but the passenger flies through the windscreen straight into the back of my car. In one clean swoop, my clawed hand smashes down through his face, I watched a little perplexed as his body scorches burn marks in the red leather back seat. “Arrgh baby I’ll fix you up, promise”

The Invaders act threegbbh

Arriving at the power station the place looked deserted. The giant gate was locked but wait there was movement inside, I had to get in, David might not have long, if he is still alive? With every ounce of power I can summons I start howling and shaking the metal gates, with a huge final gasp of strength the hinges break free. Pounding across the gravel entrance I shoulder smash my way through the main door, letting out a little whimper as I skid across the floor “oh man that hurt”. A laser blast hits the wall above my head, diving on the floor I fire a single shot off, the dark corridor glows red.

The Invaders alien laser gun blastthe invaders alien death scene

Quick as a flash I’m running at full pelt down the corridor on all fours, ready for battle. Where was David? There’s a light 30 yards straight down, picking up pace and launching myself through the air, crashing through the window, shattering glass everywhere. It was enough of a distraction to catch the aliens off guard. Sliding towards them I fire off three perfect shots, killing them instantly. “MY GOD DAVID!” I shout as I realise it’s him glowing in the glass tube. Quickly I smash the glass as he falls into my hairy arms. “David, David, can you hear me David?!” The glowing red starts to fade and he opens his eyes. “Hey Wolfman you took your time?” with a little smile he lets out a gentle laugh.

The Invaders death tubes probes alien vapourisethe invader epilog

We finally get that lunch we missed, discussing what the plan of action should be. The glass tube machine David was in was designed to melt minds! David had some leads to other mind melting machines down south, they had to be destroyed. I was going to look after the New York area where it was rumored a saucer like craft had been located under the Brooklyn bridge. The next adventure was about to start, wishing each other godspeed, whilst secretly knowing we might not meet again. Both with different paths to take and different fights to win, with a hug and fist bump we went our separate ways.

The Invaders fist bumpthe invaders books and the believers dvd box set

BBC 2 repeated The Invaders (1967/68) in the late 80’s early 90’s. Nothing more I enjoyed than religiously watching the trials and tribulations of David Vincent’s (Roy Thinnes) fight alone against the invading aliens. I even read the books and recently picked up the “Believers” DVD box set containing all episodes from both season.  It was a real pleasure starring alongside my hero David in the Mind Melt episode and superb fun to do this post for Maddy’s The Small Screen Blogathan.


I hope you enjoyed it and be sure to follow Maddy’s excellent film appreciation blog Maddy Loves Her Classic Films.

Big love from Mikey The Wolfman


12 thoughts on “The Invaders – Episode “Mind Melt” Starring Special Guest Wolfman, Small Screen Blogathon

  1. Wolfman, you have outdone yourself! I love your own episode of this series. An imaginative entry to the blogathon. So glad that you were around to help out David. He owes you a beer for your trouble!

    I love this series so much. I think it’s great fun and is both thrilling and a bit creepy. The title sequence and music are unforgettable. The only negative thing I have to say is that I think the aliens were able to be destroyed a bit too easily. I like how they glowed though. I was surprised that Roy Thinnes never really became a big star, I think he more than had it in him to be a leading man.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh thank you very much Maddy, it was so much fun to do. As you can probably tell I was and am a big fan of the series. Yes your so right on Roy Thinnes, he pops up on so many TV series throughout the years but it would of been great to have seen him as a leading man in a big picture. Haha yes indeed the pesky aliens did go down rather easy didn’t they but they kept on coming in their droves.

      Thanks for sparking the buzz to do a “series” in amongst all the films with your blogathan idea. Was great to be apart of it. I look forward to reading all the entries during the week.
      Hopefully I’ll get to have that beer with David that he owes me 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Brilliant is all I can say! Glad to see you get right into this. My boys and I ran thru these about 5 years ago. Loved going into each episode awaiting to see who the guest star was. That way we got some fun surprises like Roddy McDowall. We might have to go back and look again as I don’t think the episode with you was in the box set. WE got RIPPED OFF!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a terryfing yet captivating journey to hell and back! The car is a beauty for sure and don’t worry, she knows how to fix herself up again as most Christines do. I’m glad you got to David on the nick of time, it’s what friends are there for..though I’d say keep an eye on buddy here, and see if it really is David your speaking to..

    Sincerely Sonea

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe yes I did check to see if he had an inplant and make sure his hands were formed well, the telltale sign the pesty aliens couldn’t quite perfect. Thanks for the words of advice, you can never be too careful can you!!… She’s not as crazy as Christine but she all mended now thank you Sonea 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ha, one of my favorite TV series of all time! Nice to see someone do a ‘bonus’ episode from the series…I own both seasons, and I think it’s time for a re-visit. And you picked a pretty cool car to drive, too. And don’t forget to check in with Edgar Scoville!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dude superb call on the Edgar Scoville (insert thumbs up pic here)
      It’s definitely one of these old series you have no problem dropping in anywhere throughout the seasons and still find a brilliantly entertaining episode. Love the mellow pace and and the introduction to the guest star. Nice one Todd


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