Side Street (1950) Temptation Brings Pain And Misery!

Side Street (1950) poster art movie noir film mann

Captain Walter Anderson – “New York City, an architectural jungle where fabulous wealth and the deepest squalor live side by side. New York, the busiest, the loneliest, the kindest, and the cruelest of cities. Three hundred and eighty new citizens are being born today in the city. One hundred and ninety-two persons will die. Twelve persons will die violent deaths. And at least one of them will be a victim of murder. A murder a day, every day of the year, and each murder will wind up on my desk.”

Side Street (1950) Postman Joe Norson (Farley Granger) new york cop policemanSide Street (1950) Joe Norson (Farley Granger) wife Ellen (Cathy O'Donnell)

Postman Joe Norson (Farley Granger) wants to spoil his sweet loving pregnant wife Ellen (Cathy O’Donnell) with buying her a new coat. Unfortunately for our Joe he is rather stint and with that he holds his head in shame and carries on delivering the letters. His round takes him through the side streets of New York and the many businesses dotted around the city. On entering a lawyer’s office he accidently knocks into a client who drops 200 dollars on the floor. The man picks it up and puts it within a locked cabinet as Joe hands over the letters and leaves.

Side Street (1950) Postman Joe Norson (Farley Granger) temptation cash steal

Joe can’t help but think about that $200, it’s in the back of his mind all the time, the pull to steal it taking over his every thought! 200 dollars, just sat there in that cabinet, they wouldn’t even miss it, would they? The temptation was just too much for Joe and he hated himself for doing it but he so wanted to give something special to Ellen. Returning the next day he finds the office empty and in a blind panic busts open the drawer, grabs the wallet with the money, flees to the roof.

Side Street (1950) Joe Norson (Farley Granger) guity standing ghetto hiddingSide Street (1950) Joe Norson (Farley Granger) guity standing city new york hidding

Sweating, shame, guilt and fear at the same, the adrenaline kicks in as he goes to grab the $200 out the bag and make a run for it. Pulling out the money, he’s hit with terror and excitement, for there isn’t a few hundred but in fact 30 thousand dollars! The flush of panic and anxiety flows over him, they would be set up, they could buy a house, the baby could have the best start in life, this is perfect, right? Then the rational side of his mind starts, two hundreds dollars might not be missed but $30000. What kind of heat is that money going to bring, he has to leave town as soon as possible and figure out what his next move should be.

Tagline – Fate dropped thirty thousand dollars in his lap!

Side Street (1950) crooked attorney Victor Backett (Edmund Ryan)

Now this money is crooked attorney Victor Backett (Edmund Ryan) winnings from a blackmail plot he’d set up and there’s no way he’s letting it go. With his head tough guy and accomplice Georgie Garsell (James Craig) tracking down the thief, they are sure something will bring them to the stupid fool, foolish enough to steal from them.

Side Street (1950) cop criminal car chase through new york city

Captain Walter Anderson – “Fear, panic and confusion are setting in! Reason and judgement are going!”

This fast paced cops, robbers and gangster film noir is directed by Anthony Mann and narrated by Paul Kelly who plays Captain Walter Anderson, who’s investigating a murder. The twisting story and plots all come together as all the players paths start to collide but will Captain Anderson be able to tell the good guys from the bad?

Side Street (1950) Captain Walter Anderson paul kelly cop police new york

Captain Walter Anderson – “This is the story of Joe Norson. No hero. No criminal. Just human, like all of us. Weak, like some of us. A bit foolish, like most of us”

With the bustling streets and melting pot of the city right there on the screen, the film pulls you right in. It’s a pretty brutal tale and you really feel for young Joe and all his stupidity. Also be sure look out for a thrilling car chase through the side and back streets of New York City. Definitely one for the notebook if you haven’t seen it but if you have? What did you think?

I have been on a bit of noir craze this month, so expect to see a fair few post pop up in gorgeous black and white. Thanks for popping on by and don’t give into temptation, unless, that is, you want a whole heap of trouble!….

13 thoughts on “Side Street (1950) Temptation Brings Pain And Misery!

  1. What’s this? A Noir that I haven’t heard of before? I need to check this one out. Love the cast in this one.

    I second Gary’s recommendation of They Live By Night, if you’ve never seen it before.

    Liked by 1 person

    • A double whammy seal of approval from Maddy and Gary. I need to get my socks on and get on “They Live By Night”. No I haven’t seen it but saw lots of mention to it whilst doing the post. I now know it’s essential.
      I really enjoyed “Side Street” I’m very positive you will too.
      Many thanks.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. One of my favorite noir films! A cool, twisting story, and yeah, Granger just keeps sinking deeper and deeper into the muck. I love Cathy O’Donnell…I wish she had more films on her resume. And that car chase at the end…just outstanding, especially with some of those high-angle shots.

    Liked by 1 person

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